I’ll Get The Change Of Address Cards

The Klan Goes To Church

The Klan Goes To Church

Breaking news: 63% of Mississippi isn’t totally racist!

A new Public Policy Polling survey found that 37 percent of Republicans who voted in the Mississippi primary runoff election between incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) said they would back the Confederate side if there was another Civil War.

So more than one third of Mississippians would betray the country? They’re so patriotic.

When Farce Turns To Tragedy

teabagging for jeebus“Politics beyone the pale”

ATLANTA — Mark Mayfield, a respected lawyer and tea party operative in Mississippi, has died after being accused of taking part in an unseemly, Watergate-like conspiracy to undermine long-time Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign.

No foul play is suspected around the self-inflicted gunshot wound, local police said. Mr. Mayfield left a note behind, but authorities have not released it.

One does not become a leader of the Tea Party without being a Drama Queen; they specialize in bombastic rhetoric designed to inflame, the slightest deviation from their rock-ribbed orthodoxy is cause for hysteria, renunciation, and ultimately apostasy; burn the witch time. That a hysterical Teabagger from Dixie should decide to kill himself seems, well, predictable.

These are not sturdy, sober members of our society.

Breaking into a nursing home to document that your political target’s wife is a long-term patient to use against him is a terrible thing to do. And so is killing yourself. You should have stayed alive to face the consequences. I’m not making light that someone is dead, but I also refuse to feel bad that he decided it was his best option. My condolances to his family who do not deserve this.

That said, killing yourself is NOT an indictment on anyone else, including your political opponent. This is not politics beyond the pale, this is narcissism run amok.

Breaking and entering to take a picture of someone against their will is not a capital crime, and now that you’ve made yourself the victim by killing yourself doesn’t make the charges against you unfair. Congratulations, Drama Queen: you rat-f***ed yourself.

please, Please, PLEASE

teabagging for jeebus

The Mississippi Teabaggers are urging failed senatorial candidate Chris McDaniel noted bad logistician and famous friend of Neo-Confederate Secessionists everywhere, to run as a write-in candidate. I want to watch him lose a second time, so this is a great idea.

Also/Too: the Teabaggers are threatening to splinter off from the rest of the GOP, which would be a dream come true.

Remember: there is no Tea Party, it is just the Republicans as Fox rebranded them, to run away from the Reign of Error that was Chimpy McStagger.

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The Best Prediction for Future Performance…

teabagging for jeebus

…is past performance. Meet Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID), the Tea Party congressman who is running against Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to be House majority leader, and see what an awesome future the GOP-led Congress has if he wins:

“For three weeks I’ve tried to broker a deal to prevent what happened today,” [convention chairman Labrador] told Idaho Public Television on Saturday.

During the convention, the entire delegation from Bannock County was unseated, leading to chaos, according to the Idaho State Journal. Attempts were underway to remove the delegates for two additional counties due to disagreements between establishment and Tea Party Republicans when Labrador brought the convention to a close.

State Sen. Chuck Winder blamed the chaos on Tea Partiers and libertarians.

“It was basically the ultra-, ultra-conservative, tea party-libertarian type people basically flexing their muscle in the way the thing was organized,” he told the Spokesman-Review. “It’s a real shame that a convention comes to that stage, where there really wasn’t any real floor leadership, there wasn’t any fairness in the process, either in the credentials committee or on the floor. It was all pre-determined. It’s kind of ‘who’s going to have the power,’ rather than working together.”

Catholics and Calvinists and Libertarians, Oh My!

Ayn Rand economist and dime Store Ezekiel David Brat gets the Digby Treatment, who makes the case that he is something new:

A closer look at Brat’s rhetoric reveals a man who is not very populist beyond [being against corporate welfare]. He’s a typical libertarian (albeit with a theological twist). And so along with his commitment to end corporate welfare, one would presumably need to take the bitter with the sweet. He thinks it’s unfair that people pay less into Medicare and Social Security than they take out so these programs have to be slashed or eliminated. He believes that Obamacare should be scrapped along with employer-based insurance so that people will buy their own health policies, which will (he doesn’t say how) eliminate the problem of preexisting condition exclusions. He thinks education funding should be drastically cut. He believes that if the country is rich enough it will solve the climate crisis — because rich countries always solve their problems…

“Theocratic libertariansim” may be the scariest sounding philosophy I’ve come across. Holy hell…

