The Sunday Talkies

Did he just watch Old Yeller or Cokie Roberts?

Did he just watch Old Yeller or Cokie Roberts?

I was reading the rundown of which pontificating poltroons would be, well, pontificating on the Sunday Morning Talkies when once again the image of a room full of 2-year olds babbling at each other came to mind, and I closed the tab.

Gather around the children, and let’s discuss.

Once upon a time, American Broadcast Television was relevant, kiddies! Bet you didn’t know that. And once upon a time, they saw it as part of their charter to have something that they called a News Division. They reported the news stories of the day, and on Sundays the News Division of the major broadcast networks had something called Public Affairs programming.

And on these Public Affair programs they would invite interesting people who would talk, in depth about problems and solutions.

Crazy, huh?

The funniest part? They were proud of these shows. They were so proud of these shows that they spent a lot of money on them, and they did not demand that the News Division made a profit. The rest of the network could cover the expense of reporting something called “news,” which was very expensive to report. Networks needed to have “reporters” and “bureaus” all over the world so that they could “scoop” the other networks by having a “journalist” there first. They would send out a “news crew” to the scene and a journalist would “interview” the principle people who had seen something or done something “newsworthy.”

And it was interesting, because these News programs helped us understand the world around us, and they would show us interesting and exciting people, places, and things. Sometimes what you learned, you didn’t like, and sometimes you felt upset by what you saw, but you always felt slightly better for taking the time to be a better citizen, more informed about the world around you.

And today our “public affairs” programs are people reciting talking points at each other. They are called “Pundits.” Pundits tell us about something called “conventional wisdom” that everyone already “knows.” They all are in Washington D.C. and sometimes New York City, and sometimes they travel from Washington to New York and vise-versa.

Now days, after watching Public Affairs programs, instead of feeling more informed about the world around you, you just feel dirty and empty, and you have the idea in the back of your mind that had you spent that hour reading a book or maybe taking a walk in a park, you would know more about the world around you.

The Sunday Talkies


All the usual suspects will be saying all the usual BS, but when I was scanning to see who the PowerHouse-Pundit Panels would be today, one network stands alone for potential hilarity:

(CNN) Rick Perry, former Texas Governor and a potential 2016 Republican candidate, talks about his fellow Republicans and what U.S. foreign policy would look like under a President Perry.

I’m dyin’ already, but wait for it…

Michele Bachmann, Donna Brazile, and Peter Baker on John Boehner’s bravado, the GOP’s united front against Hillary Clinton and the grassroots backlash against Jeb Bush.

Dana Bash hosts State of the Union this Sunday at 9am and 12pm ET on CNN.

Brother Charlie Pierce is a lucky man. God loves him.

Your Sunday Mimosa of Stupid Over-floweth

The Mall of the Future (Logan's Run)

The Mall of the Future (Logan’s Run)

But Chimpy told us to go shopping at the mall, for ‘Murika:

“If anyone is planning to go to the Mall of America today, they’ve got to be particularly careful. There will be enhanced security there, but public vigilance, public awareness and public caution in situations like this is particularly important, and it’s the environment we’re in, frankly.”

–Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, on the Sunday Talkies (he won a complete Ginsburg today!), who really, Really, REALLY needs/wants a budget

…and then the inevitable walking back:

“Sec. Johnson didn’t say that they should not go to the mall, he told shoppers to be extra vigilant and that security was increased.”

–DHS assistant secretary Tanya Bradsher


(UPDATED) Sunday’s Meet The Press Is Being Pre-Empted…

…for live coverage of La Tomatina in Spain. Well, actually the obscure sporting event that NBC is using this week to bury the dead is The Ryder Cup, so good for them.


‘Meet the Press’ Wins Ratings Race in D.C., But Third Overall

As many of us long-suspected, MTP only seems to win inside the DC Beltway and loses everywhere else in the ratings. And what Variety reports is that after an initial bump in the ratings with Chuck Todd interviewed The Kenyan Usurper Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the rating returned to a solid last place.

