K-Lo 2.0


Now considering that most of the so-called blog entries that the virginal (and never-been-chased) K-Lo does are smaller than the Twitter limit, and that they mostly are directed as aside comments to her fellow featherheads at “The Blog on Pooh Corner,” wouldn’t you think she’d have some grasp of Twitter?

Shorter K-Lo:


“Bristol: I need the comfort of a man, gimme Levi’s phone number, ‘K?”

Yes, another warm K-Lo moment saying that the pleasures of virginity outweigh hot, sweaty sex with a swarthy, enthusiastic 17 year old hocky player, hung like a baby rhino, with thighs like pistons that can keep going all night…

(Fair Warning: the link goes to the very heart and soul of Wingnuttia — if it had either a heart of a soul.)