And Now, The Inquisition

tony perkins macaca

Our old buddy Tony Perkins, founder of well-known hate group Family Research Council is going to attend the “Complementarity of Man and Woman” conference – hosted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

You cannot make this shit up.

Some Stupid With Your Coffee?

teabagging for jeebus

The woman who disrupted the first ever Muslim prayer service conducted at the National Cathedral claims she was sent to protest the ceremony by God after reading about it on the Drudge Report.

So… when she hears voices, sometimes it’s Sweet Baby Jeebus and sometimes it’s Drudge? Brrrrr! Chilling! (And probably comes with raw eggs.)

I’m Amused…

…at all the big-boy blogs only now discoverhing Dr. Chaps, Demon Hunter. We’ve been laughing at him (and not with him) since at least early 2013, and maybe earlier:

“Like a Demon, touched for the very first time: Dr. Chaps (his nickname, not mine) finally got around to listening to Madonna.”

The real credit should go to Right Wing Watch. I know that I became interested in this nut bag since first hearing him on the always excellent David Pakman Show.

Happy Hour News Briefs

News that will drive you to drink

What more news do you need on election night?

Some Fries With Your Stupid? #iStandSunday Edition

This was the warm-up act last night in Houston before the Theocrats came on in force for the I Stand Sunday hate-a-palooza:

It really takes some brass for Y’all Qaeda to compare themselves with the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. It’s breathtakingly offensive and beyond stupid.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Matt Barber, the man who only thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night, writes an lovely open letter to women who have had an abortion:

Know this about your choice: Yes, you are still a mother. Yes, you have killed your child… you purchased a bouquet of lies awash in the foul stench of death. You were told that for a few hundred dollars you could buy freedom, only to be bound by a horrible thing that, in this life, cannot be undone… Your blood-covered hands can be washed clean by the blood-covered hands of Christ the Savior.

He’s so very loving. But then Barber tells us about his own abortion:

I’m the father of five beautiful children, three of whom are with me and two of whom are in heaven. My wife and I lost our first child together in miscarriage; but long before that, my first child died at the hands of an abortionist…

“My mom thought it was right for me to tell you,” she said, “that I had an abortion and the kid was yours.”

Her mom sat in the car behind her glaring at me. I’ll never forget the expression on her face. It was a jarring blend of contempt, anger and pain…

I mourn the loss of my first child. I can’t know for sure, but I’ve always envisioned a girl. Today, she’d be about 27. Perhaps I’d be a grandfather by now.

So you see, it’s all about Matt. It is always all about Matt.

Abortion kills God’s children and hurts women and men alike. Your child has an earthly father, too, regardless of whether he took responsibility.

Abortion makes men fathers of dead sons and daughters.

Oh. Correction: it is about men.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Theocratic secessionist, former Constitution Party Goat Rodeo Rider and local county council candidate in Maryland Michael Peroutka was shocked! Shocked! SHOCKED! to learn that one of the organizations he belongs to holds racist views!

Peroutka has left the League of the South:

Peroutka, a Millersville Republican, said he left the group prior to Labor Day because he discovered statements members made on the subject of being opposed to interracial marriage were “contrary to my beliefs.” He would not elaborate.

Well, good for him, I guess. Wait, what’s that?

I’m sure his resignation was sincere.