Australian Pop

It’s a catchy pop song from Down Under. I found it fascinating that a group of 20-somethings from Australia used an exclamation that originated with WWII paratroopers from the namesake of a prominent Native American.

I have no idea what’s going on in the video.

Music and Art

I’m still on that Run the Jewels kick and they released this video in March. NSFW language.

…it was important to write a story that didn’t paint a simplistic portrait of the characters of the Cop and Kid. They’re not stereotypes. They’re people – complex, real people and, as such, the power had to shift between them at certain points throughout the story. The film begins and it feels like they have been fighting for days, they’re exhausted, not a single punch is thrown, their violence is communicated through clumsy, raw emotion. They’ve already fought their way past their judgments and learned hatred toward one another. Our goal was to highlight the futility of the violence, not celebrate it.”

For El-P of Run the Jewels “this is a vision of a seemingly never-ending struggle whose participants are pitted against each other by forces originating outside of themselves.”

Adds partner Killer Mike “this video represents the futile and exhausting existence of a purgatory-like law enforcement system. There is no neat solution at the end because there is no neat solution in the real world. However, there is an opportunity to dialogue and change the way communities are policed in this country.”

Flashback Friday

I’ve been listening to a lot of Run the Jewels lately waiting for the remix of their latest album dubbed Meow the Jewels that will be remixed with all cat sounds. I figured Killer Mike’s song “Reagan” qualifies as a Flashback based solely on it’s choice sampling of Reagan quotes. There hasn’t been too much in recent pop culture pushing back against the St. Ronnie image.

To flashback more along that line:

Scissorheads Rock

Long time friend of MPS, Perdurabo, shared a sampling of music from an outfit he recently started collaborating with. Scissorheads of the interwebs: enjoy.

If Scissorheads care to share their musical exploits or just songs they enjoy, by all means, please send those notes to Ye Olde Inbox at granite.rock.sound at gmail dot com. Highlight your work and get some of those suggestions out of the comments and onto the main page.

‘My Nose Runs, My Feet Smell, And I Don’t Love Jeebus Anymore’

I’m not a fan of country music, never have been. My favorite Altman film is Nashville, which is actually about the intersection of celebrity and politics, but it features some of the best country music satire ever recorded, and I ate it up with a spoon. Country Music is usually all so cheesy, well, the title of the post says it all.

Of course there have been individual songs or groups now and then that against all odds make it through to me. But now I’m going to have to listen to a song, only because it has Y’all Qaeda’s panties in a bunch, at least according to the WaPo:

“Alana Lynn, a morning co-host on country music station 104.3 FM in Boise, Idaho, was excited to play Little Big Town’s latest single for her listeners. “Girl Crush,” a powerful ballad about a woman envious of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, seemed destined to be a hit.

“I want to taste her lips, yeah cause they taste like you / I want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume,” vocalist Karen Fairchild sings. “I want her long blond hair, I want her magic touch / Yeah cause maybe then, you’d want me just as much… I got a girl crush.”

“Sure, it’s a provocative way to describe jealousy. But when Lynn played the song on the air, she didn’t anticipate that she would get furious phone calls and e-mails accusing “Girl Crush” of “promoting the gay agenda” and threats to boycott the station. The last time she heard this much outrage from listeners? “The Dixie Chicks’ President Bush comments,” Lynn recalls, referring to when the trio’s career imploded in 2003 after making critical statements about the president.”

From what I can tell, this is happening at Country Music stations across the country, and I know you will find this shocking: it appears to be coordinated. According to Raw Story, the song is in the top 10 sales on iTunes, but it is only at 33 in radio airplay. So my guess is that the stations GMs are the people getting bombarded, which makes it sound very organized: go to the guy who can make it happen. But the real tell: calling it The Gay Agenda.