How’s that rebranding workin’ out, Reince? (Part infinity)

Flying Elephant

Yup. There is a GOP campaign PAC called Boats and Hoes, but not to worry, Ladies, it is being dissolved. And yes, it has ties to Greg Abbott who is running against Wendy Davis to replace theocrat secessionist nitwit Rick Perry as the governor of Texastan.

So once again we ask Reince Priebus: How’s that rebranding thingie working out for ya?


How’s that Rebranding Working For Ya, Reince (cont.)

Here we go again:

American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray can be heard explaining to an audience at the University of Texas that his views on women had not changed since a 2005 paper, in which he asserted that one or “maybe” two women had played significant roles in the field of philosophy.

When a woman at the event on Tuesday asked Murray if he still believed what he wrote, Murray quipped, “Who do you have in mind?”

Murray argued that in “certain traditions” like literature, women had been at the “peak of accomplishment.” But he said that he could only recall one important female philosopher, “and she was not a significant thinker in the estimation of historians of philosophy.”

“So, yeah, I still stick with that,” he insisted. “Until somebody gives me evidence to the contrary, I’ll stick with that statement.”

Mr. Murray is an advisor to Texastan Gubinor wannabe Greg Abbott who was hand-picked by theocrat secessionist Rick ‘count to 3′ Perry to replace himself while he runs for preznint.

The War on Women: Unconditional Surrender

Flying Elephant

Well, it’s come to this: According to State Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R – Satan’s Hollow MO) women are like cars that you need to drive, or something. See if you can figure out his Todd Akin-like thinking:

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri who is sponsoring a bill that would mandate women seeking an abortion undergo an ultrasound and wait three days for the procedure defended his measure Tuesday, suggesting a woman getting an abortion should treat it with the same deliberation as shopping for cars or carpeting.

“I have to look at it, get information about it, maybe drive it, you know, a lot of different things. Check prices,” he said, according to video recorded by Progress Missouri. “There’s lots of things that I do putting into a decision. Whether that’s a car, whether that’s a house, whether that’s any major decision that I put in my life. Even carpeting.”

“I was faced with a decision that I didn’t have very much information that I knew about,” he added. “So I wanted to be as informed as possible, and that’s what this bill is. Giving them as much information as possible.”

sarcasmDames cannot take a joke. Ok, that didn’t go down well with the Skirts:

“Are you equating that with a medical decision?” [State Rep. Stacey Newman (D)] asked Gatschenberger.

“No–” Gatschenberger said.

“That was your analogy, and that was extremely offense to every single woman in this hearing, representative,” Newman said. “Your comments were extremely offensive to every single woman sitting in here, whether they’re pregnant or whether they’re not. I want to point that out, because that kind of attitude is demeaning to women, regardless of what they decide to do.”

“That was not the intention. I apologize for that,” Gatschenberger responded.

But Gatschenberger was pressing Newman to reconsider the bill seconds later.

“I’m just saying this is a life-ending decision,” he said. “You should think about it.”

“I can offer you reasonable terms, and this baby’s got low mileage,” Gatschenberger did not add, while not kicking the tires.


Did ya hear the one about…

texas-logo big.jpg

…the Texas GOP Womens PAC director (who is supposed to recruit more women to vote for Republicans) who says that women are too busy to fight for equal pay for equal work?

Take it away, Raw Story:

“We believe that Texas women want and deserve equal pay,” Christman admitted. “But honestly, Jason, we don’t believe the Lilly Ledbetter Act is what’s going to solve that problem for women. We believe that women want real-world solutions to this problem, not more rhetoric.”

But after Whitely asked Christman to provide a better solution for equal pay, the PAC leader stumbled with some awkward rhetoric of her own.

“If you look at it, women are… extremely busy, we lead busy lives,” she explained. “And times are extremely busy. It’s just — it’s a busy cycle for women, and we’ve got a lot to juggle.”

“And so when we look at this issue, we think, what’s practical?” Christman continued. “And we want more access to jobs. And we want to be able to go to get a higher education degree at the same time we’re working or raising a family. That’s common sense. And we believe that real-world solution is a more practical way to approach the problem.”

You just cannot write material like this, no one would believe you.

The War on Women, cont.


It is my belief that the War on Women is a front in the greater battle on the War on Democracy as waged by the Theocrats. They are still blaming women for the Fall (as they put it) from the Garden of Eden. Original Sin, all that nuttiness.

That said, there seems to be a down-side for wingnuttia, as the NYTimes tells us:

In the past few months, Republicans have called Wendy Davis, a Democratic candidate for Texas governor, “Abortion Barbie,” likened Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Senate candidate from Kentucky, to an “empty dress,” criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton’s thighs, and referred to a pregnant woman as a “host.”

Democrats do not just get mad when they hear those words. They cash in.


Emily’s List, the political action committee that backs female candidates who support abortion rights, has raised a record $25 million this election cycle.

Usually I do not advocate for wasting our breath trying to bring the knuckle-draggers into the modern era, but this gives me some hope. Methinks that Wingnuttia loves money more than life itself, and if they perceive that someone, somewhere is making money off of them, they might pay attention.

Ha-ha, I crack myself up.

The Morning Quote: War on Women Edition

“So if I’m correct that more of the [divorce] filers are women than men — and that’s based on just anecdotal information — then I think what this [mandatory, pre-divorce "education" course] does, which basically mandates that before you file, the filer… has to take this course. That individual — often a woman — will be aware of alternatives, will be aware of the impact, will be aware of the consequences and know what the process will be to his or her family.”

–Jim Nielson Utah state Rep. (R- Rutting Season) says that he is sponsoring a bill to force divorcing couples to take classes because he says that men are often “surprised” when women want to end the marriage.

Odd that there is no ultrasound rape-wand involved, but, there is always time to add that later…