The Right to Life Ends at Birth

Just whip 'em out an measure 'em, boys.

Just whip ’em out an measure ’em, boys.

We’ve snarked before that death by gunfire is now so common in the United States that autopsies should start listing it as a natural cause. The news will focus on the shooting event while it is underway and then return to mundane items a day later. We’ve become numb to the carnage around us.

But as Bennie-the-Blade Carson said that he would rather see a body full of bullet holes than lose the right to own a gun because: freedom. So we got that working for us.

It doesn’t take much to connect-the-dots between the rhetoric of the doctored video claiming Planned Parenthood sells Baby Parts-by-the-Pound to having an armed gunman inside a clinic; the only surprise is that it took this long. The day before the attack, Marco Rubio said that if you don’t like a Supreme Court Ruling, just ignore it.

These things are all related. Coincidences are rare things.

As the President said:

The last thing Americans should have to do, over the holidays or any day, is comfort the families of people killed by gun violence — people who woke up in the morning and bid their loved ones goodbye with no idea it would be for the last time. And yet, two days after Thanksgiving, that’s what we are forced to do again.
We don’t yet know what this particular gunman’s so-called motive was for shooting twelve people, or for terrorizing an entire community, when he opened fire with an assault weapon and took hostages at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado. What we do know is that he killed a cop in the line of duty, along with two of the citizens that police officer was trying to protect. We know that law enforcement saved lives, as so many of them do every day, all across America. And we know that more Americans and their families had fear forced upon them.
This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal. If we truly care about this — if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.
May God bless Officer Garrett Swasey and the Americans he tried to save — and may He grant the rest of us the courage to do the same thing.

The War on Christmas: A New Beginning

drunk_santaProlific whiner Linda Harvey takes to the pages of World Nut Daily to rally her Xristian Soldiers as Black Friday approaches: IS THERE ANYPLACE LEFT FOR CHRISTIANS TO SHOP?

This Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a talk show on Salem affiliate WRFD in Columbus, Ohio, and if you follow the theocrats at all, sooner or later you will hear a gnat-like whine in your ear. Then you know that Harvey is about! But I digress:

The problem is – what stores? For any Christian who wants to spend hard-earned dollars with family-friendly, Christian-affirming retailers, restaurants and service providers, the list is growing shorter all the time.

Get off the cross, Linda, someone needs the wood.

I stopped shopping at Macy’s in 2011 after learning about the retailer’s grossly unjust policy against women. Macy’s management said “yes” to a transsexual young man’s demand to change in the women’s dressing room and rejected a Christian employee’s attempt to block his inappropriate access, even firing her because of her principled actions.

Letting a woman into the dressing room is a crime against women?

And Macy’s star balloons are now a regular feature of most “gay pride” parades.

“Macy*s has gone too far! I demand no balloons for the ‘mos!,” Harvey did not squeal.

Then there’s Target. Where to start? Selling “gay pride” T-shirts a few years back was bad enough, but Target is now “proudly standing” with homosexuals and cross-dressers who want to change America’s 1964 Civil Rights Act to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” through what pro-family colleague Peter LaBarbera is calling the “Criminalizing Christianity Act.”

Gasp! A retailer selling shirts?

This unjust and unequal “Equality Act,” H.R. 3185 and S. 1858, should be vigorously opposed by every thinking, Constitution-loving American, including every GOP presidential candidate.

All men are born equal, Harvey. It seems you want some men (Xristians? Yes.) born more equal than others.

Joining Target in supporting this anti-American, pro-deviance legislation are Amazon, General Mills, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Levi-Strauss and others.

Why, it is a cornucopia of businesses who want to increase their marketshare! Who’s every heard of such a thing!

Which brings us to another recent traitor, Wal-Mart. This one-time reliable backer of Judeo-Christian standards has gone to the dark side in a big way. Wal-Mart put pressure on the governors of Arkansas and Indiana to oppose religious freedom bills. Why would Wal-Mart side with sexual anarchists against the First Amendment liberties of all Americans to oppose homosexual behavior?

“Mmmm, sexual anarchist,” Harvey didn’t moan, “I wanna meet one.”

If you’re thinking toys, avoid Mattel. They just created “Moschino Barbie” with an ad featuring a tragically feminized little boy who plays with Barbies, a wicked accommodation to the current gender-destructive culture.

You mean this ad?

The Moschino Barbie doll has sold out, by the way. Mattel thanks you for the free advertising.

We keep saying it, but sooner or later these boycotting Xristian Xrazies are going to be living in mud huts and eating grubs, and they want to take the rest of their tribe with them into dysentery. Which is fine with me.

Today In Sedition News: Marco Rubio

Deep thoughts from Marco Rubio

Deep thoughts from Marco Rubio

That voice of the New Generation of Bircher Leadership and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 65 and under the age of death, Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio tells us to ignore Supreme Court rulings, you know, if you don’t like them:

“We are clearly called, in the Bible, to adhere to our civil authorities, but that conflicts with also a requirement to adhere to God’s rules. When those two come in conflict, God’s rules always win. In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin, violate God’s law and sin, if we’re ordered to stop preaching the gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that. We cannot abide by that because government is compelling us to sin.”

It’s disingenuous rhetoric to imply that the government will compel people to stop preaching and start gay-marrying the ‘mos. Clearly he’s trying to agitate the mouth-breathers, fetus-fondling god-botherers, and I hope he’s ready when they take action. It’s only a matter of time.

