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Pop Quiz!

In the post yesterday wherein Babs-the-Impaler makes a low-energy endorsement of her low-energy son ¡JEB! the Smartest Bush®, we didn’t know that she also put a handwritten note into the campaign mailer: In the handwritten mailer also going out from … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

We note that the very paternalistic candidates (including Fire ‘Em All Fiorina) from Y’all Qaeda have unusual ways of talking down to Hillary Clinton, what with schlonging her, etc. We read just this morning that a new fetish is added … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

We’re keeping this post on top because we need an answer to this vital question… The World’s Worst Pundit and Best Sociopath Bill Kristol is calling for some help (according to Tiger Beat on the Potomac– thanks Charlie): –@BillKristol: “Crowd-sourcing: … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Your Daily Gohmert First, the background: Now for the quiz: for 1/10 of 1% of your grade counting towards the midterms, tell us the outcome of Screwie Louie’s version of A Design For Living, how will the three islands do … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Hey guys, did you know tiny terror Ben Shapiro was literate? Anyway, it seems he has written some fiction (ha-ha, that’s all he writes), and Salon reviews it under the heading of, Meet our new Ayn Rand: Ben Shapiro’s hamfisted … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

The morning email thingie had something in it that sets the blood coursing and pulsing like iced gin through the veins of all good Scissorheads: FIRST LOOK — Peggy Noonan book cover, “The Time of Our Lives,” out Nov. 3, … Continue reading

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Cutting Out The Middleman & POP QUIZ!

I tweeted a while ago that Trump wants to take the country back from the millionaires that ruined it and give it to the billionaires. I was kidding and then I saw this: Karl Icahn Accepts Donald Trump’s Offer To … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Hey guys, remember at 2012 Goat Rodeo when we had the thrill of seeing the hot-dog-on-a-stick deep-throating technique of our old pal secessionist-theocrat nitwit Rick Perry and some of the other candidates, too? Well, the Des Moines Register is giving … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Hey Guys, we learned recently that the Fed is thinking about putting a woman on the $10 Amero (good idea, long, Long, LONG overdue!), but we wonder: who should it be? Because we are spitballers at heart, and because we … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote – UPDATED To POP QUIZ!

Sweet Baby Jeebus! He figured out where Tab A and Slot B go! Happy to report Anna and I welcomed baby boy Cotton to the world last night! Mom and baby are healthy and happy. We are so blessed. — … Continue reading

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