An Update on Samantha

[Ed. — We’re keeping GRS’s post on top through the weekend because he is special to all of us; we wish all the best for Samantha especially and for the entire family as well. Newer posts are below. –Tengrain]

My youngest daughter is still showing signs of improvement and I remain hopeful. Today she had her NG tube removed, her PEG feeding tube installed, and is recovering well from that operation. She’s tracking people more frequently with her eyes as people walk across the room. Earlier in the week, she swallowed two spoons of applesauce – first oral food since the accident. She still exhibits decerebrate posturing and is on many medications to help treat symptoms. I try to focus on the positive while understanding the whole picture.

I don’t know where we’ll land with this as recovery will still take months and years. It’s a rough road ahead with a lot of uncertainty. A family friend was kind enough to start a gofundme page yesterday for us to raise funds for covering medical expenses. Please don’t feel obligated to donate anything, but please do share on social media to help spread the word.


Now Is The Time For All Good Scissorheads To Come To The Aid of the Party

Fingers-CrossedOur long-time pal, the mysterious maestro of music, and unindicted co-conspirator GRS needs us. GRS tells us:

“You think you can do a brief post sending a little goodwill my way? Not monetary or anything like that, just some wishful thinking. You remember when I commented on your Father’s Day post that being a father is hard work? Maybe not, but I’m going through one rough situation right now.

“Without going into too much terrible detail, my youngest daughter (16 months old) had a near drowning experience with full cardiac arrest this past Sunday morning. We’ll be in the hospital for who knows how long. So far, results have been positive, all things considered. Luckily Mrs. Grs and my mother in law are both nurses. Much of the success right now can greatly be attributed to their and other first responders quick and efficient CPR.

“I happened to be 2 hours away when this happened. Might be the worst thing I’ve gone through.

“I have most of my mind back now. I’ve now read a few medical journal articles on near drowning recovery rates and the various impairments that may or may not be down the road. That very basic knowledge has given me some abstract control of the situation.

“It’s just time and waiting now. Like I said, results are positive so far, but we won’t have a final outcome for some time.”

If you have a spare moment and some good karma to spare, please join me in sending it GRS’ way. We can wish and pray for GRS’ youngest sprout and give her the boost to become the youngest Scissorhead First Class in the history of this blog, I just know it.

Keeping this on top for all the right reasons.

Housekeeping Note

blogging-addictionI’m doing the morning blog round-up on Crooks and Liars for this upcoming week (starts Monday and concludes next Sunday), and so if you have any tips on great stuff you’ve read (or written, don’t be shy), let me know.

I always prefer to promote the small(er) blogs over the big guys: Duncan and Digby (excellent as they are) don’t need a boost in page views, but little-known writers do need some help getting noticed; and frankly I find that the best writing on the web is often not A-list bloggers but from us small fry, writing with passion about things we care about.

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As always, thanks Scissorheads for all you do!

Housekeeping Note

news reporter

I’m over at Crooks and Liars this week doing the Mike’s Blog Round-Up, so if you have a post you are particularly proud of, or read a post somewhere you really like (especially if it is from a small blog that deserves more traffic), send me a tip here at the ol’ Thunderbolt Grease-slapper (Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com) or there MBRU AT crooksandliars DOT com. Please put something about MBRU in the subject line.

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Weekend Word Play

klingon face-palm

We’ve all done it. We’ve all slipped and said something we wish we could take back and replace with a better, kinder phrase. So for our innaugral Weekend Word Play, we will talk about it.

But… because Scissorheads are the funniest people on the ‘net we are going to set it up thusly: Tell us what you should have said first, then tell us what you actually said.

Brevity is the art of wit, so no context (it should be obvious from the what-I-should-have-said and what-I-said combo), don’t set it up.

To prime the pump, so to speak, here is my kick-off (just happened this week, eeek!):

  1. “Your new hair’do’s cute!”
  2. “Don’t worry, it will grow out.”

Here’s another example (my Dad really said this):

  1. “Congratulations!”
  2. “Who’s the father?”

Have at it in the comments.

Please welcome to the blogroll…

This Day in Science Fiction!

This is a fun way to spend some time each morning, seeing what happened on this date. For instance, one of my favorite authors Isaac Asimov was born on this date in 1920 (maybe – Controversy!). As anyone who was as fascinated with robots growing up as I was will know The Three Rules of Robots that he proposed, which became (ultimately) the foundation for just about all Robot stories, except the Terminator movies.

Anyway, This Day in Science Fiction can be found in the links on the left under Pop Culture. Give the good Professor Hubbard a welcome. Oh, and you might know him as Scissorhead Matthew Hubbard.