Building a Better Vocabulary

Wingnuttia’s own point man on things to drown in the bathtub, Grover Norquist, says that calling the Tea Partiers (Partyers?) Teabaggers is “…is the equivalent of using the ‘n’ word. It shows contempt for middle America, expressed knowingly, contemptuously, on purpose, and with a smirk.”

Well, our good friend Tommy Christopher at Mediaite (and @TommyXtopher really is our good friend from Twitter and reads Mock, Paper, Scissors; if you use Twitter, you must follow him) did some research and reports that actually, the Tea Partiers (Partyers?) called themselves Teabaggers first.

Regardless of whoever used that term first, it is outrageous that Grover Norquist would conflate it to being the equivalent of 200+ years of oppression and what many historians call the stain on our democracy.

Grover, get a pair of teabags.

And now it can be told…

Jonah Doughy Pantload surreal

…Doughy Pantload is good enough for Mooselini.

I’m giggling like a moron. You know, it was close. But what a triumph for the most intellectually dishonest voice on the right to get the thumbs up from the wack-a-doodle theocratic Nanookie of the North. I think today is one to go down for the ages.

(Fair Warning! The link goes to the Blog at Poo Corner, home of the Whopper.)

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Meltdown Economy

Larry Summers, notorious for suggesting that men are smarter than women (at least at Harvard and coincidentally the former head of Harvard University), has declared that the Great Recession is now over, because fewer people are searching for economic depression on Google than at the beginning of the year. Yay!

Another one bites the dust


Poor Maggie Gallagher, the formerly unwed mother and known beauty queen stalker, El Presidente for Life of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM aka the Pity Party, which may indeed be a front for the Mormon Church) is losing yet another state in the hatred column to the Demon Love, as New Hampshire looks to approve marriage equality, as the governor has promised to sign the measure with some slight modifications.

Using her deft media saavy (after all Gallagher was one of Chimpy’s shills for hire – the going price for selling out is $40k), Gallagher is now playing an odious and idiotic TV ad in New Hampshire – sort of putting hay in the barn after the horse have been let out. The ad, reminiscent of the ones played here in California for Proposition 8, focus on the specious claims that by law, children will be indoctrinated about being gay in public schools.

You can practically smell the flop sweat on NOM at this point. They cannot argue their position on merit, so they use children as propoganda tools. With traditional values like that, who needs them to protect the children.

Gallagher goes missing!


Beauty queen stalker and noted homophobe, Maggie Gallagher, has announced that she is taking a few days off from the Pity Party and Hate Campaign.

I want to announce: I will not be doing any major TV appearances over the next few days, because this is Carrie’s moment and she and her people should decide who speaks on her behalf today and from now on… To the many major television producers who have asked me to appear today, let me say this: If by next week you are still interested in putting me on TV to ask about my, and the National Organization for Marriage’s, role in this cultural moment, I will be happy to be back on the air debating my critics, and the critics of those who support marriage.

— Maggie Gallagher

Is it a coincidence that Gallagher’s announcement comes on the heels of famous Xristian soft-core surgically-enhanced porn star Carrie Prejean’s latest topless pictures (“New and improved! Now with nipples!”) were released on the web? Maggie, you’ll go blind!

0 for 5, Maggie!

Failed civil rights denier and formerly unwed single mother, homophobe president of the failed social engineering non-profit, National Organization for Marriage, and noted auture of the highly mocked Gathering Storm ad, Maggie Gallagher might be finding herself and her organization in a bit of a quandry this morning after yet another state decided to allow same-sex marriage.

Besides failing at banning same-sex marriage since the founding of their Pity Party, it is starting to come to light that NOM might be a front organization for the Mormon Church.

For those playing along at home, Maggie Gallagher is noted for not disclosing her funding sources. As a shill-for-hire, she was paid in excess of $40,000 to help Chimpy promote his marriage initiatives, but the ethics-challenged Gallagher did not disclose that fact when writing her syndicated columns. She saw it as no conflict of interest. She has a pattern of doing this.

The organization Californians Against Hate
has been requesting the financial reports that NOM is legally required to file that itemize where their money is coming from – it is part of California’s sunshine laws that non-profits must disclose within 30 days of receiving the request.

We are beyond day 40, and there is no response from Maggie or NOM.

In today’s science and religion wrap-up…

My little brother said he heard or read somewhere that all the weight from us being raptured could be the cause of a world wide earthquake. The earth loosing all that weight at once. (Or could be the sonic boom.) Just another thought.

— from Fundies say the darndest things!

One Nation, Seven Sins: …Geographers from Kansas State University have used certain statistical measurements to quantify Nevada’s sins and come up with a county-by-county map purporting to show various degrees of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride in the Silver State. By culling statistics from nationwide databanks of things like sexually transmitted disease infection rates (lust) or killings per capita (wrath), the researchers came up with a sin index. This is a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data.

Shorter Carebear:

“But their resumés were written in Word! On a computer!”

NOM’s collateral damage control


Former unwed mother and shill-for-hire vulgarian homophobe president of NOM, and notorious beauty queen stalker, Maggie Gallagher, distances herself and the Pity Party from the Lolita-esque soft-core surgically enhanced Xristian Xrazy homophobe, Carrie Prejean:

A number of media sources have described Carrie Prejean as a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage.

As we made clear at our press conference yesterday: Carrie appeared with NOM as a private citizen; she does not work for the National Organization for Marriage. She is a spokesperson for her own views, as anyone watching her can tell.

We are grateful to Carrie Prejean for her willingness to stand up for marriage. We would love to work with Carrie in the future if she chooses, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors whatever she chooses. We’re proud of her. Americans are proud of her. She is a remarkable young woman. Thank you, Carrie.

It should be noted that NOM has pulled the ads featuring Prejean, and the Miss California pageant officials are looking into whether or not Prejean has violated her contract — on many clauses it seems.

Shorter CEOs:

If you take away our tax break, can you bring back slavery?