It’s That Time Of the Month Again…

…in which MPS visits you!

We love our readers and our blogroll and so we like to give out some linky-luv every month to our friends and followers. We do we do this? Because everyone likes being linked now and then and the more often another blog links to your blog, it increases something called your authority in the Google algorithm (or so I’m told); and technorati (if anyone still believes in it) does the same thing.

But mostly we do it because we like you! So without further ado… remember that we always liked *you* the best!

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Your Monthly Visitor

It’s that time of the month again, where the Mock, Paper, Scissors posse gives a shout-out to all of our pals in the blogroll!

Why do we do it, you ask? Simple, we LIKE YOU! We’re told that the number of times you get linked, it improves your Google “authority” and does something with their search algorithm, and presumably it does something similar with Technorati. But most importantly, we do it because everyone likes a little linky-luv now and again.

So how to get on the blogroll? It’s simple: include MPS in your blogroll (and let us know) and we will include you in ours. We do not include commercial, for profit organizations in our blogroll, but other than that, we’re easy!

The links are after the jump (to keep things manageable):

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It’s That Time of The Month Again


It’s time once again to give some linky-luv to the blogroll, because everyone loves to be linked now and then, and because it helps all blogs when they are linked. It increases something that The Googles calls relevance and it increases Technorati ratings for each of the blogs listed below.

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Weekend Word Play

klingon face-palm

We’ve all done it. We’ve all slipped and said something we wish we could take back and replace with a better, kinder phrase. So for our innaugral Weekend Word Play, we will talk about it.

But… because Scissorheads are the funniest people on the ‘net we are going to set it up thusly: Tell us what you should have said first, then tell us what you actually said.

Brevity is the art of wit, so no context (it should be obvious from the what-I-should-have-said and what-I-said combo), don’t set it up.

To prime the pump, so to speak, here is my kick-off (just happened this week, eeek!):

  1. “Your new hair’do’s cute!”
  2. “Don’t worry, it will grow out.”

Here’s another example (my Dad really said this):

  1. “Congratulations!”
  2. “Who’s the father?”

Have at it in the comments.

Please welcome to the blogroll…

This Day in Science Fiction!

This is a fun way to spend some time each morning, seeing what happened on this date. For instance, one of my favorite authors Isaac Asimov was born on this date in 1920 (maybe – Controversy!). As anyone who was as fascinated with robots growing up as I was will know The Three Rules of Robots that he proposed, which became (ultimately) the foundation for just about all Robot stories, except the Terminator movies.

Anyway, This Day in Science Fiction can be found in the links on the left under Pop Culture. Give the good Professor Hubbard a welcome. Oh, and you might know him as Scissorhead Matthew Hubbard.

Jake Tapper: Honorary Scissorhead?

I have long said that Jake Tapper should be the host of This Week, and it is not just because he’s a better journalist than the Clinton-era guy who was shocked at Big Dawg’s, um, proclivities. Tapper is really funny, too.

Anyway, here is he trying to get the White House to comment on the possibility of Prada-wearing Vogue Editor and notorious anger goblin Anna Wintour’s rumored appointment to be the US Ambassador to France. Yes, he goes there!


Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us to all of you Scissorheads, everywhere. From the bottoms of my toes to the tip of my nose, I’m grateful to all of you for being the funniest, smartest, and sexiest spitballers on the planet, and for stopping by here while wandering the internet!

And save a slice of pie for all the people who don’t have Thanksgiving off.



Check-in Here, Scissorheads

[We’re going to keep this on top for today – we hope Scissorheads in the North East will check in. Fresh posts (if any) below — TG]

Hurricane Sandy, besides not liking New England one bit, also does not like new media. Here’s some downed sites:

  • HuffP
  • Gawker
  • BuzzFeed — but they have a BuzzFeed Tumblr up
  • AmericaBlog
  • Counter Punch

So much for the Cloud Hosting meme.

Anyway, We’ve heard from our NYC pals Axel Grease who rode out the storm in Manhattan, and Watertiger who was travelling over the weekend and cannot return until later in the week.

We’ve not heard from Scissorhead Pissed in NYC yet, but We have heard from PinNYC and we still know that she is tough as nails and Sandy was probably afraid of HER!

Other Scissorheads in the storm’s path? Check in here if you can. We want to count noses.

Mike Responds…

For Scissorheads keeping score at home over the last few weeks some of us have been having a conversation with Mike Flugennock in the comments. We’ve already established that he is a gifted cartoonist and a sharp wit, but some members of our community–myself included–were befuddled by the messages we were getting.

Last weekend, I asked Mike:

So Mike,

Now that you see we have some common ground in re: the media.

I’ve asked you this before…

We already know your position on elections, politics in general, and our flawed two-party system in particular both here [at MPS]: “Really, man… just as long as the muthafucka burns,” and on Twitter: “@flugennock: @RubenBolling But, what if I truly HATE America? What if I think America is a filthy, bloody, hideous beast that needs killing?”

So my question to you is that if we just burn the muthafucka, what do you propose replacing it with? I’m serious, I’m not being rhetorical. Tell us.

…and Mike has responded with a very thoughtful comment that I am promoting to this post:

Well, I could go on for a few written paragraphs, but it’d be really awkward — not because I don’t know what we should replace it with, but because my major was Design/Fine Art, not PoliSci, so I’m totally no good at stuff like drafting a policy agenda.

Basically, I’d like to sweep the smoldering rubble aside and build a new society that values people over capital, cooperation over competition, in which people look to each other and themselves for “leadership” instead of handing that power over to politicians, and… d’ahh, screw it, man; here’s some cartoons:

A Better World Is Possible, And Exists Now In The Shadows Of This One”.

…and, in answer to your question — which is a pretty basic question, thrown at me by pretty much everyone ever since I started doing antiglob posters right after Seattle: “We All Know What You’re Against, But What Are You For?”:

Long answer short: anarchy. And before you all start moaning and rolling your eyes, do a little reading up on what anarchism is and isn’t. (Hint: Most of us are not stereotypical black-hoodie-wearing, brick-tossing, emaciated vegan punk rockers. Many of us are old hippies. Many of us prefer Grateful Dead to Anti-Flag. Many of us like sausage pizza and beer. Many of us aren’t into the reductionist neo-Luddite glass-smashing thing. Many of us like clothes not held together by safety pins.)

Anarchy, as a political philosophy is NOT what our pop culture and the media portray it as, and I get what Mike is telling us, and I think now maybe you will, too. So it turns out that we all have a lot of the same goals and ideals. Our paths to get to our desired results are different, but when is that not true? Words are my medium, art is Mike’s.

And honestly: I think Mike is more of idealist than I am.

Anyway, Mike, thank you for replying so eloquently and artfully. I’m really glad to have you onboard.