“Chimpy? Never Heard of Him!”

NotChimpy and Chimpy: two pees in a pod

NotChimpy “Ah am mah own man.”

The Smart Bush, who says he is his own man, will have a special guest at his Dallas fundraiser today: Chimpy McStagger.

Big Brass Balls

Chuck Todd asked Pelosi if there was a statute of limitations on placing responsibility on President George W. Bush.

“Well, it runs out when the problems go away,” Pelosi replied.

More, please.

“I’ve won as many elections as Chimpy…”


“…and that would be exactly zero.

The Miracle of the Bush Economy, cont.


New jobless claims rose more than expected last week, while the number of workers continuing to filing claims for unemployment benefits topped 6.1 million.

The Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for unemployment compensation rose to a seasonally adjusted 640,000, up from a revised 613,000 the previous week. That was slightly above analysts’ expectations of 635,000.

“Did y’all say…”



(Chimpy will always be welcome wherever Human Rights are not.)

A brief history of shoes


In his own words…


I welcome you all to say a few comments to the TV, if you care to do so.

Chimpy McStagger (to a delegation from Ireland — I think he was trying to say they could talk to the press), Dec. 7, 2007