It is to laugh

Sarah Palin in 2016

(LATimes — not The Onion)

About That Equal Pay Thing

Binders are people my friend. Why yes, there is a tumblr for Binder Full of Women. A question asking if a person supports equal pay regardless of gender seems like a simple “yes” or “no” question. So never mind the binders, how about that pay scale? It’s not about finding women to sit on your cabinet. Talking about binders is funny. Getting short changed for your work is not. (NY Times)


Willard prepares to shoot ping-pong balls out of his ass.

Hey guys, remember the other day when His Willardness was seemingly shooting ping pong balls out of his ass at little school girls? Me Neither!, anyway some of you wanted context for the picture, and here it is, an apology from the AP:

“The original caption on the photo of Gov. Romney taken Monday at a Virginia school was literally correct — it said the governor was posing for photos with schoolchildren. But it was too generic and missed the boat by not explaining exactly what was happening. The student with the surprised expression had just realized that the governor was going to crouch down in front of her for the group photo.

“We amended the caption on Tuesday with that explanation, but by then many people had seen the photo and were confused by or angry about it. Those generic captions help us process a large number of photos on a busy campaign day, but some photos demand more explanation and we fell short of our own standards by not providing it in this case.”

We here at Mock, Paper, Scissors also want to apologize for our interpretation of Willard shooting ping pong balls out of his ass. We realize now that he is wearing trousers, which would mean at best he would be shooting ping pong balls out of his ass and they would be dribbling down his pant leg. We regret the error.

Thoroughly Modern Mitt

You have to hand it to Mittens – he might be the most thoroughly transparent candidate in the history of the Republican Party.  With the sacking removal voluntary leaving of the thoroughly loathsome Ric Grennel, the thoroughly spineless Mitt  Romney showed everyone in the country just who is thoroughly in charge of the thoroughly despicable GOP (Gayless Old Party)


These 5 guys, as opposed to these five guys

are really in charge
Captain Allamericanguns
Iron Chastity Belt Man
The Oxyhulk

Whatever they want – they just wave their magic condom, sprinkle the candidate with viagra dust, change his toilet paper to $100 bills – and voila (which is probably too French for this crowd) – the LEADER of the party turns into Olga Korbut – who cannot bend over backwards fast enough.
romney bend1

Mitt Romney – Douchebag Extraordinaire.


A Chance Meeting At A Restaurant

The other night, Sarah went out to dinner with some of her friends, and she just happened to sit next to

Ghost of Christmas Present

I’m dreaming of an all-white America
Just like the one we used to know
Where school prayers are loud, guns are shown proud
And gays are not part of the crowd

I’m dreaming of an all-white America
With every Christmas card I write
“May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Americas be white”

michele xmas

3 stooges running

house christmas

Never Bet On Anything That Talks

Playing with the queen of Texas
Knowin’ it ain’t really smart
The joker ain’t the only fool
Who’ll do anything for you
Laying out another lie,
thinking ’bout a life of crime
That’s what I’ll have to do
to keep me away from you

At last night’s goat rodeo/reality show/three ring circus/vomit-fest, Rick Perry woke from his stupor and claimed that Mitt Romney supported mandates for health insurance in his book, No Apologies. Romney denied Perry’s accusation and then bet Perry at $10,000 that he never supported it in the book. Perry took a step back and said he was not a betting man (he should bet he won’t get the nomination – a sure winner). For once, Perry was (sort-of) right – Romney did said “we can do the same for the nation” referring to his health care mandate in Massachusetts.

Conveniently, Mitt removed that line from the second edition.

Nice to know Mitt has 100 Ben Franklins in his Gucci wallet to toss around on a Saturday night.  Mitt should know that $10K bet make represents three months pay for most Americans.