The Stupid… It BURNS!!!!

On the bright side, you’ll never hear, “Not tonight honey.”

Some Stupid For Your Coffee?

You know, most journalists would cut off the mic the moment that the interviewer admits that he edited out the subjects that did not agree with his message.

What is it with College Republicans and agitprop, and why does The Dumb One fall for it every time.

The Maths is Hard: Erick Son of Erick Edition


He couldn’t get a job selling peanuts at a ball game:

Maths is Hard

He posted this at his blog and said it is Common Core (which, hahaha), and how neither he nor his wife could do this new-fangled math thingie. Anyone who has ever had to make change can do this instantly, you know, all those minimum wage cashiers and peanut vendors he’s forever waging war against. Poor E2, he probably cannot discern what that nickname means.

Petunia & Pals Wins The Morning!

From Raw Story:

Doocy said that Fox News viewers had written in expressing doubts about Frieden and the CDC because they were “part of the administration.”

“They feel that the administration has misled a lot of people on a lot of things,” Doocy remarked. “Why should we believe you [Center of Disease Control Director Dr. Tim Frieden] when you’re telling us this stuff?”

This seems like a corollary to Fran Lebowitz’ famous line, “Hello, you don’t know me but my hair dresser occasionally sleeps with your press agent, so why don’t you show me Paris.” ”

Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid

klingon face-palm

The GOP has released an old-school video game. You know, which is absolutely, positively guaranteed to attract the Michael Keaton, conservative youth of today, you know, if they happened to be alive in the ’80s.

As a party, Republicans have a great opportunity to win the Senate majority and create positive change in Washington. This year’s Republican Senate candidates are the strongest in decades (if not ever), and we want to raise awareness in every possible way. With that in mind, we are having a bit of fun with our approach.

The game features a patriotic elephant named Giopi, who happens to be one of the GOP’s best volunteers. Giopi leads you through four difficult levels, with a focus on one goal: winning a Republican Senate majority.

Tell us more!

GOP Video Game

You’ll need to watch out for the job-destroying “Taxers.” You can jump on top of them to suppress their high taxes.

So you squash your opponent? Ooooh-kay.

You’ll also have to dodge the “Mudslingers.” To escape their false and empty rhetoric, jump on them and mute their misleading words.

So you squash your opponent? and so it goes. Who says that the GOP has no strategy: talk down to your target and jump on your opponent.

Here’s Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid, Sarah

Sweet Baby Jeebus: Mooselini opposes and supports putting troops in Iraq? And some poor schmuck is paying $10/mo for this sort of insight.

Once again, we must thank Grandpa Walnuts for bringing this dingbat to our nation’s attention, and suggesting that she should be one heartbeat away from the nuclear codes.


Thanks To The Orange Satan

Last night, I tweeted:

…and I fully meant to pick up the thread this morning, and promptly forgot. So thanks to The Orange Satan, they have given Brian Brown and NOM the ridicule that it so richly deserve.

But while the Daily Kos takes a long, long time to destroy this stupidity, I will say this: Brian Brown talking about chairs as a metaphor for marriage is very funny. Dude should be an interior decorator.

Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid

I cannot imagine that this will go over well, but if a tech gazillionaire wants to spend money paying signature gatherers to get something stupid on the ballot like splitting California up 6-ways, he (and it is always a he) can. Better than spending it on minimum wage signature gatherers to try to recall the $15/hr. minimum wage (which is really going on in Seattle).

Thank You Todd Akin

Former Republican candidate for Senate Todd Legitimat-Rape Akin is back, and he has retracted his whole apologia, just in time to have an impact on another election:

Two years after the Missouri Republican’s comments on rape, pregnancy and abortion doomed his campaign and fueled a “war on women” message that carried Democrats to victory in the Senate, one of the few regrets he mentions in a new book is the decision to air a campaign ad apologizing for his remarks.

“By asking the public at large for forgiveness,” Akin writes, “I was validating the willful misinterpretation of what I had said.”

And when it comes to his infamous line about rape and pregnancy, that “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” he writes defiantly: “My comment about a woman’s body shutting the pregnancy down was directed to the impact of stress on fertilization. This is something fertility doctors debate and discuss,” Akin writes. “Doubt me? Google ‘stress and infertility,’ and you will find a library of research on the subject.”

You know what, Todd? If I Google ‘Jackalope’ I get whole library of research on that subject too. And pictures.

Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid

Warning: Racism ahead… and stupidity

For those of you who don’t follow CSPAN much, they have two phone lines (one for Wingnuttia and one for Dims), and the big tell is always when someone says that s/he is “an independent” that something untoward is about to happen. And remember all the Teabaggers in the beginning claiming to be Independents because they couldn’t say that they were Chimpy’s base: they burned their uniforms like the Germans at the end of WWII, and they put on their funny hats.