The GOP Rebranding, Cont.

Spanking just liked dear old dadThere continues to be some glitches in obvious anagram Reince Priebus’ epic rebranding of The Confederacy, er, GOP:

Several Republican congresswomen are reportedly splitting from their party on a national abortion bill that’s scheduled for a vote in the House next week, raising concerns that the legislation is too extreme and will alienate female voters.

Oh. And what is it about this bill that finally has GOP women alarmed?

As Politico reports, Ellmers is also concerned that the proposed abortion ban has a particularly narrow exception for rape victims. As the bill is currently written, in order to qualify for the exemption, women who became pregnant from rape must have reported their assault to law enforcement officials.

Ah, a permutation of Todd Akin’s Theory of Legitimate Rape (women’s body’s have a way of shutting down a rape-baby): to be a legitimate rape, the woman has to submit to gentle, probing intrusions from the legal system—starting with the local guys whom she might have gone to high school with—or otherwise it didn’t happen. Got it.

But here’s the paragraph that jumps out to me (emphasis mine) that I think gives away the duplicitous game:

However, the National Journal reports that a group of GOP women led by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) have started pushing back against the legislation, expressing concerns during a closed-door meeting of House Republicans. Ellmers reportedly said she is worried that voting on the 20-week ban will alienate young female voters, urging her colleagues “to be smart about how we’re moving forward.”

So these Republican women are not worried about this being bad policy, they are worried about it being bad for recruiting. I mean, if you are being fine, upstanding Xristians, and you are taking a stand on a moral issue, then you should let the chips fall where they may. Also/too alienating people is the GOP core competency, and as long as the not-alienated (Y’all Qaeda in this case) comes to the polls, what does it matter? This bill is designed for them, not for (young) women.

You Gotta Dance With Them Whut Brung You

What's the Matter With Kansas

Oh, Kansas, if ever there were a people who deserved a drink, it’s you. Too bad your twice-elected theocrat wing-ding governor plans to raise taxes on things he considers sinful:

Gov. Sam Brownback declared the state would continue its “march to zero” on income taxes during his State of the State address on Thursday.

But the budget and tax plans he unveiled Friday showed it would not be marching so quickly.

He proposed a slowdown in income tax cuts – plus massive tax increases on tobacco and liquor – as part of his plans to fix a budget shortfall projected at $648 million for the next fiscal year.

He also wants to speed up the elimination of existing income tax deductions.

So he’s going to go highly regressive and raise sales taxes to try to back fill the hole he blasted into the budget with his income tax cuts. So what are the sin taxes he’s proposing?

Taxes on a pack of cigarettes would nearly triple from 79 cents a pack to $2.29 per pack. And taxes on liquor would rise to 12 percent from 8 percent.

The state’s budget problems arose after lawmakers aggressively cut personal income taxes in 2012 and 2013 at Brownback’s urging to stimulate the economy.y

So after he’s finished screwing you, that cigarette’s gonna cost you.

News That Will Drive You To Drink


Yup, it’s Brownback time: Defiant Sam Brownback vows to move toward zero income tax — and make Kansas even more unequal.

The lede is pretty strong (tons-o-links to back up the assertions):

Here’s what Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s supply side economic experiment has wrought: The Republican’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses will cost the state a projected $5 billion in revenue over seven years; by this summer, legislators must address a $278 million revenue shortfall, which Brownback is looking to fill in part by slashing vital infrastructure spending and reducing contributions to the state’s already underfunded pension plan. Meanwhile, the tax cuts haven’t delivered the economic “shot of adrenaline” Brownback promised. Kansas’ GDP growth lags behind that of other states in the region, its rate of job growth is slower than that of the nation as a whole, and the state’s per-capita income ranking hasn’t changed since the tax cuts were enacted in 2012. Kansas is ascending the national rankings on one measure, however: Last year, it ranked seventh in the nation among states residents left.

Surely this dismal state of affairs has Brownback considering a major course correction — right?

Fat chance. In his State of the State address last night, the newly reinaugurated governor was at once determined, defiant, and delusional, vowing that he would continue to move the state toward zero income tax, indicating that despite some post-election speculation, Brownback has no intention of reversing course on his signature economic policy.