Meanwhile, over at Religion Dispatches, Julie Ingersoll goes in for the deeper look:

Brat calls himself a “Calvinist (in theory not practice)” by which he likely means that while he is a practicing Catholic, it is the Calvinist tradition that shapes his view of the world. This means at least two things: first, that there is no aspect of life outside the realm of religion, and second, that human beings left to their own devices are inherently sinful (what Calvinists refer to as Total Depravity)…

This is the model in which care for the poor is the responsibility of the family and the church and any government safety net is labelled “socialism.” It is the model in which education is the sole responsibility of families, leading to the goal of eliminating public education and any state regulation of private education and home schooling. At the very heart of this version of Calvinism is the goal of bringing all areas of life “under the Lordship of Christ.”

Mr. Brat sounds like a genuine crank of the highest order: a Randian Theocrat, and how you square those two things without each destroying the other remains a mystery. The dour Calvinism I suspect is the bridge.

What Could Go Wrong?

A Mississippi tea party official with close ties to noted bad logistician and famous friend of Neo-Confederate Secessionists everywhere, Mississippi U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel apparently ended up inside a locked and empty county courthouse late Tuesday night after primary election results had come in, you know, where the circuit clerk and election commission offices, and the primary election ballots, are located.


Your Mississippi Teablogger Update

The Clarion-Ledger tells us…

“Authorities say the vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and two other men conspired with Clayton Kelly to photograph U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran’s bedridden wife in her nursing home and create a political video against Cochran. Mark Mayfield of Ridgeland, an attorney…was arrested Thursday along with Richard Sager, a Laurel elementary school P.E. teacher and high school soccer coach. Police said they also charged John Beachman Mary of Hattiesburg, but he was not taken into custody because of ‘extensive medical conditions.’ All face felony conspiracy charges. [Kelly's lawyer said this is politically motivated.] … Cochran’s opponent in a bitter GOP primary race, tea party-backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel of Ellisville, continued to deny any involvement with Kelly or the video and to accuse Cochran of gaming the incident for political points.”

But as free-range conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck told us, there is no conspiracy here.

The People Are Revolting

Here we go again:

Self-styled revolutionary patriots plan to converge on Washington, D.C., this week to drive President Barack Obama and disloyal lawmakers out of office.

“We are calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration,” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, leader of the Operation American Spring protest group. “They have all abandoned the US Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”

Operation American Spring aims to pressure those lawmakers who remain – or are replaced by officials of their own choosing – “to sponsor and pass very Constitutionally crafted State legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. Government by 2/3rds.”

And it will work this time because…

The activists say they expect 10 million to 30 million like-minded Americans to join them Friday in the nation’s capital for a rally patterned after Occupy Wall Street and “Arab Spring” protests.

The last time they expected a similar number and they got about 12 people, I think.

They also plan a sister event the same day in Bunkerville, Nevada, where militia groups have gathered to support scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy in his dispute with the federal government.

Oh, if they take Bunkervill, DC will certainly fall into the rebel’s hands. And this will result in…

Organizers also anticipate “incremental nullification” by state legislatures of “all withholding taxes, employment taxes, employer taxes, and income taxes.”

Nullification. Right. Seems to me we tried that, oh, sometime back. See Lincoln, Abe. What else have you traitors got to convince us?

“This will effectively DOUBLE the size of ALL American Middle Class family weekly paychecks and cause our local city and town economies to boom,” the group promises on its Facebook page.

Really, except for those socialists who are working for The Man. But who cares! Freeeeeedumb!

And it will work this time because…

Previous attempts to drive Obama out of office by shutting down Washington, D.C., with massive protests or by encircling the “beltway” with semi-trucks have drawn far fewer participants than promised.

But Operation American Spring organizers say those ineffective protests helped pave the way for their own success.

Oh, right, I forgot that past performance is predictive for future performance improvements. Tell HR about that theory.

“Every political persuasion, rich, poor, every color, all ages, men, women, liberal, conservative, independent, unemployed, et al, are now mobilizing to participate in this peaceful, non-violent, cause in the search for constitutional restoration for America,” Riley said. “We have well over 1 million militia members mobilizing; bikers, truckers, hunters, Tea Party groups — citizens across America. No, I don’t think 10 million (participants) is high at all.”

What could go wrong with a rock-solid plan like that?

Or, as a blogger speculated at Before It’s News, the whole operation could be a false flag planted by the Obama administration to launch a civil war.

That bastard!