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Some Stupid For Your Coffee?

Petunia and Pals wins the Jug of Stupid again as Elisabeth Hasselbeck uses the hostage situation in Sydney to justify torture.

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Torture – UPDATED

Allegedly today the long-awaited Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report is supposed to be released today, with heavy censorship, you know to protect the names of the innocent-until-never-proven guilty. Already Wingnuttia’s mighty Wurlitzer is warmed up telling us simultaneously that there … Continue reading

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A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

“This president is an utter disgrace. He’s got a situation where, as your last two reports showed, you’ve got crises erupting around the world. And he is expending more time, more energy, more passion, more aggressive activity in targeting and … Continue reading

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I just want to get this right: “Even before I came into office, I was very clear that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we did some things that were wrong. We did a whole lot of things that were … Continue reading

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Shorter James Mitchell:

“I was just following orders.” Mitchell, as you may recall, was the psychologist who designed CIA’s post-9/11 torture program, and in essence sold our collective souls to the devil for a pence. If ever there was a war criminal trial … Continue reading

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In Which ex-CIA Director Hayden Mansplains The Skirts To Us

Former CIA and National Security Agency director Michael Hayden suggested Sunday that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) might have compromised the objectivity of a report on CIA interrogation techniques because she personally wants to change them. On “Fox … Continue reading

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And now, the comedic stylings of Sen. Richard Burr

Yeah torture is always killer material at the Wingnuttian Komedy Klub open mic night. (Think Progress)

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Liz Cheney Speaks!

Liz Cheney, THE MOST IMPORTANT DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE FOR NEAR EASTERN AFFAIRS in our nation’s history was on the talkies today (for unknown or unknowable reasons, she keeps getting invited back) and she told a lie so big, … Continue reading

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Darth Cheney more like Darth Vader than ever

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Listen to Blam-Blam breath as he lies. Amazing.

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Big Week on the Innertubes for the GOP

Liz Cheney, The most important deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation’s history and maybe ever, not to be out done by the nominal head of the GOP, that regional party of old white men, … Continue reading

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