That Giant Sucking Sound, Redux

Senate sends key trade bill to Obama

“Washington (CNN)The Senate on Wednesday cleared a bill to give “fast-track” congressional approval of major international trade deals and will send it to President Barack Obama for his signature. The vote was 60 to 38.

“The Senate is now voting on a related bill dealing with assistance to U.S. workers who lose their jobs because of those free trade pacts. It’s expected to pass and go to the House for a vote Thursday.

“House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who voted against the worker’s bill two weeks ago as a means to torpedo the fast track bill, said Wednesday she will now support the bill, all but assuring it will pass and be signed into law by the President.”

“I’m disappointed that the (trade assistance) bill isn’t nearly as robust as it should be in light of a trade agreement that encompasses 40% of the global economy,” she said in a letter to her House Democratic colleagues.

But Pelosi added she would support it “because it can open the door to a full debate on (the broader trade deal).”

Thanks a lot, Nancy. We’ll all remember that.

Everything But The Grudge


By now, most good liberals are wondering who to blame for Tuesday’s debacle, and all the usual suspects have been called out by the pundits, and we won’t go into those tired tropes now.

As for me, I blame the centrists, and more specifically the DLC-arm of the Dims. Steve Israel has already resigned as the head of the DCCC (even as Nancy Pelosi asked him to stay on!) and I am anxiously awaiting the good news that DNC remora Debbie Wasserman Schultz will finally remove her suckers from Wall Street.

(Side note: the DNC website has not been updated in days. Time stands still.)

Anyway, Crooks and Liars has a terrific piece up about Israel’s Center Aisle Caucus (an organization that until now I had never heard of), which sort of explains both the weak candidates who lost, and the even more odd Republicans who went unchallenged, and not always because they were in a solid-red district. Yes, the centrists really are to blame for a lot of what happened on Tuesday. Along with the usual suspects.

On Restoring Honor…

Exactly 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech from the feet of the Lincoln Memorial, America’s Favorite Free-Range Conspiracy Theorist, Glenn Beck took to the same stage to dog-whistle to the simple-minded the repellent message: let’s get that nigger out of our White House. The rally was ostensibly about restoring America’s honor, but conveniently no one mentioned how we lost it.

Perhaps now would be a convenient time to do that.

It’s too easy to say that Former President Chimpy McStagger is the root of all evil. He had help from Richard Nixon’s hand maiden, Dick Cheney and a legion of toadies and minions from both parties. It is not an exaggeration to say that our loss of honor, the nadir was reached under Chimpy’s administration with secret renditions, wire tapping citizens, torturing suspects, and the suspension of habeas corpus. Just to name a few.

I don’t recall seeing a single GOPer flocking to the mall to protest that loss of honor.

When Chimpy started the illegal and illogical Iraq war, there were world-wide protests. One day the modest estimate was fourteen million people protested. Chimpy said it was a focus group and was not interested.

I don’t recall seeing a single GOPer protesting that loss of honor, either.

So now we see two b-grade Fox News employees and flimflam artists, Beck and Mooselini, get up on a stage and tell us about the dark forces working to put our great country in the dustbin of history is beyond the pale, so to speak. To see a vast sea of uncritically thinking, white-entitled boomers slack-jawed and drooling from the comfort of their lawn chairs, wondering what happened to their country is sad, yet somewhat understandable.

The country is going through convulsions right now, we have an economic crisis of unimaginable proportions (brought to us by Blessed Saint Ronnie of Trickledown-on-Bel-Air and all who suckled at his crotch); I can understand that some of us are looking for divine intervention to save us from what is actually an engineered disaster brought about by thirty years of callous and selfish policy.

What I cannot understand the the lack of willpower on the part of allegedly sane politicians to let charlatans like Beck and Palin frame the issues and set the stage. The mystery is why are Obama, Pelosi, Reid — and other elected official claiming to be a Democrat– why are they letting these buffoons set the agenda? Why is it that the left are not telling us about what we are going through and why. Why can’t they just say it: we are broke.

We are broke because for thirty years we allowed the rich and the powerful to raid the treasury as a matter of policy. And to this day The Powers That Be are doing nothing about it; heck, they are not even trying to prosecute admitted criminals like Chimpy and Blam-Blam. They’ve told the criminal class that the rule of law does not apply to them.

