History’s Greatest Reporter Bill-O Has a Blackbelt…

History's Greatest Reporter

History’s Greatest Reporter

in white privilege.

Seriously, an all-white panel discussing Black Lives Matter?

Some Fries With Your Stupid, Wingnuttia?


“The Spanish-language network Telemundo is in talks with the Democratic National Committee about possibly scheduling a new candidate forum with the Dem presidential candidates, after the Republican National Committee canceled its debate on NBC News and the NBC-owned Telemundo to protest CNBC’s handling of last week’s gathering… If this comes to fruition, Democrats would effectively be moving into the breach created by the RNC’s decision. It would mean Democrats end up holding two debate-style events on Spanish-language networks, since they are already set to hold a Univision debate in March.”

I am a-feared the great rebranding is bursting into flames.

Your 3-Martini Stupid is Served, Huckabee

Hello, My Name Is Stupid

Hello, My Name Is Stupid

Well, Uncle Sugar hisself has gone and done it: he’s advocating for a return to slavery, you know, for poor people:

He was also about one heart-beat away from hit, but now he’s right there. Y’all Qaeda salutes you, and The New Confederacy is gonna take another look.

Some Fries With Your Stupid, Republicans?


Randy Pullan is the former chairman of the Republican Party in the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan.

Not Jade Helm 15, But Still Texas

By now, everyone’s already heard about Ahmed Mohamad, the over-achieving science-loving kid in Texas who was arrested after trying to impress his teachers by showing them one of his home-made inventions, a clock. A clock that they thought was a bomb.

Have we gotten so panicked and so inured to racial profiling that a smart kid in a NASA shirt could be arrested for nothing more than being a Muslim in Texas?

Saying that they mistook the clock for a bomb is just weasel-words for saying they mistook the kid for a bomb-thrower.

We note that Ahmed has also been suspended from his Texas school.

“Sweet Jeebus,” the math teacher did not say, “the kid was sayin’ somethin’ about lovin’ Al-Gebra!”

Your Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served

Petunia and Pals Wins the Morning!

Is hebephrenic TeeVee Dinner heir and vanity press owner Tucker Carlson really telling us that everyone benefitted from non-violent blacks being locked up for decades?

Why Are The Dogs Barking, GOP?

Not all GOPers are racist. But if you are a racist, you're probably a GOPer.

Not all GOPers are racist. But if you are a racist, you’re probably a GOPer.

The New Confederacy is many things but consistent is what they are, most of all:

Poll: Majority of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim

“A majority of Republican voters, 54 percent, think that President Obama is a Muslim, according to a new survey from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).

“Asked whether they thought Obama is a Christian or Muslim or if they were unsure, 32 percent said they were unsure. Fourteen percent said he was a Christian.”

St. Ronnie and Lee Atwater: together again

St. Ronnie and Lee Atwater: together again

Southern Strategy impresario, the late Lee Atwater’s life work continues to move forward. This is racism, pure and simple, the same as the Birthers’ Kenyan fever dreams.

And less you think I’m slipping: the religion of a President doesn’t matter. The Constitution declares that there shall be no religious requirement to run for office (the link goes to The Heritage Foundation, no less!), so honestly, who cares? This is just another way to make him into a boogie man hiding under their very white bed.

The 3-Martini Stupid Is Served, Petunia

Oh, she didn't...

Oh, she didn’t…

“He talks about race,” [Gretchen Carlson, the Original Petunia and still the best] the Fox News host noted pointing to [the latest Virginia shooter’s] manifesto. “He put the initials of the Charleston church shooting victims on the bullets that he used today, he praised the Virginia Tech mass killer, Columbine High School killers, says he was being attacked for being a gay black man.”

“He shot three white people today,” Carlson added. “Why is that not a hate crime?”

(The Mock, Paper, Scissors policy is to not name mass killers and give them, even in death, the notoriety they crave.)

In Seattle, Black Lives Matter – UPDATED

[I sometimes write notes to myself that I never intend to publish or at least not for a while, just to jot down my thoughts. This is one of ’em, mostly unedited — Tengrain]

I was sort of out of the loop when Bernie Sanders came to Seattle (too focused on the GOP debate), and I probably would have walked downtown had I known in time. In a way I’m glad I didn’t because I would have (at first blush) been upset with the way he was shut down by #BlackLivesMatter.

#BlackLivesMatter shutting down Bernie for the second (or more) time seemed like unfocused anger. But this is not completely unfocused anger, or at least I don’t think so. Forgive me if I start to white’splain, but I’m trying to sincerely understand this.


Today when I write this is the 1 year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death by gunfire at the hands of the police in Ferguson Missouri. From the WaPo I learned that every 9 days the police shoot and kill an unarmed black man. That number reflects 40% of unarmed deaths by police, and that illustrates what is essentially institutionalized or structural racism as blacks are no where near 40% of the population.

When #BlackLivesMatter protest, the reality on the ground motivating them is this disproportionate response of the police in particular and of society in general that they are being killed in large numbers for no other reason than their race. They have a point.


Not to sound too much like Tweety (Chris Matthews), it’s all about strategy. When you create an action, like a protest you plan for a specific outcome. Matthews MSNBC gig essentially rates the effectiveness of the strategy. He comes off as a sociopath because we want to ascribe motive to his analysis, but he is only concerned with outcome: was it effective, Yes or No?

The closest I come to understanding why #BLM is going after the Left is because that is where their leverage is. The Dems know that they need all hands on deck and that includes people of color. So #BlackLivesMatter are applying pressure to the Left because they have leverage there. Bernie currently needs more support more than Hillary, and he enjoys a life-long civil rights record, so he is likely to be persuaded to join to the #BLM cause.

Today Bernie, and maybe tomorrow Hillary though so far she does not go out and meet the public in public. #BLM is about pressure.

Take Your Fight To Your Enemies

I was watching some of the best voices on the left last night decrying how #BlackLivesMatter were hitting their allies and not their enemies; I was going to say something similar but then decided to follow the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and look for clarity.

Two things become clear to me: 1) No one was listening to what #BLM was saying, and 2) we white liberals were trying to white’splain why Bernie was a bad target for their rage.

One comment (and I didn’t capture the Tweet) was that black activists cannot get in front of the GOP, and if they could they know that they would be shot. It was kind of a stunning moment of clarity. You do what you can to get your message out—there is no such thing as bad publicity?

Generally I believe you take your fight to your enemies, and in this instance that should be the Republicans. But given that the Republicans are now the Confederacy reborn, proudly racist and working hard to suppress people of color, Republicans have nothing to gain and everything to lose if they make any accommodation of African-Americans.

So What We Done For You Lately?

I think #BlackLivesMatter is making a strategic decision to get a strong commitment from the Left. They’ve been given a lot of words for a long time, but as we at MPS have been saying forever, look at the record and not at the rhetoric (we usually say that about candidates from both parties). So, what have we done for you lately? I usually hurl that at Republicans when they bring up that Lincoln freed the slaves; maybe I need more introspection here?

I don’t know if this is the strategy that #BlackLivesMatter is employing, but it is the only way it makes sense to me. They don’t want white guys like me to tell them to pipe down and quit being rude, they don’t need white guys like me telling them to wait their turn. They’ve been waiting for their turn for generations, more accurately since the country was founded. #BlackLiveMatter is demanding their due.

I’m a white guy and I make assumptions all the time, so I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to understanding race in America from the black perspective. But I think I get this.

I’m going to shut-up and listen. There’s more I can learn here.

UPDATE 1: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Adds Young Black Woman As New Public Face:

“Symone Sanders is a young, black, criminal justice advocate and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She’s also a progressive political activist right out of the Sanders mold: Her last job was at Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen. In an interview, Symone Sanders said she first connected with the senator about three weeks ago, offering him advice on how to better understand the message of Black Lives Matter activists in an hour-long chat.

“One of my suggestions, he took it and ran with it on Meet the Press, is that racial inequality and economic inequality are parallel issues,” she said. “I [told him,] you know, economic equality is an issue. It’s something we need to address. But for some people it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it doesn’t matter where you went to school, it doesn’t matter what your parents do. It doesn’t matter that Sandra Bland had a job and was on her way to teach for her alma mater. It doesn’t matter. None of that matters.”

UPDATE 2: At Progressive Pond, Booman has a great, longish post up. Required Reading.

The Reagan-esque Stylings of Uncle Sugar

Well, it’s no cadillac-driving welfare queens and young bucks with tee-bone steaks, but all the dogs in Possum Hollar are barking.

Shorter Uncle Sugar: “Those people” don’t deserve anything.