Flashback Friday

So this thing happened at the Grammys with Beck. I don’t care about the particulars. It gives me an excuse to play this clip of Beck performing his song “Debra” at a VH1 Fashion Award Show. I think he knew what he was doing when he chose the song.

Also, too – more Beck

It’s the Hardest Part of Nature

I’m really enjoying the new TV on the Radio album. They released a handful of their new songs as lyric videos on their official Youtube channel, but skipped over this track for some reason. It’s a great track.

(GRS, I’m putting this on top: love it! –TG)

Flashback Friday…. On Saturday

Since everything is recorded and photographed with miniature devices nowadays, I’m glad someone decided to add a bulky camera during these studio sessions.

Honorable mention to Peter Gabriel. And yes, that was Huey Lewis in the background of the Albert Lee clip.