And so instead of frog-marching the supply siders with their ill-gotten gains to the poky, we are being told that we little people must sacrifice, delay retirement till 70, scrap Medicare, oh, and give more tax breaks to the Rich and Corporations. We are broke, unemployed, and about to be screwed again as a matter of policy.

The thing is, the Dims could have fixed it if they wanted to: they had solid majorities. They did not have the willpower, or worse, they did not see this as a problem. The point is that off-shoring your job (or industry for that matter) continues to happen because they (both sides of the aisle) want it to happen; their corporate paymasters want it, and it will continue.

I can understand how a grifter like Mooselini and a snake oil salesman like Beck can suddenly shine in these times. They can say with a straight face that what is wrong is that their pasty white followers are not praying enough; White Jeebus (and it is the white Jeebus) will keep you out of bankruptcy. And the great unwashed masses can believe this message because they can see that no one inside the Beltway is doing anything for them. They’ve been trained for thirty years to hate liberals/progressives/Dims by rote memorization (the promise of a tasty fish as the reward, who knows), and lately the Teabagger phenomenon shows that they have learned not to trust the people who have been giving them the tasty fish.

And so while these simpletons are praying for Jeebus to save them and blaming the Kenyan Usurper for their problems, and showing their independence by attending rallies that are paid for by the GOP establishment that they are opposed to, their allies on the right are picking their pockets and laughing at the rubes.

The housing market is nothing more than a collection of swindles that may never be unwound and resolved, retail is crashing as we are entering what will probably go on record as the Worst Holiday Shopping Season ever, Afghanistan AND Iraq continue to suck billions of dollars out of our wallets, peak oil has been reached and all that that implies is yet to really hit home, and the Teabaggers are going non-linear and being agitated into some sort of Xristian Nationalism. Expect things to get much, much worse.

Unless you are a member of the ruling class. Then expect excellent business as usual.

In His Own Words…

Nancy Pelosi will be in the back of the bus.

— RNC Chariman, Michael Steele

Pelosi to Address Netroots Nation

The Plum Line tells us…

There’s been a ton of chatter, much of it justified, that the Dem establishment in D.C. and the White House has largely taken the Dem base for granted since 2008. But the fact that Pelosi and Reid are attending Netroots Nation at the same time signals a recognition that the online Dem base will play a critical role in Dem efforts to hold the House and Senate.

Also: In another sign the Dem establishment is taking steps to demonstrate seriousness about the base, the executive directors of the DNC (Jennifer O’Malley Dillon), the DCCC (Jon Vogel) and the DSCC (J.B. Poersch) will also attend a Netroots Nation panel discussion.

There have been some pretty severe tensions between the Beltway Dem establishment and the netroots of late, most visibily in the wake of the Pennsylvania and Arkansas Senate primaries. One can only hope that the trip of high profile establishment Dems to Netroots Nation is more than a mere gesture and signals a serious and sustained effort to patch things up and to speak to the base in advance of this fall’s elections.

Because, Kos, you eventually become what you mock. Congratulations on being co-opted again, all in the name of access, Kossacks. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to tell Pelosi why the left has left them: impeachment, war crimes, complicity with the GOP…

Big Brass Balls

Chuck Todd asked Pelosi if there was a statute of limitations on placing responsibility on President George W. Bush.

“Well, it runs out when the problems go away,” Pelosi replied.

More, please.

Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republicans

At Gay Pride this weekend, the GOP Log Cabin Republicans of L.A. are holding a Tea Bag Toss to raise money for whatever it is that they do (maybe for therapy?), and here’s the deal:

  1. You buy a teabag from one of them.
  2. You attempt to toss it into the mouth of a cartoon cut-out of a politician (mostly Dims – but more on that).
  3. If you teabag the politician, you win!
  4. Hilarity ensues.

The politicians include Dims CA gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and much beloved GOP she-wolf of the Nazis, Sarah Palin.

So why Mooselini?

“…Schmidt said including Palin was an attempt to be nonpartisan and he noted that she raised the sales tax while mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.”

Log Cabin Republicans are so camp and wacky!


“You know…”


“…Snickers really do satisfy.”

Gee, who was Politico targeting with this bit of editorializing?

Senate bill includes the Botox tax

I suppose in Wingnuttia, this passes for clever punditry.