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Free Advertising!

The setup: As you may already know, that bastard The Kenyan Usurper listened to the people of Alaskastan and has ordered the renaming of Mt. McKinley to the original Koyukon Athabascan name of Denali. This is something that Alaska has … Continue reading

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Bart Simpson takes aim at Turdblossom


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Another reason I will never ride a Segway

Jeebus, first Cheney now Turdblossom. We should watch Segway stock today.

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The Mornng Quote

“Obama has no chance of carrying Indiana. I was having dinner with [Indiana Gov.] Mitch Daniels this spring, and I said, ‘Mitch, is there a white Democrat south of Indianapolis who’s supporting Obama who’s not a college professor in Bloomington?’ … Continue reading

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What tub of lard could possibly replace Junkie Limbaugh?

Karl Rove, of course. Maybe he can get his Rap Stars back together? KARL ROVE fills in for RUSH LIMBAUGH for the first time on Monday, live from New York City. A jovial Rove joked on Fox & Friends: “Anxiety! … Continue reading

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Is it really grass roots, if it has only 4 donors…

…all of them billionaires? Compensating for damage the Republican National Committee’s unsteadiness may cause Republican candidates this fall, several high-profile GOP operatives — including Karl Rove and two former RNC chairmen — recently founded American Crossroads as a “grassroots,” “shadow … Continue reading

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Signs of the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills

Karl Rove, yes, Turdblossom himself, was chased from the stage at a book signing event in Beverly Hills by Code Pink: Bet that hurts booksales.

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“Unto every generation is born a slayer…”

We need to find the 1960s-era Buffy and celebrate her! Karl Rove’s partisan bloodlust flowered early. At age 9 — and already a political nerd — he became a spirited supporter of Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential smackdown against … Continue reading

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Let the healing begin

Darby Rove is free at last, after 24 long and thankless years of being married to Turdblossom, the couple have divorced. Also, Dana Perino is the Rove family spokesperson now. This is too delish to pass up… So who is … Continue reading

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What’s Missing, Turdblossom?

However, since taking office Mr. Obama pushed through a $787 billion stimulus, a $33 billion expansion of the child health program known as S-chip, a $410 billion omnibus appropriations spending bill, and an $80 billion car company bailout. He also … Continue reading

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