Carrie Prejean: the bakery called, they want their cupcakes back


The infamous homophobe and decrowned/deflowered failed beauty queen, soft-core underaged porn actress, and shower-nozzle masturbation fetish-object of NOM’s lesbian-challenged unwed mother Maggie Gallagher, CARRIE PREJEAN is being sued to reimburse the Miss California Pageant for her boob job.

(Hat tip: Moeman)

Take THAT, Maggie!


The nominal head of NOM (National Organization for Marriage, AKA the Pity Party), the homophobic Catholic and formerly unwed mother, infamous Dan Quayle-supporting Murphy Brown-bashing, and Chimpy’s ethically-challenged Flack for Hire, Maggie Gallagher, has another notch to add to her belt, so to speak, of losses.

As the DesMoines Register tells us…

Democrats retained a fiercely contested House seat in a special election Tuesday, turning aside Republican hopes to showcase a victory as a sign that Iowa’s political tide has turned.

Maggie, displaying her usual organizational excellence, decided to create The Reclaim Iowa Project, arrived late in the state and late the race, and spent $86,000 to run one of NOM’s unremarkable ads on the teevee machine constantly, and to no avail. And this one didn’t even involve talking corpses discussing the weather in some sort of Gothic-lampoon production of Our Town.

Maggie, we Scissorheads salute you, and hope you continue to run these sorts of campaigns, spending all the money you have on nothing.

UPDATE 1: NOM faces multiple ethics violations accusations in Iowa and Maine.

Maggie takes Manhattan! (or tries to)


Noted homophobe and outrageous beauty queen stalker, former single mother and shill for hire, Maggie Gallagher, the auture of the much-ridiculed Gathering Storm ad opposing marriage equality, and nominal president of NOM is now terrorizing New York about the dangers of same-sex marriage.

As usual, her premise that marriage belongs exclusively between a man and a woman, cannot be argued on its merits, so once again she brings in kids to be virtual human shields. Besides using a more “ethnic” voice for New York (a first for the very, very white NOM), this time around they are citing single events that happened in California as what would be the standard if love wins the state.

Well, see for yourself:

But I must counter this premise of kids finding out about love in all its different guises: so what if kids learn that they can marry whoever they want? I don’t understand the problem here. I think what Maggie and the haters are really trying to say is that marriage equality takes away their right to take away the rights of others, or something equally confusing.

Another one bites the dust


Poor Maggie Gallagher, the formerly unwed mother and known beauty queen stalker, El Presidente for Life of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM aka the Pity Party, which may indeed be a front for the Mormon Church) is losing yet another state in the hatred column to the Demon Love, as New Hampshire looks to approve marriage equality, as the governor has promised to sign the measure with some slight modifications.

Using her deft media saavy (after all Gallagher was one of Chimpy’s shills for hire – the going price for selling out is $40k), Gallagher is now playing an odious and idiotic TV ad in New Hampshire – sort of putting hay in the barn after the horse have been let out. The ad, reminiscent of the ones played here in California for Proposition 8, focus on the specious claims that by law, children will be indoctrinated about being gay in public schools.

You can practically smell the flop sweat on NOM at this point. They cannot argue their position on merit, so they use children as propoganda tools. With traditional values like that, who needs them to protect the children.

0 for 5, Maggie!

Failed civil rights denier and formerly unwed single mother, homophobe president of the failed social engineering non-profit, National Organization for Marriage, and noted auture of the highly mocked Gathering Storm ad, Maggie Gallagher might be finding herself and her organization in a bit of a quandry this morning after yet another state decided to allow same-sex marriage.

Besides failing at banning same-sex marriage since the founding of their Pity Party, it is starting to come to light that NOM might be a front organization for the Mormon Church.

For those playing along at home, Maggie Gallagher is noted for not disclosing her funding sources. As a shill-for-hire, she was paid in excess of $40,000 to help Chimpy promote his marriage initiatives, but the ethics-challenged Gallagher did not disclose that fact when writing her syndicated columns. She saw it as no conflict of interest. She has a pattern of doing this.

The organization Californians Against Hate
has been requesting the financial reports that NOM is legally required to file that itemize where their money is coming from – it is part of California’s sunshine laws that non-profits must disclose within 30 days of receiving the request.

We are beyond day 40, and there is no response from Maggie or NOM.

NOM’s collateral damage control


Former unwed mother and shill-for-hire vulgarian homophobe president of NOM, and notorious beauty queen stalker, Maggie Gallagher, distances herself and the Pity Party from the Lolita-esque soft-core surgically enhanced Xristian Xrazy homophobe, Carrie Prejean:

A number of media sources have described Carrie Prejean as a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage.

