Brother Mitt Explains It All For You

We have a classic Catch-22. If Mittens releases his tax returns (which he says he won’t) anything in them will become fair game and incorporated into the next round of Mitt as Richie Rich, the tax avoider. Worse, giving into pressure (especially from the wussy Democrats) is a major sign of whimpiness – and to the Teabag Set that could be a deal-killer. If Richie Rich doesn’t release his tax returns the conversation will never get away from a) he has something to hide b) that he is up to his pinga in offshore accounts and c) it will very likely show that he was severely* involved with Bain. If the shoe was on the other elephant, the Republicans would be pounding the Democrats like the second wave over Dresden. One can only hope the Democrats don’t screw this one up.

PS – All Republicans are crooks – it is a requirement for entry into the club

PPS – Mitt demanding an apology maybe the funniest thing since Bush tripping on a pretzel.

*(remember Mitt paints himself as severely conservative)