Everything But The Grudge


By now, most good liberals are wondering who to blame for Tuesday’s debacle, and all the usual suspects have been called out by the pundits, and we won’t go into those tired tropes now.

As for me, I blame the centrists, and more specifically the DLC-arm of the Dims. Steve Israel has already resigned as the head of the DCCC (even as Nancy Pelosi asked him to stay on!) and I am anxiously awaiting the good news that DNC remora Debbie Wasserman Schultz will finally remove her suckers from Wall Street.

(Side note: the DNC website has not been updated in days. Time stands still.)

Anyway, Crooks and Liars has a terrific piece up about Israel’s Center Aisle Caucus (an organization that until now I had never heard of), which sort of explains both the weak candidates who lost, and the even more odd Republicans who went unchallenged, and not always because they were in a solid-red district. Yes, the centrists really are to blame for a lot of what happened on Tuesday. Along with the usual suspects.

The Tsunami That Wasn’t

Hot dogs and wieners

We mentioned the other day that the turnout for the 2014 election was low, didn’t we? Well, yes we did. And it was lower than 40%, 36.6% to be exact.

Anyway, whenever some Wingnut or member of Y’all Qaeda tells you that they got a mandate, you can refer them to this:

Voter Turnout By State

Just a few highlights:

  • Mississippi: 29.7
  • Indiana: 28%
  • Oklahoma: 29.8%

They didn’t even get a majority of voters in their own strongholds. Some mandate!

Some Stupid for Your Coffee?


The terrible Sand People of terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan passed a law that says that they can nullify Federal Laws that they don’t like:

Proposition 122 authorizes state lawmakers to ignore any federal law that they deem to be unconstitutional. Arizona State University law professor Paul Bender explained to KPHO that “if the state Legislature thinks the federal law is unconstitutional, it can announce that it’s unconstitutional and every employee of the state has to obey what the state Legislature says about the constitutionality — rather than what the federal courts say.”

And so let the law suits begin!

Happy Hour News Briefs

News that will drive you to drink

Our old pal Rev. Fishsticks takes credit for the election victory last night, you know, with Jeebus’ help, smiting the ‘mos last weekend in Houston.