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News That Will Drive You To Drink: St. Ronnie Edition

Happy Hour News Briefs The dirty f***ing hippies must have slipped some of the brown acid to Y’all Qaeda, because suddenly today—35 years after that nincompoop was sworn in—they are talking about St. Ronnie: Tony Perkins: Reagan Would Never Have … Continue reading

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And Now We Know

Ronald Reagan urged Thatcher to read a blockbuster thriller to understand the Soviet Union’s cold war thinking in the run-up to a failed arms control summit in Reykjavik… She repeatedly stressed the importance of nuclear deterrence while Reagan batted away … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Ted?

The original: And now, the rip-off: Plagiarism! Swear to blog, besides not being original, it’s not even as good as Reagan’s, and that’s setting a pretty low bar. Perfectly timed though for the debate at St. Ronnie’s crypt. But then … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday

I’ve been listening to a lot of Run the Jewels lately waiting for the remix of their latest album dubbed Meow the Jewels that will be remixed with all cat sounds. I figured Killer Mike’s song “Reagan” qualifies as a … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

In which we learn that Y’all Qaeda’s quest for purity resembles the Hitlerjugend. Continue reading

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On This Day In History…

…the Iran-Contra scandal erupted. You know, secretly selling arms to our enemy Iran, and then illegally funneling the money to death squads in South America who were trying to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. Thought you would want … Continue reading

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It’s In The Stars

Nancy Reagan is having a bad week. First she loses Oscar De La Renta the designer (and the only straight man to put clothes on her), and now she has lost her astrologer, San Francisco heiress and socialite Joan Quigley. … Continue reading

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Tengrain Presents…

(Peggy Noonan’s Blog) (UPDATE: I’m putting this on the front page because it was mentioned on The Professional Left Podcast and people are looking for it. Fresher posts below. Thank you to Bluegal and Driftglass for the hat tip.)

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A Populist Rant

Majorities of the middle class have voted against their own self interest since the Reagan Era began. We remain in a death spiral where our chest-tightening, middle-class anxiety feeds our bad choices — fueled by not-even-below-the-surface racial/gender/sexual orientation hatred and … Continue reading

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I bet they find it…

…in Noonan’s bedside drawer, next to the lube (but I’m only guessing): WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Police were searching on Wednesday for a vandal who damaged a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II in the Polish … Continue reading

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