Another Epic Fail for Wingnuttia

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The vast majority of Americans disagree with Republicans about why people are poor.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll released Thursday finds Americans generally think both the rich and the poor ended up where they are more because of the opportunities they had in life than because of personal successes or failures.

Among all Americans, 44 percent said they think poor people are poor mostly because of a lack of opportunities, while only 30 percent said it’s mostly because of their individual failings. More specifically, 47 percent said poverty has to do more with the fact good jobs aren’t available, while only 28 percent said it’s because poor people have a poor work ethic.

Republicans want massive benefit cuts to food stamps, unemployment, and any other program designed to assist the non-rich because: the poors only have themselves to blame.

Republicans give massive tax cuts fo the rich because: they are more deserving of their success.

Anyway, it seems that they are as out of touch on this issue as all of the other ones, but it won’t matter. Saint Ronnie and the Holy Ayn Rand are their philosophers, and the meek shall not inherit the earth.


Dudly Do-Right Always Gets His Man

kleenexPeter LaBarbera, the man who thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night, was arrested in Canada in the University of Regina (and if you know how that word is pronounced I dare you not to giggle):

LaBarbera and fellow activist Bill Whatcott were escorted off university property and charged with mischief Monday afternoon.

The university learned the men were on the property around 12:30 p.m., and they were asked to leave the campus several times.

LaBarbera and Whatcott were displaying materials the university described as “graphic” and against the institution’s policy.

LaBarbera has left Canada and returned to the states to discuss the “Gay Thought Police in Canada and their American defenders” on Janet Medford’s hate radio show.

So, let’s get this right. LaBarbera crosses the border, deliberately creates an incident at a Canadian university [displaying graphic materials against University policy] to provoke being arrested, gets arrested, and then returns to the USA to complain about thought police in other lands?

(CTV News)

How’s that rebranding workin’ out, Reince? (Part infinity)

Flying Elephant

Yup. There is a GOP campaign PAC called Boats and Hoes, but not to worry, Ladies, it is being dissolved. And yes, it has ties to Greg Abbott who is running against Wendy Davis to replace theocrat secessionist nitwit Rick Perry as the governor of Texastan.

So once again we ask Reince Priebus: How’s that rebranding thingie working out for ya?


How’s that Rebranding Working For Ya, Reince (cont.)

Here we go again:

American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray can be heard explaining to an audience at the University of Texas that his views on women had not changed since a 2005 paper, in which he asserted that one or “maybe” two women had played significant roles in the field of philosophy.

When a woman at the event on Tuesday asked Murray if he still believed what he wrote, Murray quipped, “Who do you have in mind?”

Murray argued that in “certain traditions” like literature, women had been at the “peak of accomplishment.” But he said that he could only recall one important female philosopher, “and she was not a significant thinker in the estimation of historians of philosophy.”

“So, yeah, I still stick with that,” he insisted. “Until somebody gives me evidence to the contrary, I’ll stick with that statement.”

Mr. Murray is an advisor to Texastan Gubinor wannabe Greg Abbott who was hand-picked by theocrat secessionist Rick ‘count to 3′ Perry to replace himself while he runs for preznint.

The War on Women: Unconditional Surrender

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Well, it’s come to this: According to State Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R – Satan’s Hollow MO) women are like cars that you need to drive, or something. See if you can figure out his Todd Akin-like thinking:

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri who is sponsoring a bill that would mandate women seeking an abortion undergo an ultrasound and wait three days for the procedure defended his measure Tuesday, suggesting a woman getting an abortion should treat it with the same deliberation as shopping for cars or carpeting.

“I have to look at it, get information about it, maybe drive it, you know, a lot of different things. Check prices,” he said, according to video recorded by Progress Missouri. “There’s lots of things that I do putting into a decision. Whether that’s a car, whether that’s a house, whether that’s any major decision that I put in my life. Even carpeting.”

“I was faced with a decision that I didn’t have very much information that I knew about,” he added. “So I wanted to be as informed as possible, and that’s what this bill is. Giving them as much information as possible.”

sarcasmDames cannot take a joke. Ok, that didn’t go down well with the Skirts:

“Are you equating that with a medical decision?” [State Rep. Stacey Newman (D)] asked Gatschenberger.

“No–” Gatschenberger said.

“That was your analogy, and that was extremely offense to every single woman in this hearing, representative,” Newman said. “Your comments were extremely offensive to every single woman sitting in here, whether they’re pregnant or whether they’re not. I want to point that out, because that kind of attitude is demeaning to women, regardless of what they decide to do.”

“That was not the intention. I apologize for that,” Gatschenberger responded.

But Gatschenberger was pressing Newman to reconsider the bill seconds later.

“I’m just saying this is a life-ending decision,” he said. “You should think about it.”

“I can offer you reasonable terms, and this baby’s got low mileage,” Gatschenberger did not add, while not kicking the tires.


GOPer Tries Acoustic Dog Whistling


Iowa Republican candidate for US Senate Sam Clovis thinks that The Kenyan Usurper would have been impeached by now, you know, if he were were white.

“I would say there are people in the House of Representatives right now that would very much like to take the opportunity to start the process,” Sam Clovis told The Daily Times Herald.