For last week nationally, “Meet the Press” had its second straight third-place showing following the show’s ratings triumph on Sept. 7 in Todd’s first week in the moderator seat, according to Nielsen. ABC’s “This Week” led in both adults 25-54 (1.014 million) and total viewers (3.010 million), and was followed by “Face the Nation” (736,000 in the demo, 2.919 million overall), “Meet the Press” (657,000/2.416 million) and “Fox News Sunday” (374,000/1.252 million).

We could go on at length about regurgitating Republican talking points, but I think Chuck Todd summed up his show’s problem long before he took over from disinterested Dancin’ Dave:

“What I always love is people say, ‘Well, it’s you folks’ fault in the media.’ No, it’s the President of the United States’ fault for not selling [the ACA].”

He doesn’t see getting to the truth as important. Just like his counterpart, Chris Matthews, Todd is not interested in the truth, he is interested in the effectiveness of the spin.

UPDATE: Good Lord, Man! What were you thinking: Chuck Todd is interviewed at Ghost Breitbart’s place. If he’s going to let us uncouth and vituperous bloggers access him, I can hardly wait for Driftglass’ turn.

The Sunday Talkies Post Is Up At Crooks And Liars

Meet David Gregory's hair

Meet David Gregory’s hair

All the usual lying toadies and minions have taken to the airwaves today, no doubt the flex their vocal cords on Ferguson, and to give their blah studies scholarship a good polish. Also, note that this is the first episode of Dancing with the Gregory since Disco Dave was fired. Politics Spice isn’t in the host seat yet, so they have Mrs. Alan Greenspan hosting.

Today is also my last post for this week at Crooks and Liars, too. I always feel a little sad when it is over, but this round-up week, we did include a fair number of Scissorheads. Good work, everyone!

The Sunday Talkies

Meet David Gregory's hair

Crooks and Liars has the run-down, per usual, and when you look at the guest list (mostly Wingnuts) you see that the discussion is going to be mostly about immigration. There is hardly anyone listed that is likely to talk about how all of our rights were taken away by the theocrats on the Supreme Court.

The Sunday Talkies

Meet David Gregory's hair

The Sunday Talkies is posted at Crooks and Liars, and I must note that NBC has finally found the winning formula for getting out of last place: pre-empt Dancing With The Gregory with any sporting event, anywhere in the world. Today, it is pre-empted by The French Open.

And for those of you keeping score at home, Grandpa Walnuts is only appearing on two of the shows in the lower tiers.

The Sunday Talkies

It seems that all the Sunday Talkies were committing ritual seppuku in honor of Baby Jeebus leaving the cave to look for better housing, but This Week with a Greek Dwarf really sank about as low as you can get with infamous grifters and more infamous fetus-fondling god-botherers. Anyway, I think that they were trying for some Jeebus is Risen perspective and instead, they got this:

You know you are in for some really nutty talk when there are three religious whack jobs (including Franklin Graham, the dim son of the original Elmer Gantry) and Cokie “But the Democrats…” Roberts are on a panel. Our old pal Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy takes one pointy-toed kick to the nuts from Cokie and folds like a cheap suit.

Anytime Ralphie gets on the ropes, he turns to social science, which is always funny because his entire career is an exercise in denying that there is any social science. The Silent Majority, the Christian Coalition (from which he fled only moments before the Feds got there) to the warm embrace of Casino lobbying Jack Abramoff (and his gentle ministration fleecing native people) was all premised upon the Xristian Xrazies not being represented in surveys, legislation, and the media, you know, Social Science.

The Sunday Talkies Post is up at Crooks and Liars

gregory surreal

As always, C&L does us the great favor of listing who will be lying to us this week.

The always-terrific Nicole Belle in her head notes this week talks a little bit about accountability and what it would mean if applied to everyone. And she links to our pal Driftglass, which is always a good thing to do.

The Sunday Talkies is up at Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars has the complete rundown of who is on the Talkies this week. Nicole Belle also tells us about vlogger RJ Eskow, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly: