Bad Signs, Cont.



News That Will Drive You To Drink

marybrownback.jpgKansas Gov. Sam Brownback Threatens to Defund Judiciary if It Rules Against Him

“On Thursday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill that threatens the entire state’s judiciary with destruction if it rules against a law he favors. Brownback has spent much of his tenure attempting to curb the state supreme court and consolidate power in the executive branch. Thursday’s startling maneuver suggests the deeply conservative governor has no compunction about simply obliterating separation of powers when another branch of government gets in his way.”

And in other news that will drive you to drink, I’m off to Chicago. I’ve put a few posts in the can but I expect to be able to blog once I get to my hotel. I’m going without a laptop and only taking my iPad, so this could be a challenge.

OK, Chicago: Show me what you’ve got!

Quote of the Day

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman. Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman.
Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

‘I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady’

–Lindsey Graham

I’m betting they would be spinning.

The Original Petunia…

Petunia…and still the best SPEAKS!

The war on Christmas continues even in June!

“Looks Like You’re Trying To Make Toast”

They know what you are cooking.

They know what you are cooking.

Oh lord. An oven that takes software updates. I cannot wait for Google to buy them and start harvesting all your nutrional and cooking habits.

Your Three-Martini Stupid Is Served, Gov. Huckabee

Is he in the soup, yet?

Is he in the soup, yet?

Mike ‘Uncle Sugar’ Huckabee keeps on talking about the Duggars (and please don’t stop, guv):

“There was no interest in the media to protect those girls. There was no interest to make sure that their interests were served. And I think your interview pointed out that they had a very different reaction to all of this than did their critics, who were out to destroy their family,” Huckabee told Kelly, referencing an earlier interview with family members on “The Kelly File.”

Tell us more!

“Megyn, he is an unadjudicated minor at the time that this happened. You’re an attorney. You understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty,” Huckabee said.

“But he confessed,” Kelly responded.

“He was never adjudicated, but he did not confess in a court of law. The law does not hold him accountable, even if he confesses,” Huckabee said.

The bigger issue, he added, is that the girls were exploited by the “illegal, unlawful release” of the information surrounding their molestation.

First off: no what is the BIGGEST issue is that Josh Duggar molested a bunch of kids multiple times and that his family covered it up and impeded an investigation; that they also sought no counseling for the victims is tragically remarkable and reprehensible. Saying anything other than that is pure, vile BS, and it is a testamony to your lack of character.

And Huck, you can scream that it was an unlawful release of the records but that doesn’t make it true. If the Duggars want to pursue damages as a civil matter, I think it would require for them to testify UNDER OATH about what happened, and I doubt that Fort Feely (thanks Paelo!) wants to do that.

“It was not about the victims. It was about trying to go after the Duggars. They have been known as a family that is a Christian family, and if a liberal has anything like this kind of situation, it’s no big deal,” Huckabee said, echoing Sarah Palin in his invocation of Lena Dunham, the liberal star of HBO’s “Girls,” who has said that, when she was 7 years old, she inappropriately touched her 1-year-old sister.

Except we are talking about on-the-record, police recorded criminal complaints from Fort Feely. Trust me, if there was a criminal complaint about an in-your-face liberal family, Y’all Qaeda would be all over it. But this is NOT some drummed up story from the lamestream media, this is an over-entitled Xristian male in a sex cult who was following his role models. But do continue:

“You want to uphold truth, you want to uphold common sense, but you don’t go out there to specifically target individuals and see if you can exploit them for your own gain,” he said, adding that he has not heard much about his support of the Duggars from people on the campaign trail.

Gosh, Uncle Sugar, you would never exploit anyone for your own gain? Tell that to the LGBTQ community, oh, and Chick-Fil-A thanks you for your bidness.

“I never get a question about this unless it’s to say, ‘By the way, why is this such a big issue?’” he said.

And that’s the shocker to me. His toadies and minions don’t understand why it is a big deal to diddle and duggar children as young as five years of age on multiple occasions and conspire to conceal a crime and to hinder an investigation. Just bidness as usual for his brand of Elmer Gantry’s America.

Iowa Diner Finds Santorum on Table (Eww, Gross!)

Cold Santorum on a stick

Soft Serve Santorum

What if you gave a campaign event and only one person shows up?

“HAMLIN, Ia. – When just one Iowan showed up to Rick Santorum’s 2 p.m. campaign stop at a restaurant here Monday, the winner of the 2012 Iowa caucuses made a quick decision: Might as well order lunch.”

Get used to it, Frothy.

(Spoiler alert: by the end of lunch, he has four people.)

Well, That Takes Some Brass

At your cervix, Madame!

At your cervix, Madame!

So Republicans get to break stuff and then complain that it is broken?

Vox has a nice ‘splainer on the five competing Wingnuttian plans should the SCOTUS destroy the Affordable Care Act: The GOP has 5 plans to fix Obamacare if the Supreme Court blows it up. They’re all a mess.

Breaking: Republican Bad With Money

Does he see the rake?

Does he see the rake?

So the NYTimes strikes again with stunning Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio news:

“Among the serious contenders for the presidency, Mr. Rubio stands out for his youth, his meteoric political rise — and for the persistent doubts about his financial management, to the point that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign flagged the issue when vetting Mr. Rubio as a possible running mate in 2012, interviews show.”

“Many of those troubles have played out in an unusually public way, leading even some of his supporters to worry. As he rose in politics, he sometimes intermingled personal and political money — using a state Republican Party credit card years ago to pay for a paving project at his home and for travel to a family reunion, and putting his relatives on campaign payrolls.”

To which Rubio replies in a Nixon, Checkers-like speech of his own:

“Like most Americans, I know what for money to be a limited resource and to have to manage it accordingly. Our primary financial motivation over the last 15 years has not to become wealthy. It has been to provide for our children a happy upbringing and the chance at a great future.”

Well played, Marco, well played. Almost makes me think he leaked his financial stuff himself.

The Smart Bush® Makes His Move

The Smart Bush®

The Smart Bush®

One of the many claims that The Smart Bush® makes on a regular basis is that he’s a good manager. Which is why with about a week until his launch date he fired his campaign manager (who appears to be an Iowa insider) and brought in some brash dude from outside:

“The former Florida Republican governor announced that Danny Diaz, a 39-year-old consultant known for his aggressive style, would serve as his campaign manager in place of Dave Kochel, an operative with deep experience in Iowa politics who had been brought aboard earlier this year and was widely expected to serve as in that capacity.

“The surprise move came after several tumultuous weeks for Bush and amid recent polling that suggesting his standing has fallen both in national polls and in the key early state of Iowa.

“Bush’s campaign-in-waiting said Monday that while Diaz would handle the campaign’s day-to-day operations, Kochel would “build and oversee a political operation to achieve success in the early states and beyond.””

Always a strong move by a good manager to publicly shame and demote a key player and then have him report to the guy who just took his job. Call me Kreskin, but I predict Jeb will lose Iowa for sure.