Last Night, on the Twitters

There was a sort of funny shit-show on the electronic Twitter-Twatter as people thought that they were taking their outrage of the Supreme Court’s decisions to the Supremes themselves, when actually they were taking their outrage out on the people who probably do the best reporting on the Supremes, the SCOTUS Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.54.31 AM

Anyway, we love SCOTUS Blog not just for the outstanding work that they do, but because they have such a good sense of humor when they get blamed for what the Supremes do. It must happen to them a lot.

Sweet Jeebus, people: the Supremes won’t even allow any of Thomas Edison’s latest inventions in their courtroom, you think that they are on the Twitter?

Get off the cross, we need the wood (cont.)

jeebus light switch

Part of our on-going series in which we document the many ways in which the Xristian Xrazies think that they are the most persecuted people in the history of the world.

So there was another #hashtag game on the electronic Twitter machine last night in which people responded to the tag #HowOldAreYou, usually with funny, self-deprecating, and often quite revealing ways how the world has changed. Howdy Doody references, old telephone exchanges, various sorts of things that could clearly put the author in a certain range.

And then the Xristian Xrazies, who are as much fun as a sneeze during a piss, started twitter-twattering:

That time 10 people showed up for the white rally

No Amenty teabagger

Hahah, let’s say you planned a rally for racism and only 10 people showed up? Take it away, Cincinnati:

A local group describing itself as “pro white” held up signs at a busy Florence intersection Saturday, drawing cheers and jeers from passing motorists.

The largest banner read: “Diversity=white genocide.”

Robert Ransdell of Florence said he organized the rally in concert with the White Man March, an international event scheduled for Saturday.

“We are here promoting white interests and encouraging others to stand up for people advocating for the white majority just like the minorities are encouraged to do,” Ransdell told the Enquirer.

The rally, which drew about 10 people, ran from 10:30 a.m. to about 1 p.m. just off I-71/75 at the Turfway Road exit.

But wait! It get’s better: the Twitteratti decided to mock them, too:

(Hat tip: Americans Against the Tea Party and the always funny Freakout Nation, who has the best title for the article.)

Teh Stoopid: it buuuuuuurns

It seems that Wingnuttia doesn’t like it when The Kenyan Usurper does something popular with the youth:

I really think that Screwie Louie needs to look over his shoulder: he has competition for the Klown Kar’s driver seat, right there, in Texas!


I’m told that when they were planning this, the White House said it was something likely to make David Gergen barf. Success!

The Death of the Media

Last night was such a s***-show for the MSM, and unbelievably the best news reporting on the dramatic attacks in Boston was coming from the merging of old technology–Police Scanners–and social media on Twitter.

The Tweets from on-the-ground people in Boston, Watertown, Cambridge were timely and highly accurate. There was a journalism professor and a bunch of his students and/or colleagues who happened to be in the area and they set up a makeshift newsroom in someone’s apartment, and out-performed CNN (hard to believe, I know) just by literally looking at what was going on outside on their street, and following the scanners. They would decrypt some of the more arcane police codes and report what the police were saying to each other.

(Note that Police Scanners do not transmit in real time and also note that they do not give locations. There is no tactical information in scanners that criminals could discern to their advantage, or at least that is my understanding.)

The Bostonians were reporting facts for several hours before someone got Jake Tapper in front of a camera. It was absolutely amazing to watch my Twitter Timeline roll past with nugget after nugget of news (interspersed of course with all the robots and timed marketing tweets)

Anyway, I think last night citizen journalists were media heroes, and Twitter shined bright. It was completely unexpected and pretty marvelous to watch.