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Your 3-Martini Stupid is Served, Nikki Haley

[Haley] said Wednesday that Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the country is what compelled her to speak out. “You know, the one thing that got me, I think, was when he started saying ban all … Continue reading

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The Drinks of CPAC and POP QUIZ!

We were astonished to learn that those tea bagging party animals at #CPAC had to time to get their drink on: National Harbor, Maryland (CNN)The cocktail menu at Harrington’s Pub, a watering hole next to the hotel hosting an annual … Continue reading

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The Saga of Downton Abbey in Peoria, Cont.

Poor, fashion-forward Aaron Schock (R-Lindsey Graham’s Closet) just cannot seem to get a break: Rep. Aaron Schock used taxpayer money for private plane flight to Bears game PEORIA — Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., used taxpayer money to pay for a … Continue reading

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Shorter Ezra Klein

People believe what they want to believe. Klein has a chapter-length essay (I copied and pasted into Word to get a word count: 4,191 words) up on the first day of the news site VOX. Seriously. And it all comes … Continue reading

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Who Let The Pigs Out?

Castrating pigs is like cutting spending? Make politicians squeal by castrating them? Metaphors are hard for me. And yes, this is real.

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Before the anti-gay propaganda laws in Russia…

…there were safe-sex commercials: True confession: I thought it was going to be a pun on how puck sounds like, well, you know, before it dawned on me that in Russian, that might not work. D’oh!

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How Much Is That Judge In The Window?

Remember when Howard Dean had his 50 State Strategy? Remember when the G.W. Bush administration was stacking courts with their brand of justices? What happens when you combine the two concepts for nefarious reasons matched with massive amounts of anonymous … Continue reading

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Romneggedon, Micro Political Satire Series, Episode #2

Meet Mish, Freedom Fighter for the Womb Warrior Resistance played by the insanely talented, Julie Goldman If we don’t vote for Obama, Romney will wage vaginal warfare on women. Women will no longer be able to get safe and legal … Continue reading

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Romneggedon, Micro Political Satire Series, Episode #1

Imagine Romney being voted into office, a terrifying notion for inumberable reasons. For me, ROMNEGGEDON is my biggest fear, a post apocalyptic world where Romney’s been voted into office and waged vaginal warfare on women

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The Feast of Saint Breitbart

I’m sure that’s how they see their beloved Saint Breitbart, pierced by the arrows of outrageous fortune, a martyr to the cause.

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