Want Fries With Your Stupid?

He seems nice.

Oh, I just read that he is an editor at Red State, which is our old pal Ewick son of Ewick’s place.

Here’s Some Stupid for Your Thanksgiving Coffee

National Review editor Rich Lowry has suggested an innovative new way for Republicans to express their displeasure: ban President Obama from delivering the State of the Union Address:

“If I were John Boehner,” he said, referring to the House speaker, “I’d say to the president: ‘Send us your State of the Union in writing. You’re not welcome in our chamber.’ ”

Uh-huh. The Party of Lincoln telling the First Black President that he isn’t welcome in Congress will really go over well.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?


Elsa, She-Wolf of the Nazis Ann Coulter has an opinion on Ferguson.

UPDATED: Post-Racial America…

…my pretty pink ass.

After watching six long years of unprecedented disrespect and animus for the first black President, cynically I am not surprised at the decision of the Ferguson Missouri Grand Jury in the issue of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, but I am disappointed.

At first I thought it was just that Missouri is part of the old Confederacy, but then I considered how on-the-ground and handcuffed Oscar Grant was assassinated in Oakland California by a transit cop and I knew I had a false sense of regional smugness. Racial bias and prejudice, and more honestly White Privilege happens everywhere, the Confederacy doesn’t have an exclusive though perhaps they perfected it, if that’s the word I want…

Wiser and smarter and cooler minds than mine will probably have a lot to say about the process that brought the Grand Jury to this decision, but from my admittedly white-privileged viewpoint, this is a fucking travesty.

UPDATE: here’s the Grand Jury Testimony. I have not finished reading it yet, maybe more to come late?

The Ann Romney Award Goes To…


GIULIANI: “White police officers wouldn’t be there, if you weren’t killing each other.”

Black Studies Scholar Rudy Giuliani discussing Ferguson with Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, who happens to be, you know, blah on The Chuck Todd Variety Hour.

Bad Signs, Cont.

‘Nuff said. Prolly too much said, in fact.

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

“Thank you so much for taking your rickety bike to vote, because I believe that your voice should be heard because you cared enough to vote. But President Obama thinks that the people who were sitting in front of the TV all day talking on their Obama Phones who didn’t vote, he speaks for those people. And I’m not saying any particular people, but I’m just saying someone who didn’t vote has an equal voice than you who actually got on your bike because you didn’t have a motor vehicle to get to the polls.”

Kris Kobach, the retrograde Kansas Secretary of State, who implemented a strict ID requirement that left about 20 percent of the state’s voter registration applications in limbo before election day.

Why are all the dogs barking? What are they saying, Kris?

The Morning Quote

Meet Nevada Assembly Speaker-elect Ira Hansen as he tells us one more thing he knows about the negro:

In an attack on public education and teacher unions, Hansen wrote, “The Democratic coalition would split asunder if the NAACP & co. actually promoted what black Americans truly desire—educational choice. The shrewd and calculating [black] ’leaders’ are willing to sacrifice the children of their own race to gratify their lust for power and position. The relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what’s best for his simple minded darkies. For American blacks, being denied choice and forced to attend the failing and inferior government school system is a form of involuntary servitude. Let’s call it what it truly is—educational slavery.”

He seems nice.

(Reno News and Review via LiveWire)

The Morning Quote

“It looks like they’re trying to destroy Bill Cosby. Apparently a woman has come forward, or came forward some time ago, claiming he raped her, numerous times… It’s not like he did it yesterday. It’s age old stuff, right? Twenty years ago…thirty years ago. That’s right. The stuff that being alleged was back when he was the lovable Mr. Huxtable and had the deal, perfect TV family, on the ideal perfect TV show.”

Who thought that we would live long enough to see Junkie Limbaugh defending a black man for (allegedly) raping a white woman?