Bad Technology, Cont.

I don’t know if this is a real film or not, but I suspect not. Anyway, it alleges to be infrared footage of someone farting, and now I understand the slang for it: crop dusting.

Anyway, sorry for the light posting. I am trying to get my house in California ready to sell, and so the days are long and kinda exhausting (between hauling crap away and talking crap to potential real estate listing agents).

Hatred: There’s An App For That!

What Would Jeebus Buy?

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 7.28.31 AM

Here we go: an app from the Family Research Council (a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group) that rates various companies purity to rigid, conservative values:

The 2nd Vote app is a consumer tool that helps you “vote” with your shopping dollars. It reveals both the companies that fund the conservative causes we support, and the liberal causes we oppose, on an issue by issue basis. This app is useful whether you are conservative on one issue or every issue.

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Data Temporarily Stolen?

Fox News tells us…

Coca-Cola Co. said on Friday that personal information on as many as 74,000 employees, contractors and suppliers were on laptops that it said were temporarily stolen from its Atlanta headquarters.

Not to worry, the laptops were recovered and nothing was missing!

Coke said the laptops were later retrieved and it has “no indication” the personal information had been misused. It didn’t say how it learned of the theft or how the computers were recovered.

The company is sending letters to about 18,000 individuals whose names and Social Security numbers were found on the laptops. It also is notifying another 56,000 individuals who had other personal information, primarily driver’s license numbers, stored on the laptops.

So trust them, OK. I mean they only put 74,000 peoples information on easily stolen devices, which consequently was easily stolen, and so those 74,000 people will have to suffer the consequences of whatever information might have been on those hard drives, but Coke only has to file a press release. 74,000 people are potentially changing their credit cards, online banking, subscriptions, etc. And you know how fun that is, and how simple it is to do.

This is going to keep happening until someone, somewhere, puts some teeth into protecting consumers data. I’m looking at you, Bureau of Consumer Protection, so get on it.

The Flight of Amazon’s Valkyries

OK, so Bezos is working on a fleet of drones to deliver small packages from an Amazon warehouse in 30 minutes or less. Cool.

It’s cool until you think about how that’s going to affect the real jobs of delivery people. Then it’s appalling to save a buck on delivery by designing technology that deliberately makes a class of workers obsolete. This isn’t an example of problem-solving disruption. This is cost-saving so you don’t have to negotiate with low-paid workers.

Over at The Verge, there is a long thread starting about what could go wrong, from gun nuts shooting them out of the sky, to stealing the packages, to stealing the drones; to car accidents (when a package drops on a crowded freeway) to mutilations (when drones drop on a crowded street).

The American mind is a fascinating thing to watch.