And Now You’ve Seen It Too

I don’t think that’s how you play keyboard.

What a difference a year makes. Maybe it’s a magic keyboard after all.

Dude is still making music, although not the same great videos.

Flashback Friday

A covers edition of Flashback Friday

Additional track: Chromatics covering Sprinsteen’s “I’m on Fire”

Word is that a few people had asked about my daughter. Thanks to the Scissorheads for their kind words and encouragement a few weeks ago. We made it through the initial trauma and have transferred to a major research hospital with an amazing staff. I can’t say enough good things about the teams that have been working with us at this facility.

We’re dealing with the neuro injuries and recovery that come with anoxic brain injury. Even though progress is slow, there is progress every day. We won’t know where we’ll land through this recovery process for weeks or months. It’s going to be a long road with a lot of hard work. All things considered, the rest of the family is doing well as we figure out what the future holds.

Dedicated to Lindsey Graham

This flash-back rock block presented by Donald Trump.

The Flute Is A Beautiful Instrument

I’m pretty awesome because my flute playing already sounds like this.

Saturday Morning Coffee Videos

A little sci-fi for your morning. One with sweet choreography and a budget that spared no expense on glitter. The other with graphic animation and some product placement.

Flashback Friday

Apparently there are a lot of old Conan O’Brien musical guest clips on youtube.