The 11th Commandment

Is It Soup Yet

“Thou shalt burn coal”

The Xristian Xrazies in ‘Bama have decided on a unique legal challenge to the EPA’s ruling that they must reduce carbon emissions from coal fired electricity plants by 27%: claim that God wants them to burn the stuff:

“Who has the right to take what God’s given a state?” said Chip Beeker, who on Monday joined two other commission members and an Alabama representative to the Republican National Committee to protest the proposed rules.

“We will not stand for what they are doing to our way of life in Alabama,” said Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, PSC president. “We will take our fight to the EPA.”

Aside from someone named Twinkle being a spokesperson for anything other than, well, diamonds and stars, God’s plan is strip mining?

Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid

face-palm stooges

The McDonnell’s federal corruption trial is all that and more:

RICHMOND, Va. — Former Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia and his wife, Maureen, on trial for conspiring to use his office for personal enrichment, outlined an unexpected defense on Tuesday: Their marriage was so broken that they did not communicate enough to conspire about anything.

In opening arguments in the couple’s corruption trial in federal court here, their lawyers made clear that they planned to rely on the sordid details of their unhappy union as the basis of their legal defense. It was the first time the McDonnells’ version of events had been heard in a widely publicized case that for months has been characterized by the lengthy indictment against them, which charges the couple with accepting more than $165,000 in cash and luxury gifts from a Virginia businessman.

Ms. McDonnell, her lawyer said, had a “crush” on the businessman, Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the prosecutors’ star witness, who the government said would detail the designer clothing, vacations, golf rounds and cash he provided in exchange for the governor’s help in promoting his company, which made a dietary supplement.

So… in what material way does that negate that they essentially sold access? Because the grifter wife liked her mark? Aaron Spelling could not have scripted a better soap opera.

The Morning Quote – Your Monster is Loose Edition

Weepy McDrunky

Said Boehner:

“Listen, this whole talk about impeachment is coming from the president’s own staff, and coming from Democrats on Capitol Hill. Why? Because they’re trying to rally their people to give money and to show up in this year’s election.”

“We have no plans to impeach the president. We have no future plans. Listen, it’s all a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”

That’s right, the Impeachment of the Kenyan Usurper is a leftist plot. Which is why we keep hearing about it from the Teabaggers, GOP representatives in Congress (just look at Bachmann and her ilk), and various Wingnuttian media outlets and fever swamps.

Bachmann: Arbeit macht frei – UPDATED

Hall - Bachmann


… Bachmann’s plan? Send those children to labor camps, which she warmly refers to as “Americanization Facilities,” with the goal of having them pay off their past, present, and future care expenses, while assimilating them into American culture. And in exchange for that labor, the children would be fast-tracked on a path to citizenship…”

“Well, we’d of course want these facilities to be ideal, you know, for the children to work and learn. They’d spend half of their day working, and the other half learning what every child should learn, and that’s English, you know, English and American history. And as soon as they learn English with some degree of fluency, they can attend local schools, maybe with a voucher program, or something like that. And then they could work when they aren’t in school.”

“I think this is a great way to bring businesses into the Texas and Arizona areas, and maybe other states struggling with low employment opportunities.”

As Karoli at Crooks and Liars says,

So let me see if I have this right. They’re sent to “Americanization camps” which I would call indoctrination facilities. Those little 4 and 5 year old kids are expected to work to earn their keep because businesses could pay them nothing. And as an added bonus, we’ll cook 50,000 or so little God-fearing Republicans in the process!

With compassion like that, who needs beatings?

UPDATE: Well, we got Rickrolled. It’s a satire. In my defense I will note that Mock, Paper, Scissors was not alone in falling for the satire, and some news sites with professional journalists drawing a salary fell victim too. And while it would be easy to say that the satire cleaved so close to One-L’s oeuvre that anyone would have fallen for it (and did), instead I apologize to Rep. Bachmann. As the big boy journalists say, We Regret The Error.

Bring Senatorette Graham’s Salts!

Let’s watch as Senatorette Miss Lindsey gets her knickers in such a twist that she stops making any kind of sense. And if we use something called a memory (which Wingnuttia appears not to have or believe in), we might recall that it was only a few short weeks ago she was heaping praise on Mr. Putin.

Take THAT, Xristian Xrazies!


Livewire tells us…

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Monday that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people.

It did not include any broad religious exemption for religious employers, which had been sought by religious leaders in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. White House officials had said Friday that the order would not include such an exemption.

Wingnuttian heads explode in 3… 2… 1…



The flying monkeys of Wingnuttia have been trying to find a way to blame The Kenyan Usurper for the shot-down airliner that killed about 300 civilians. Lacking a smoking gun, they latched onto a phrase that Obama used while waiting for real details about what happened instead of just bombing someone (the McCain solution). “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.” He said it while attending a fundraising event. Bring on the tumbrels!

  • Streiff / RedState: “It may be a terrible tragedy”: Flight MH-17 and the overweening narcissism of Barack Obama
  • Kyle Drennen / NewsBusters: Networks Ignore Criticism of Obama Attending Fundraisers Amid International Crises
  • Noah Rothman / Hot Air: This is how an American president should address Russian aggression
  • Enemy Central / American Spectator: From Russia With Hate — Even EOW laureate Piers Morgan was appalled.
  • Sarah Desprat / Twitchy: ‘The end is near’: What on earth could make Dana Loesch agree with Piers Morgan?
  • Ed Driscoll: The Cut and Paste President
  • Tom Maguire / JustOneMinute: ‘It Looks Like It May Be A Terrible Tragedy’

For obvious reasons, I’m not linking to any of them.

It’s also worth remembering that this year Wingnuttia was singing Putin’s praises for stomping on the ‘mos and being decisive working with the Ukranian rebels (who wanted to become part of Russia again). This is who they got into bed with.