Midday Sermonette

In case you are wondering, Rena Lindevaldsen is the (acting) Dean of Liberty University Law School (which may or may not be accredited in all states, your mileage may vary, objects in mirror are closer than they appear, kind-clean-and-reverent, etc.), which as we all know is the proud alma mater of our old pal and Konstitutional Skolar One-L.

Feminist Hero Andrea Tantaros Wins The Morning!

Somewhere, Ancient hate goblin pessary Phyllis Schlafly is smiling:

Andrea, I would need a shower and to get drunk after a little horizontal hula with you, too.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Oh, he didn't?!

Oh, he didn’t?!

Oh, you know, it’s never about race:

[Airway Heights, WA Mayor Patrick Rushing ] has refused to resign over a Facebook post that compared President Barack Obama’s family to gorillas and monkeys because he says that it would be conceding that he is a racist.

One Lump of Stupid or Two, Kansas Republicans

Oh, they didn't...

Oh, they didn’t…

Honest-to-Blog, Kansas GOP lawmakers are debating ousting State Rep. Valdenia Winn (D) for accusing them of racism. Winn is, of course, black.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 65 and under the age of death, gets a lavish tongue bath from Crazy Unkka Pat, who thinks that hispanic immigrants will flock to a Cuban Candidate, whose family got to jump to the front of the line.

AR Senator Wants To Duggar Police Chief

The wingnut mind at work

The wingnut mind at work

Arkansas Senator Bart Hester does not understand his job:

“In Touch Weekly got the police report through a lawful Freedom of Information request, but did not publish any actual names.

“Arkansas State Sen. Bart Hester is now calling for the firing of Springdale Police Chief Kathy O’Kelley for releasing the report to In Touch Weekly, noted KFSM.

“Hester, a Republican, stated on May 23:

“The law to protect minors’ identities is not a suggestion. So sad to see the person charged with protecting the community being so reckless and irresponsible. I believe it is unavoidable that the Springdale police chief should be terminated. She has re-victimized these young ladies.”

“Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse countered, “From every indication I have the chief and city attorney (Ernest Cate) reluctantly did what they had to do to comply with the state FOI law.”

“Undeterred, Hester added, “The city of Springdale’s liability seems endless on this. I certainly anticipate criminal charges against Chief O’Kelley.””

Bart Hester also introduced a We Don’t Serve Your Kind law earlier this year, to help religious people from having the ‘mos get hitched.

(Crooks and Liars)

Face Palm for Jeebus

face-palmThis: Molestation-hiding Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren’t hypocrites — liberals are

I was going to write something about this, but the essential reading of TBogg covered all the points I wanted to make. I’m just speechless:

“Despite this, Walsh accused “progressives” of hypocrisy, stating ” I simply don’t believe most progressives actually care that Josh Duggar touched his sisters when he was 14. I don’t believe they are upset about it, or that it offends them, or that they are morally troubled by it. I don’t believe them. I just don’t. I think they’re the real hypocrites.”

“…Progressive culture is filled to the brim with rapists, molesters, and deviants, but they never seem worried about any of it until some well known Christian crosses the line,” he concluded.”
Pass me an abortion baby, please; I need to wipe up some Santorum I spilled at the fourgy when we sacrificed a virgin boy to Obama before it stains my elite carpet.

WTF does he think Liberals are? Monsters that molest children and then are protected by their parents until the statute of limitations expires?

Your Daily Gohmert

Changes needed in Jade Helm military exercises

“…When the federal government begins, even in practice, games or exercises, to consider any U.S. city or state in “hostile” control and trying to retake it, the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious.

“Such labeling tends to make people who have grown leery of federal government overreach become suspicious of whether their big brother government anticipates certain states may start another civil war or be overtaken by foreign radical Islamist elements which have been reported to be just across our border.

“Such labeling by a government that is normally not allowed to use military force against its own citizens is an affront to the residents of that particular state considered as hostile, as if the government is trying to provoke a fight with them.

“The map of the exercise needs to change, the names on the map need to change, and the tone of the exercise needs to be completely revamped so the federal government is not intentionally practicing war against its own states.”

The Feel-Good Article of the Day

Not all GOPers are racist. But if you are a racist, you're probably a GOPer.

Not all GOPers are racist. But if you are a racist, you’re probably a GOPer.

…is at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!): The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally.

The author’s premise is that the oldsters in the Grand OLD Party are going to that segregated community in the sky and are not being replaced by enough young blood. While the math is dubious at best, it does have an element of truthiness to it.

Of course one could make the counter-argument that minorities in this country, who typically vote for the Dims, never make it to old age…

Get the Popcorn, The GOP Passed A Budget Agreement

Deer Eating PopcornSo Bravo, the GOP passed a budget for the first time since during Chimpy’s Reign of Error, The Hill breathlessly tells us:

Congressional Republicans scored a major legislative victory on Tuesday as the Senate adopted the first bicameral GOP budget agreement in a decade.

The 51-48 vote capped weeks of work by Republican leaders in the House and Senate, who shepherded the blueprint through a messy debate over defense spending that at times threatened to split their conferences.

The blueprint passed the House last week, and will not require a signature from President Obama.

And do you know why it does not need a signature from The Kenyan Usurper? Because it is not legislation (yet). Take it away, Mr. Kilgore:

“But now comes the part that’s real: actually implementing the resolution via appropriations bills and maybe a reconciliation bill. The former are subject to filibusters while the latter are not, but both require a presidential signature.”

And I think we can all sit back and watch what happens next as the various Wingnuts from The Island of Broken Toys take to this thing with an axe and picks as each one fights for their own personal, grandstanding agenda. Expect yet another government shutdown and at least one more filibuster from the senators in the 2016 Goat Rodeo as they work to prove that they are more pure than the waterhead to each of their lefts.