Stormy Weather


Slab-faced national treasure of the Id run amok Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R- benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1!, the perversion of the Boy Scouts, IRS, and the White House spying on Fox News) has introduced legislation to require the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to “prioritize weather-related activities, including the provision of improved weather data, forecasts, and warnings for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy” over researching the effects of Climate Change.

The legislation passed the House, by the way, just two days after the UN report that warned of increased famine, war, and poverty from unmitigated carbon emissions.

(Think Progress)

You know what today is?

Remember the last time Wingnuttia tried to do social media?

Today is the launch of Tea Party Community, the new facebook-like social networking site for conservatives-only! (Which sort of looks a lot like Facebook, so I’m guessing Faceberg’s attorneys are already drooling.)

A group of conservatives is launching their own social networking site after enduring what they call years of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook.

The Tea Party Community is expected to officially launch on Saturday – but the social networking site for conservatives has already drawn nearly 50,000 members.

Yes, that’s right – Facebook for Conservatives!

(The Censorship? Probably the infamous watermelons on the White House Lawns, or Witch Doctor Obama, but I’m only guessing. The Bullying is probably getting lotsa thumbs-down when they suggest assassinating The Kenyan Usurper or beating up the gay kid in gym class. Again, I’m only guessing.)

So now maybe all those creepy Facebook stalkers and weirdos from your past will finally leave you alone?

(Fox News)

The howling of the weremouse!

“A species of mouse that lives in the Southwestern deserts of the U.S. eats scorpions and other living things, hunts by night and howls at the moon. According to New Scientist, the grasshopper mouse (Onychomys torridus) will eat crickets, tarantulas, even other rodents.”

Even the fearsome Arizona bark scorpion is not safe from the grasshopper mouse. New Scientist said, “It fights bravely, stinging its attacker on the nose. To no avail. The mouse ignores the painful venom and cruelly breaks the scorpion’s tail by pummelling it into the ground, then bites its head and feasts on its flesh.”

Grasshopper mouse don’t care.

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The GOP loves it when a plan comes together!


It’s like that whole War on Poverty thing never happened. Thanks GOP, you guys are swell.

According to economists and other experts surveyed by the Associated Press, the U.S. poverty rate is on track to hit its highest level since the 1960s. The consensus among those surveyed is that “the official poverty rate will rise from 15.1 percent in 2010, climbing as high as 15.7 percent.” Just a 0.1 percent increase would put the poverty rate at its highest since 1965.

We should note, for the record, that this also includes the fraying social safety nets.

(Think Progress)

Land of the Freaks and Home of the Brave

Well, fellow Gitmo-bound citizens, our fearless leader President Carebear now says that he will sign into law the the DoD bill that allows him to scoop up citizens within our own borders and send them to CIA-run prisons anywhere in the world without due process.

Specifically, the bill would require that the military take custody of a suspect deemed to be a member of al-Qaida or its affiliates and who is involved in plotting or committing attacks on the United States. There is an exemption for U.S. citizens.

House and Senate negotiators added language that says nothing in the bill will affect “existing criminal enforcement and national security authorities of the FBI or any other domestic law enforcement agency” with regard to a captured suspect “regardless of whether such … person is held in military custody.”

The bill also says the president can waive the provision based on national security…

The legislation also would deny suspected terrorists, even U.S. citizens seized within the nation’s borders, the right to trial and subject them to indefinite detention.

So, at the discretion of the president (say, future President Newticles), any citizen can be whisked away never to see the light of day again.

Nice knowin’ ya.

UPDATE 1: Maybe it is not so bad?

(AP via HuffPo)