The Morning Quote

“The freedom of religion doesn’t mean that every religion has to be heard. If we allow everything, where do you draw the line?”

–Al Bedrosian, who sits on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, who suddenly is aware that a prayer is a prayer is a prayer. But he continues:

“The real battle is keeping the name of Jesus as Lord,” Bedrosian wrote in 2007. “The name Jesus is what makes us a Christian people and a Christian nation. This is why we must continue our heritage as a Christian nation and remove all other gods.”

That’s what Bedrosian intends to do in his position as county supervisor, saying he would reject any request by any non-Christian adherent to deliver a religious or secular invocation.

“I would say no,” Bedrosian said. “That does not infringe on their freedom of religion. The truth is you’re trying to infringe on my right, because I don’t believe that.

And that is the entire crux of the Xristian Xrazies and theocrats shoving Jeebus down our throats. (Raw Story)

Mother’s Day 2014

On any given Saturday morning, after the cartoons were done, I would be gently pushed outside the front door, the lock would click, and Mom’s voice would come through the panel, “Don’t come home before lunch, unless fire or insurrection!” and I’d be off.

I would come home from my adventures and present some special rocks I had found, or some bird feathers and she would Ooh and Ahh over them. She kept the feathers in a special glass on the windowsill so she could admire them, which only led to more feathers.

When I got slightly older, and the inevitable bullying began, Mom took me in the backyard and taught me how to box, guarding with my right, punching with my left, and putting my shoulder into it. The bullying stopped. She also taught me how to body surf in the ocean, and how to spit watermelon seeds like a champ.

She was the crusher of spiders, and the kisser of skinned knees; she tied our ties and combed our hair; she was a master of flashcards and an ace poker player.

Hallmark holidays sells cards and candy, but if you are lucky enough to still have your mother on this mortal plane, make her day (and yours) and give her a visit or a call. Or even a bird feather. You’ll be glad you did.

Be Careful What You Ask For…

…because sometimes you get it:


Less than three days after the Supreme Court ruled in Town of Greece v. Galloway that prayers before town meetings did not violate the Constitution’s ban on endorsing religion, a self-styled Satanist in Deerfield Beach, Florida has asked city officials to let him open a meeting with a Satanic prayer.

Also note that this Satanist is the same guy who erected the Festivus Pole made of PBR cans in his town square fighting the Xristian Xrazies on the Manger front.

(Raw Story)

Oregon’s “We Don’t Serve Your Kind” Law Abandoned

The Klan Goes To Church

The Klan Goes To Church

Aw, poor bigots got their fee-fees hurt:

PORTLAND, Ore. — The sponsors of a measure to permit Oregon business owners to turn away same-sex couples whose weddings they object to for religious reasons have abandoned their campaign.

Friends of Religious Freedom said Friday it will suspend the ballot initiative and instead pursue a lawsuit on behalf of business owners who object to same-sex weddings.

The Oregon Supreme Court approved the ballot language on Thursday. The campaign suspended its efforts 24 hours later, saying the ballot language as written by the office of the Oregon attorney general was unacceptable.

The campaign sought to portray the issue as one that frees business owners from having to violate their religious beliefs by abiding by Oregon law.

It’s fourth and forty and time to punt this idea. It is transparent to everyone that you are using religion as a weapon.

How do you unseat the second longest serving congressman?

Let him do it himself!

After a second review of petitions turned in by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, the Wayne County Clerk has found the longtime congressman only turned in 592 valid signatures, far short of the 1,000 needed to qualify for the Aug. 5 primary ballot.

The district only has about 700,000 people, so one can understand how hard it is to get signatures in the area. I like to think that Congress is working so hard they don’t have time to think about re-election, even when they’ve been re-elected 24 times. Pro-tip: Do minimal background checks to make sure your petition workers are registered voters (or if they have warrants out for their arrest.)

Happy Hour News Briefs

Drink-up, Bitchez!

Dr. “Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt (his nickname, not mine! I swear!), a candidate for the Colorado General Assembly, for State Representative for House District 15 has a unique theory about The Garden of Eden, which ought to really help his campaign in Colorado.

  • Boy Exorcist and noted volcano scholar Bobby “Bubba” Jindal is going to give the commencement address at Liberty University where he bravely plans to talk about the teevee programming at HGTV. No, really. (WaPo)
  • Southern Poverty Law Center hate group designate American Family Association wants cities in Mississippi to stop adopting anti-discrimination ordinances:

    “For the most part, I don’t think they’re really aware of the ramifications of passing these ‘non-discrimination’ policies or any kind of resolution supporting homosexuality,” Sharp tells OneNewsNow. “The first ramification is that the city is going against the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Governor [Phil] Bryant signed just last week.”

    Um, I think that is EXACTLY why they are doing it because the cities adopting anti-discrimination ordinances are the homes of the state’s three largest public universities: Oxford (University of Mississippi), Starkville (Mississippi State University), and Hattiesburg (University of Southern Mississippi). (One News Now)

  • Using geometric logic and, um, Biblical algebra?, Rev. Fishsticks proves that evolution cannot possibly be true. It is a theological fact! (The Friendly Atheist)