Kansas has turned into the predictable Randian Paradise, a Liberia on the plains as it were. Congratulations to Gov. Brownback on his recent re-election. As we’ve noted before, Kansans, you gotta dance with them whut brung you.

The Afternoon Quote: Regrets, He’s Had A Few


“[T]he senator acknowledged that a number of his colleagues had to unexpectedly change their weekend plans, and he apologized to them for inconveniencing their personal schedules,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said in an email.

“That was not his intention; as he explained today in Politico, his intention was to secure a vote on President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, and to use every procedural means to do so. He believed—and still believes—that forcing that constitutional vote was critically important, but he apologized for causing any personal hardship,” she said.


The Thoughtful Read of the Day: David Atkins Edition

There are two essays on the Political Animal blog of the Washington Monthly that you need to read back-to-back and in this order:

  1. Why shouldn’t the Left have its own “tea party?”
  2. Hyperpartiseanship is a symptom of distrust in government, not its cause

The first essay: I’ve gotten into this argument with well-meaning, but squishy liberals before: the tea party is vile and we should not mimic them; usually they say things along the lines of, “we’re better than that.” And then we get walloped by them. Atkins proposes that the policies that the Teabaggers want is what is vile, but their technique for getting what they want is pretty impressive politics. He is calling for the Left to get in the game, fight back and stand for something. I’m inclined to agree with him.

The second essay reminds me of how our pal Driftglass has long said that the real story of the post-Reagan era is how the Republicans have lost their minds (and how the media is not covering it), and I think that this second essay might be an initial foray from a pretty mainstream publisher that actually makes the point: the Conservatives are the problem, and they are nuts.

What Are They Doing Now: Bob McDonnell

Rolex Bob McDonnell gets what he deserves

Rolex Bob McDonnell gets what he deserves

The last time we checked in with smooth criminal and former Virginia Gov. Rolex Bob McDonnell, both he and his wife were found guilty of Public Corruption charges, and of course being polite grifters, each was pointing to the other, because the best defense is to be so strongly offensive? Yes, we’ll go with that. They are to be sentenced soon (January 6 for him, Feb. 20th for her)

So the news today is that the US Probation Office who set guidelines for sentencing federal offenders has returned with the suggestion that Ol’ Sticky Fingers be sentenced to no less than 10 years and one month to no more than 12 years and 7 months. The report is sealed and so no one is sure how that range of years was determined, but there are some clues:

  • McDonnell is a high-ranking politician
  • McDonnell took multiple bribes
  • The total value of the bribes was so high

So be of good cheer: “U.S. District Judge James Spencer is not required to follow [the guidelines]. But experts said Spencer typically heeds the probation office’s advice, and judges in his district have imposed sentences within the recommended range more than 70 percent of the time in recent years.”

Sometimes the crooks get what they have coming. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Your Bottomless Mug of Stupid

Ship’em-all-back-to-where’ere-they-came advocate (ALIPAC) William Gheen has a simple 3-step plan to peacefully overthrow the Kenyan Usurper Barack HUSSEIN Obama and restore the United States:

It’s so simple! Why didn’t we think of it?

Where Are They Now?

Hey guys, remember that Minn. Wingnut who declared a Holy Crusade against Mooselims last week? I mean other than One-L (this time). Haha, trick question!

Anyway, Jack Whitley, who famously said:

“They are muslims, they are terrorist (sic), we know where they are from, we know where their buddies are, we know where thier mosque’s (sic) are, we know millions of these parasites travel to Mecca every year and when…FRAG ‘EM!” he wrote in a Facebook post.

He refused to apologize and said that Muslims in the U.S. “either need to repent except (sic) Jesus Chist or leave the country.”

…has resigned as the Big Stone County Republican party chairman. Methinks it was under duress.

Here’s Some Stupid for Your Thanksgiving Coffee

National Review editor Rich Lowry has suggested an innovative new way for Republicans to express their displeasure: ban President Obama from delivering the State of the Union Address:

“If I were John Boehner,” he said, referring to the House speaker, “I’d say to the president: ‘Send us your State of the Union in writing. You’re not welcome in our chamber.’ ”

Uh-huh. The Party of Lincoln telling the First Black President that he isn’t welcome in Congress will really go over well.