(TPM Livewire, Right Wing Watch, Crooks and Liars, we’re all seeing the same thing.)

The Quotable Ben Carson

Carson said WHAT?!

Carson said WHAT?!

“Someone has tried to make [Abortion] into an issue of women’s rights,” the GOP hopeful told the crowd. “What about the baby? You know, it’s one of the most sacred relationships in the universe, a mother and that child inside of her. How have we become so distorted that we have managed to convince women that that baby inside of her is her enemy and that she has a right.” (Raw Story)

Ted Cruz: ‘Say a Little Prayer For Me’

The stupid... it burns

The stupid… it burns

It’s all about Him (Ted, not Jeebus):

To capitalize, and build his list of supporters and donors, Cruz said Thursday that he is forming a “national prayer team.” Those who sign up will receive weekly emails that include prayer requests from Cruz and his wife as well as from the campaign team and other volunteers. Members will also be invited each Tuesday to pray together on 20-minute conference calls.

“We experience the power of prayer every day,” Cruz said in a statement, using religious language that resonates with evangelicals. “We’re organizing ‘A Time for Prayer’ to establish a direct line of communication between our campaign and the thousands of Americans who are lifting us up before the Lord.”

The Messiah Complex is strong in this one.

And now the song, Aretha sings my favorite rendition of the classic, but I don’t think she’s singing it for Ted Cruz:

The Gospel of Brietbart

teabagging for jeebus
Hollywood cannot write dialogue like this because no one would believe it:

Brietbart News’ Stephen Bannon: “What they’re going to bring up over the holiday season is, ‘Mary and Joseph were refugees. Mary and Joseph when they went into Egypt were refugees.’”

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX): “Well, Steve, I would just say this, “Mary and Jesus didn’t have suicide bomb vests strapped on them, and these folks do. You can see it in technicolor in Paris.”

19 Lawsuits and Counting

Family Values

Josh Duggar With Sarah Palin 2

While creepy (alleged) sister-child molester and serial-adulterer Josh Duggar hides out in a Xristian rehabilitation somewhere (waiting for Jeebus to lay hands on him, if you know what I mean and I think you do), one of his victims is not taking it lying down, so to speak:

Duggar, 27, is being sued by adult film actress and model Danica Dillon, who alleges that Duggar “assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries” while they were having consensual sex after he propositioned her in a Philadelphia strip club in March, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

…In the legal papers, Dillon says she was a featured performer at The Gold Club in Philadelphia, where Duggar allegedly paid her about $600 for lap dances. After, she claims he invited her to his hotel room, where they agreed to have sex. Then, he allegedly “manhandled” her to the point that she “felt as if she were being raped.” She says he paid her $1,500 “for her company.”

…Marc J. Frumer, Dillon’s attorney, tells PEOPLE that he expects the case to be resolved in nine to 18 months, though he notes the discovery process may be delayed because Duggar is in rehab and may not have a lawyer yet.

Paying for consensual sex is one thing, but assault is something else. He’s about as unsavory character as I can imagine.

Get The Box Cars Ready!


Why is the Wingnuttian final solution always involving rounding people up? Anyway, the latest proposal to round ’em up and send them away is coming to us today from Tennessee:

A top Tennessee Republican lawmaker believes the time has come for the National Guard to round up any Syrian refugees who have recently settled in the state and to stop any additional Syrian refugees from entering Tennessee.

And exactly how will that work? The Federal Government sets immigration policy. Oh, wait, don’t tell me! States Rights! I thought we settled that about 150 years ago…

“Tennessee is a sovereign state. If the federal government is forsaking the obligation to protect our citizens, we need to act,” [Tenn. House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada] said during a phone interview with The Tennessean on Tuesday.

So… how many refugees are we talkin’ about in Tennessee?

In fiscal year 2015, only 30 of the 1,601 refugees settled in Tennessee came from Syria, according to the Tennessee Office for Refugees.

So keeping an eye on 30 refugees is too much work for the great state of Tennessee and you want to shove them in a box car and send them to camps or something? Good plan, GOP. Cannot imagine how ISIS can use those images for recruiting purposes.

Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse!

I’m late to the party, I didn’t watch the debate last night (didn’t know about it in time, actually, and made other plans. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a f***ing tactical genius, nest-ce pas?)… so I’m just reading through some of the coverage and I gotta ask: honest-to-blog, what is it with Y’all Qaeda wanting the Dims to say Radical Islam?

Oh, wait, wrong transcript… here we go!

JOHN DICKERSON: Marco Rubio, also running for president, said that this attack showed– in– the attack in Paris showed that we are at war with radical Islam. Do you agree with that characterization, radical Islam?

HILLARY CLINTON: I don’t think we’re at war with Islam. I don’t think we at war with all Muslims. I think we’re at war with jihadists who have–

JOHN DICKERSON: Just to interrupt, he– he didn’t say all Muslims. He just said radical Islam. Is that a phrase you don’t…

These people are nuts. Wingnuttia wants the left to say Radical Islam, then I think we have to declare that they must say that Fundamentalist Christian Terrorism also exists.

Name it and know it, is what they want and that sword cuts both ways.

UPDATE 1: Rubio was not alone:

News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Gordon Klingenschmitt Demon Hunter/CO Assemblyman (Republican) tells us that Muslims should rejoice “because now they have a right to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ which can save their souls from Hell.”

Dr. Chaps is nothing, if not full of love.