One Lump of Stupid or Two?

“Our military needs to know that they’re not gonna be prosecuted when they come back, because somebody has, said “You did something that was politically incorrect.” There is no such thing as a politically correct war. We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, we have to win. Our life depends on it.”

–Smartest man in the room (and he’ll tell you), Novelty 2016 Goat Rodeo Candidate Ben Carson, kinda-sorta suggesting War Crimes are OK with him, you know, as long as you win.

And Republicans wonder why the rest of the world hates us?

What They Said


NYTimes Editorial: “Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses”

The two greatest disappointments I have had with the Obama Administration have been that they never investigated/prosecuted The Bush Administration for war crimes that Chimpy and Blam-blam have all admitted—if not bragged about—committing; and that not a single bankster has had to suffer a moment in court for wrecking the economy.

One of the snarkier, on-going criticisms on this blog has been to urge the administration to hold a mirror under the nose of AG Holder to find out if he is still breathing. It sounds like the NYTimes is joining us.

The Morning Quote

Turdblossom expresses himself

…comes to us from gelatinous mass Turdblossom:

“Take, for example, waterboarding,” Rove continued. “In waterboarding — unlike World War II, where the Japanese attempted to drown people by basically pouring water in their mouths — here the feet were elevated so there’s little or not chance of any fluid getting into the lungs. And very careful standards set in place so these would help break the the resistance of the detainee without placing their life in danger.”

Got it. It wasn’t torture because the prisoner’s feet were lifted.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

DALLAS, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Board of Directors of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has named Allen B. West as CEO of the 31-year old nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy think tank.

I did not think I would live long enough to see the name Allen West and the phrase Think Tank would be in the same sentence

“I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity to lead one of the country’s preeminent think tanks,” said West. “I have long admired the NCPA’s innovative research in health care, tax reform, entitlements, retirement, energy, environmental and education policy.”

So what’s their stance on torture, Col. West?

New to The Electronic Twatter Machine…

…is always wrong Bloody Bill Kristol:


Grandpa Walnuts Has a Woody

Roll Call tells us:

Updated 6:50 p.m. | After some last-minute drama on immigration, the Senate took care of Congress’ last must-pass piece of business before the November elections — keeping the government funded and providing authority for arming and training Syrian rebels in the fight against the terror group known as ISIS.

Senators voted 78-22 in favor of the continuing resolution funding the government through Dec. 11, with the bill’s next stop President Barack Obama’s desk, well ahead of the end-of-the-month deadline to preventing a government shutdown.

The bill, which the president has said he will sign, provides billions the president intends to use for his war on ISIS, but does not explicitly authorize that war beyond arming “vetted” Syrian rebels. The vote did not cut cleanly along party lines, which came as no surprise.

What could go wrong?

The Afternoon Quote

“The Cold War took 45 years,” said Elliott Abrams, a longtime diplomat who was top Middle East adviser to President George W. Bush. “It’s certainly plausible that this could be the same. … It’s harder to see how this ends.”

King of Latin America Elliot Abrams

(There’s No End In Sight For America’s Middle East War Duties in Business Insider)

So When Is George Will Going To Reveal Reagan’s October Surprise?

Counterpunch says that Will confirmed that Nixon (as a candidate) scuttled the Vietnam Peace Talks that President Johnson was negotiating.

Richard Nixon was a traitor.

The new release of extended versions of Nixon’s papers now confirms this long-standing belief, usually dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by Republican conservatives. Now it has been substantiated by none other than right-wing columnist George Will.

Nixon’s newly revealed records show for certain that in 1968, as a presidential candidate, he ordered Anna Chennault, his liaison to the South Vietnam government, to persuade them refuse a cease-fire being brokered by President Lyndon Johnson.

Nixon’s interference with these negotiations violated President John Adams’s 1797 Logan Act, banning private citizens from intruding into official government negotiations with a foreign nation.

Ugh, all those people died so Nixon could win the presidency. Hunter Thompson was right.

Chimpy’s Great Adventure, Cont.

Famous comb-licking war criminal Paul Wolfowitz weighs in on the new turmoil in Iraq:

When asked his thoughts about the current situation in Iraq and whether the war was a mistake, Wolfowitz replied, “We have won it — in 2009.”

First, he needs his meds upped. Second, why is anyone asking Wolfowitz anything except for what the inseam should be on his prison uniform?

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Liz Cheney has a winning smile.

Liz Cheney has a winning smile.

“This president is an utter disgrace. He’s got a situation where, as your last two reports showed, you’ve got crises erupting around the world. And he is expending more time, more energy, more passion, more aggressive activity in targeting and going after patriots, heroes, CIA officers and others who kept us safe after 9/11.”

“He’s lying about what they did, he’s slandering them, he went to Cairo and did it in 2009. Today he did it from the podium of the Oval Office. It’s a disgrace. It’s despicable.”

–The most important Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation’s history, maybe ever Liz Cheney , daughter of War Criminal (unindicted) Dick Cheney, who quite literally cannot probably cannot leave North America without being arrested.

Anyway, her quibble seems to be with semantics, not with actual deeds and actions.