As we made clear at our press conference yesterday: Carrie appeared with NOM as a private citizen; she does not work for the National Organization for Marriage. She is a spokesperson for her own views, as anyone watching her can tell.

We are grateful to Carrie Prejean for her willingness to stand up for marriage. We would love to work with Carrie in the future if she chooses, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors whatever she chooses. We’re proud of her. Americans are proud of her. She is a remarkable young woman. Thank you, Carrie.

It should be noted that NOM has pulled the ads featuring Prejean, and the Miss California pageant officials are looking into whether or not Prejean has violated her contract — on many clauses it seems.

Maggie Gallagher’s shower-nozzle masturbation fantasies continue!


Homophobic beauty queen stalker and notorious shill-for-hire, NOM’s own Maggie Gallagher probably fainted in the shower with the nozzle firmly grasped between her vice-like thighs when she learned that Carrie Prejean did nude modeling at the tender age of 17.

The post-modern Anita Bryant, Prejean, had this to say:

I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith. I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be.

Prejean does not say if her Xristian imperfections lead to her boob job.

(Hat tip: JC Christian via Twitter)

Getting what you deserve, whether you deserve it or not

Known shill-for-hire and vicious homophobe, the life-long foe of Murphy Brown (and former single mother herself), Maggie Gallagher, continues to take no prisoners in her war for stupidity quest to deny civil rights to gays and lesbians.

After stalking her prey signing Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, to her cause, Maggie leaves the failed beauty queen to dangle in the wind as a post-modern Anita Bryant – and clearly Prejean is not, um, a Rhodes Scholar:

Maggie is no fool (well, actually she is, but I think you know this is a rhetorical flourish), and knows she cannot frame the debate any longer as denying civil rights to a group of people, so instead her tactic is to say that Adam and Steve getting hitched is chilling free speech and denying religious liberties to others.

Here, striking footage of Sasquatch Maggie appears on The Living Museum of 80s Power Suspenders guest hosted by Joy Behar.

Even one of the repellent and untalented Baldwin brothers cannot do much more than embarrass himself.

But wait! There’s more fun to be had – David Schuster takes no prisoners with the strange Max Headroom-like talking head of NOM, Brian Brown:

Well, after so much snark, we need to conclude with the cutest couple ever, who hopefully will be able to tie the knot soon:

NOM nominates nominally talented Sci-Fi writer to their BOD


President of the gay-phobic National Organization for Marriage (NOM), noted for being Chimpy’s shill for hire, and tireless foe of Murphy Brown, Maggie Gallagher, is pleased to announce that NOM suckered in another rube to their sad, dismal, and failing pity-party has a new member on the Board of Directors, Orson Scott Card.

But who is this Card, of whom Maggie Gallagher speaks?

The press release from the NOM website says:

Orson Scott Card, a distinguished novelist, a professor of writing and literature at Southern Virginia University, and a columnist, recently joined the board of directors of the National Organization of Marriage (NOM)… “We’re extremely honored that Orson Scott Card has joined with NOM in our shared mission to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it,” said Maggie Gallagher, president of NOM, “He is one of the great science fiction writers of our time and a real voice of courage and intellect on behalf of marriage.”

A quick trip to Amazon to find the latest tome, Ender’s Game, of the noted Southern Virginia U’s intellect and Sci-Fi writer Orson Scott Card reveals the first sentence of his book: I’ve watched through his eyes, I’ve listened through his ears, and I tell you he’s the one.

A further glance down the page, the ever-modest Card gives himself a 5-star review, which includes this graf:

For those who have commented that the reason the book is awful is because I don’t describe, or my language is so very direct and plain, I must point out that there are several stylistic traditions available to a writer.

— Orson Scott Card

I am glad to see that NOM continues to attract the best and the brightest. And from the world of fiction, he ought to fit in.

UPDATE: The badguys in Card’s one-handed reading book are called The Buggers. Nice.

A storm has arrived (and NOM is scared s***less)


Perez “You dumb b—tch” Hilton is typical of the new face of the gay-marriage movement in America. (Joining Frank “you are all bigots” Rich among others). And I would like to nominate Miss California as the new face of the marriage movement. Much better than mine! “Truth and love will prevail over lies and hate.”

But beauty never hurt.

— Maggie Gallagher, Founder and President of NOM

The stress of going 24×7 of ugly and stupid is finally hitting Maggie “I hate Murphy Brown” Gallagher, notorious paid (and undisclosed) shill of the Chimpy McStagger marriage initiatives and budding auteur of the “Gathering Storm” instant camp classic internet movie, which has spawned a thousand mockeries.

Gallagher has time and again established that she has questionable ethics, questionable morals, and questionable intellect, has now established that she has a thin skin, too.