“It’s not that what he has done would not rise to the level where it might be impeachable,” Clovis continued. “I don’t think it’s a practical, pragmatic issue. And simply because I don’t think the nation is ready for it.”

“Now we have a situation where race is thrown into the cards as well,” he remarked. “Whether we like it or not, race is an issue.”

Clovis doesn’t indicate what the impeachable offenses are. Governing while black? Yeah, we can go with that. But more importantly, lily-livered, white wine-sipping, Volvo-driving, white-guilt liberals are clearly afraid of what would happen if they impeached the first black preznint, who so clearly deserves it for benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1! and Obamacare, and ACORN, and… Am I right?

Clovis was then asked if he members of Congress are worried about what it would look like in news coverage to impeach the president because he’s black. Clovis simply responded “yes.”

You see, reverse racism! Quotas! Um, something-something-something…

You must admit it is refreshing to hear the acoustic version of the GOP’s dog whistling.

(Raw Story)

Clue: “Mrs. Peacock, in the Campaign HQ, with a Security Camera”

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God, the Case of the Kissing Congressman gets better and better:

McAllister, remember, came out of nowhere to beat the hand-picked successor to Republican Rodney Alexander (R). In other words, in professional politico terms, it wasn’t his. And in addition to riding to victory on the coattails of the Duck Dynasty crew, McAllister actually went rogue a bit on Obamacare during the primary – something that got him called a liberal by the local GOP establishment who supported his opponent, Neil Riser.

Now we have at least some suggestion that those folks aggrieved at Riser’s defeat may have helped move things along.

Say it ain’t so. You mean that there might have been petty, political revenge in Louisiana? Whoda thunk it?

Danny Chance, Pastor of the Christian Life Church in Monroe says another staffer leaked the tape of the McAllister/Peacock smooch, district office manager Leah Gordon. She also, according to Chance, said she was going to take it to two Alexander vets who also worked on Riser’s campaign, Mike Walsworth and Jonathan Johnson. Add to the mix that the tape was leaked to a pro-Riser and very conservative paper.

Gordon isn’t talking – though McAllister’s chief of staff says only she and the building’s landlord would have had access to the tape.

Aha! so we have the possibility of back-stabbing campaign manager (Leah Gordon) and a landlord leaking the tape, or we have a lying Pastor (Danny Chance). What else do we have Columbo?

But Walsworth and Johnson are furiously denying the charges. “It’s an absolute lie,” Walsworth told the local paper. “He knows it’s not true. I can’t believe a minister would outright lie like that. Maybe I didn’t go to his church as often as he wanted. I didn’t see that video until (Monday) like everybody else.”

Methinks the opposition complaineth too much. But would the opposition’s campaign really want to sink the career of a fellow Wingnut? What would it take to make a member of God’s Own Party say (in public) that a Pastor is lying?

Meanwhile, Heath Peacock, husband of smoocher Melissa Peacock, says McAllister, who ran on his cred as a diehard Christian, is “about the most non-religious person I know.”

So now we have the cuckold impugning that the Kissing Congressman is not the Xristian Xrazie he claimed to be? Oh, my. A hypocrite Xristian Xrazie or a scheming Elmer Gantry?

UPDATE 1: It seems that Mrs. Peacock had a way with a vacuum cleaner that drives men wild with passion. (TPM)


Meanwhile, in Possum Hollar, GA

I wonder how many people will believe that this was a real phone call?

Republican Senate candidate teabagger Jack Kingston is badly trailing Reps. Paul ‘science is a lie from the pit of Hell’ Broun and Phil ‘Redistrict’ Gingrey, as well as former Reebok CEO David Perdue. Kingston has been criticized by Broun for insufficient dedication to destroying Obamacare (voted to destroy 51 times, that slacker).

What’s got Andrew Sullivan’s Panties in a Bunch Today?

Brendan Eich, the now-former CEO of Mozilla (maker of the Firefox Browser) resigned following a week long outrage of his political past. Besides contributing to Prop. 8 which revoked Marriage Equality in California, he also previously supported racist white nationalist Pat Buchanan’s doomed presidential campaign, and known-racist Ron Paul’s campaign. While the company probably would have withstood any single one of these facts, the sum total of them paints an ugly picture of a consistent bigot leading the altruistic foundation.

Anyway, Eich’s resignation is the subject du jour for the angst that overfloweth from Andrew Sullivan (of all people):

The guy who had the gall to express his First Amendment rights and favor Prop 8 in California by donating $1,000 has just been scalped by some gay activists…Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.

It seems like I always have to remind my betters of the difference between Cause and Effect. No one prevented Brendan Eich from expressing his beliefs. He donated freely and not under duress to these various far-right wing causes and campaigns. The effect of that was outrage from his employees, peers, and customers, which is also their First Amendment Right. And not to paint with too large of a brush here, but one could even make the argument that this was the invisible hand of the marketplace making a correction.

As always, Sullivan is aiming his rage at liberals first, automatically, reflexively. That the liberals he is aiming at are the liberals who would defend his rights as a gay man is just collateral damage.

(Daily Dish)