In Which We Give Thanks For John McCain


“In many respects, illegal aliens in our country today are receiving better health care, more benefits than our troops,” Palin said in an interview on Thursday with FOX’s “Hannity” at the Republican Leadership Conference…“And that is what government-run health care will result in,” Palin said. “It’s inefficient, it takes away choices and isn’t it ironic that those who are willing to sacrifice all, to put their lives, to allow freedom of choices … they’re the ones getting screwed by the VA.”

Thanks Grandpa Walnuts for dropping this word-salad factory turdball on the American People.

Well, yes there is a reason ID is not taught

Sheri Few, candidate for superintendent of education in the certifiably crazy state of South Carolina (Seething hotbed of unbridled lust), says that she opposes the Next Generation Science Standards and believes that intelligent design should be taught alongside the theory of evolution. Which I guess means that she never heard about Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District in which teaching ID was struck down as unconstitutional, and which the US Supreme Court refused the case when appealed.

I would think that alone would make her supremely unqualified for the post. She’d just run up legal bills.

The Morning Quote

The moderator then asked [Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst (R), a candidate for U.S. Senate] if she would change the ad or its timing in light of the UCSB shooting.

“I would not — no. This unfortunate accident [the slaying in Isla Vista] happened after the ad, but it does highlight that I want to get rid of, repeal, and replace Bruce Braley’s Obamacare,” Ernst replied, referring to a Democratic Senate candidate. “And it also shows that I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. That is a fundamental right.”

Happy Hour News Briefs

News that will drive you to drink

angry robot attacks

  • NRO-fired writer of long-winded abecedarian works of gruesome racism John Derbyshire writes a grotesque remembrance of late US Poet Laureate Maya Angelou that is (not surprisingly) a long-winded abecedarian work of gruesome racism. (VDare)
  • Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy has invited the Frosted Tips Twins to speak to his marks faithful at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. (Washington Times)
  • Save the Date! -

    Special Fathom Features: A LIVE interactive experience during which cinema audiences will actively engage with Glenn Beck and other experts as a comprehensive plan to fight back against Common Core is crafted in real time.

    Fathom Events and Glenn Beck invite you to experience a night of action against Common Core when Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform is broadcast LIVE to cinemas nationwide on Tuesday, July 22 with a second showing on Tuesday, July 29.

    This isn’t a typical show – it’s an interactive experience and a rare opportunity to make a real difference in America’s education system. We Will Not Conform is your chance to not only hear from experts like Michelle Malkin, David Barton, and others but to join LIVE with fellow theatergoers across the country to develop tangible strategies in the pursuit of enacting real change in our schools. By the end of the night, the brainpower, experience, and passion of cinema audiences nationwide will be captured in a unified plan of action distributed to all participants.

    (The Blaze)

  • Bonus Track - The Tea Party Nation demands that the Republicans “prove you are patriots, not eunuchs.” Oh, GROSS!

The Afternoon Quote – Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Edition

Paul Ryan Zombie of Love

“I went on this flight a week later,” [Congressman Paul] Ryan said. “And the flight attendants were looking at me; and they were sort of looking at me and pointing at me. And then, finally one of them comes up to me and says, ‘You’re somebody famous, aren’t you? Are you Anthony Weiner?’

“I’ve been confused for Anthony Weiner twice now. I don’t know how this keeps happening.”

Maybe because they recognize a dick when they see one?(Mlive)

Here’s Your Cheese Sandwich With A Side of Stupid

(LA Times)

In New Orleans, major school district closes traditional public schools for good

As was long predicted, New Orleans will become the first major American city to not have any public schools. This is by design from the moment that Wingnuttia saw a chance to make a buck following Katrina.

“They [charter school providers] don’t answer to anyone,” said Sean Johnson, the dean of students at Banneker [Elementary, one of the public schools that has just closed], whose father attended the school while growing up in the Black Pearl neighborhood. “The charters have money and want to make more money. They have their own boards, make their own rules, accept who they want and put out who they want to put out.”

I can only guess what’s going to happen to at-risk kids.