Politico Discovers The 2016 Goat Rodeo!

goat rodeo

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) breathlessly tells us that the midterm election results have changed everything! Wingnuttia’s candidates are coming out of the woodworks, and Politico lists the TWENTY that should be taken seriously.

Thank-you Jeebus for this gift.

Winning the Morning!

Sharpest Pencil

The HuffPo wins the morning: Politico’s Executive Editor Rick Berke has resigned over newsroom strategy differences.

Previously, Berke was 27 years at the NYTimes, so we assume that there was some sort of massive head injury that took him to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!)?

The NRO Hires a New Plagiarist

From the email thingy that Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) sends every goddam morning:

EXCLUSIVE: Benny Johnson, the BuzzFeed “viral politics editor” who was fired for plagiarism in July, will start Monday as National Review’s social media director, a new position. Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, tells us: “Benny made a terrible mistake. But he has owned up to it and learned from it. He’s a talented journalist, with obviously a lot to contribute. He knows he’s joining a storied institution at NR, and we look forward to his helping us carry on our mission across all platforms.”

Even a few years ago, “BuzzFeed Benny” might have been locked out of the journalistic academy forever. But two factors combined to give @BennyJohnson a surprisingly quick shot at redemption, using a pillar of conservative media as his onramp: 1) a youthful digital fluency — “I love you internet :),” he tweeted during the online firestorm over his clumsy copying; and 2) the Iowa native’s red-state instincts, which had contributed to longtime mockery of him online.

His new charge: giving NR maximum reach across social media and digital. Benny will remain in D.C., and will start by giving advice and running NR’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Over time, he’ll do more creative work of his own. Benny is quite savvy about the digital ecosystem, and has a real shot at notably moving the needle for NR.

Sparklepants is an inspiration, keeping standards high and whatnot.

Things in the WaPo That Make Me Want To Guzzle Anti-Freeze

Death of the Media

news pig

Jeff Bezos has replaced publisher Katharine Weymouth with Frederick J. Ryan, the founding CEO of Politico and a former St. Ronnie administration official.

Well, that’s one way to win the morning.

Important Trig Update!

Ben Smith at Politico wants us to know that we should not trust the Vanity Fair profile of Mooselini because Trig (the likable Palin) was not at the Kansas City event that was mentioned.

Ben Smith is a professional journalist. He has a desk and everything.


Roll Over, Moynihan

The late NY Senator once famously said that “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

Today, Politico tells us that:

Indeed, of the multitude of ways that President George W. Bush changed America, this may have been the most important. He helped legitimize the idea of individual truth. In doing so, he became the first president to challenge the old Enlightenment foundation on which this country was established.

Oh, in case you want to read the Politico Link, it is basically a blame-the-bloggers piece for all the misinformation being spewed about Obama being a secret muslin.

Thanks Politico, now tell us what you are doing about correcting the misinformation? I mean, except for blaming the bloggers.

Our coverage of the Politico wet kiss continues!

The Politico story is just jam-packed full of fun facts of how the media operates! Remember playing Telephone as a kid? You would start a rumor and each kid whispers it to the next kid until it goes full circle? And then giggle about how it changed? That’s the Politico way!

Items become segment pieces on “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC program, where there are 10 Politico Playbook segments each week, more than half of them featuring Allen. This incites other cable hits, many featuring Politico reporters, who collectively appear on television about 125 times a week. There are subsequent links to Politico stories on The Drudge Report, The Huffington Post and other Web aggregators that newspaper assigning editors and network news producers check regularly.

And that, kiddies, is how the MSM all ends up reporting the same story!

But wait! There’s more. The late lamented Spy magazine used to have a feature that they called Log Rolling in Our Times, in which they revealed how celebs and others praised each other’s work in return for favorable buzz or a blurb for each other’s book’s dust-jacket. Politico takes that concept one step further: how to generate news (as opposed to reporting news):

… “Good Saturday morning: For brunch convo: Why isn’t Secretary Clinton on the media short lists for the Court?” By Monday, the convo had moved from the brunch table to “Morning Joe” (where the host, Joe Scarborough, advocated for her) and “Today” (where the Republican senator Orrin Hatch mentioned her, too). Later that day, Politico’s Ben Smith quoted a State Department spokesman who “threw some coolish water on the Clinton-for-Scotus buzz in an e-mail.” By then, the cable and blog chatter was fully blown. The White House issued a highly unusual statement that Secretary Clinton would not be nominated. Politico then sent out a “breaking news alert,” and Smith reported that the White House had “hurriedly punctured the trial balloon.” End of convo.

Somewhere, William Randolph Hearst is smiling.

The funniest sentence in English was just published…

…in the NYTimes wet kiss to Politico:

If, say, David S. Broder and R. W. Apple Jr. were said to “influence the political discourse” through The Washington Post and The New York Times in the last decades of the 20th century, Politico wants to “drive the conversation” in the new-media landscape of the 21st.

Oh, crap, I’ve fallen down laughing and I cannot get up!

(Hat tip: my Blogfather, Morse)