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Bad TV, Cont.

Nice how CNN had some skirts on to bring us this news.

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Vanilla ISIS Gives Us a Two-Fer!

“Even her race to Obama. She was going to beat Obama. I don’t know who’d be worse. I don’t know. How does it get worse? She was favored to win and she got schlonged. She lost. She lost.” Everyone’s so … Continue reading

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The Federalist Takes A Long, Hot, Shower With…

…Zombie-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan: Love his politics or hate him, many women—and surely some men—swoon over the dashing good looks of House Speaker Paul Ryan. What with those blue eyes, dark hair, and famous P90X abs, he inspires an entire … Continue reading

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How’s That Rebranding Working Out, Reince?

Two Republican operatives take to the pages of Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) and give us an update on the War on Women: How Carly Fiorina Is Redefining Feminism Step one: Less whining. …and that’s when I clicked … Continue reading

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Your 3-Martini Stupid Is Served, Mr. Trump

“They want to [wear burkas]. What the hell are we getting involved for?” [Donald Trump] asked the large crowd at the Atkinson Resort & Country Club. He added that it’s easier for women when they do wear burkas, saying, “You … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Let’s listen as a Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wisc explain to Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards that, you know, as a guy he can… And I will conclude that it takes balls to say that.

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Say, Reince, how’s that rebranding working for ya?

This chart shows sexist tweets to Megyn Kelly exploding since she questioned Donald Trump There’s some strong language in that article, so be prepared for sheer hatred and repeated use of the C-word. I’d embed an excerpt but it isn’t … Continue reading

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The Donald: Feminist

I’ve longed for the day when women who run for office would no longer be held to the strange sexist standard of having their attractiveness assessed by our media elite pundits. And if that cannot happen, I figured I would long … Continue reading

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A Ceiling Shattered Today: #WWDC2015

I don’t write about Tech very often, because working in Tech makes writing about tech dreary. Today’s Keynote presentation at Apple’s WWDC stands out and breaks my embargo for a simple reason: Today Apple put women on stage. And not … Continue reading

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Mike Huckabee, Feminist

Good lord, can’t Uncle Sugar shut-the-f*** up? “So, are topless photos of women an offensive display of sexism, or an empowering blow against sexism?” asked Huckabee. “I have a feeling most men don’t care much either way.”

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