Good Riddance to old rubbish: Fred Phelps

“Most people do not pray; they only beg.” – George Bernard Shaw

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) Fred Phelps Sr., the former head of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday night, according to a family member.

Phelps’ son, Timothy told 13 News that his father died just before midnight. Timothy Pheps [sic] works at the Shawnee Co. Jail.

Hate monger Fred Phelps is no more, and if there is a Hell, he certainly is now in it, and deservedly so. And while some people might say it is wrong to speak ill of the dead, then Fred Phelps was wrong most of his very public and hateful life. I’m wishing for him what he wished for so many others. Let the record show that I have been consistent about Phelps for years and years, and I see no reason to change now.

Phelps was a monster of a man, a cambion if ever one lived, and deserves no compassion from any quarter; he spawned a hate movement so vile that he and his spawn would picket funerals of every sort: veterans, 911 victims, people who died of AIDS; and shockingly, he had toddlers carrying his hateful picket signs; there often was a gasp from the crowd when some tow-headed urchin would carry a [“God hates fags.” “God is your enemy.” “God hates you.” “USA = fag nation.” “Fags die God laughs.” “Thank God for maimed soldiers.” “Pray for more dead soldiers.” “Thank God for dead soldiers.” “Thank God for IEDs.” “God killed your sons.”] sign at a funeral. There was no one his hatred spared, and there is no amount of hate in return that he does not deserve.

With any justice, Phelps is a bolus in Satan’s bowels at this moment, grinding his way through the digestive tract, making me feel sorry for the devil who will have to put up with Phelps’ antics in his own realm, favorite son though he probably is.

There is nothing I want for Phelps that he did not want for all of us. Good riddance, Fred Phelps. The sun seems a little brighter now that you are gone.

(Hat tip: WIBW via Freakout Nation)

What? Couldn’t Ohio Find 120 Hungry Dogs?

A federal judge refused Monday to block the Ohio execution of a convicted murderer and rapist who is sentenced to die by an untested lethal-injection cocktail later this week, even as he declared it an “experiment.”

Inmate Dennis McGuire’s lawyers had argued that the combination of the sedative midozolam and painkiller hydropmorphone could leave to a painful and terrifying phenomenon called “air hunger” before he actually dies.

Really? They are going to experiment on a condemned man? Sweet Baby Jeebus, what kind of monsters are these people?


Newtown Heckling: semantics

I guess this counts as a score for Michelle Malkin’s outrage machine and army of orcs and winged monkeys:

MSNBC is reviewing its portrayal of the testimony of Neil Heslin, the father of a Sandy Hook victim, at a legislative hearing in Hartford on Monday. The 33-second video clip in question, embedded above, features a graphics box saying “Mocked and Loaded. Sandy Hook Victim’s Father Heckled by Gun Rights Advocates.”

“We’re reviewing the video in question,” says an MSNBC source.

Smart move, considering that Heslin wasn’t, in fact, heckled. Audience members merely answered a challenge that Heslin posed from the microphone.

And that is from the WaPo’s Erik Wemple.

I will not link to the stuff from Twitchy. You can find that on your own.

The thing is, Heslin was giving his testimony and asked a rhetorical question, and some members of the audience (clearly gun enthusiasts) replied. It might not be the classic drunk in the comedy club (which seems to be the only definition that anyone cares about), but it was disrespectful, and really sad. I’m sure that the NRA had many toadies and minions there to testify on their behalf and so the gun lobby would be well represented, but far better to interrupt the father of a six-year old boy who was shot in the forehead during a mass murder.

What is bothering me about this isn’t so much that Heslin was interrupted (I’ll use that word instead of heckled), but the way that the far-right Malkin and her Twitchy brethren are making a media bias case out of NBC labeling it as heckling.

And now they are going to be doing their victory dance in the end zone because they got NBC to review it.

It’s a distraction from the real issue, which is that a deranged person got a hold of an assault weapon and mowed down a large number of first grade children and their teachers in cold blood. Every effort to distract us from this fact, arguing over semantics (heckling vs. answering), Malkin and her ilk are supporting crazy people and their alleged right to kill toddlers. She must be proud of herself.

Digby says that it is an issue of incivility in a public hearing, and she’s right, but it is so much more. It’s really vile that so many people think owning military grade weaponry is more important than letting children grow up.

Governor Batboy and the disappearing dog

Stories like this both make me laugh and cry: Governor Rick Scott of Florida adopted a rescue dog before the election and retuned him after moving into the Governor’s mansion. Oh, yeah: he named the dog Reagan.

From Checkers to Bo, dogs have played a roll in the optics of politics, but rarely have politicians been so transparent about the poor beast being a prop.

(Tampa Bay Times)

You can buy a white van for less than $20,000 (but I’m only guessing)

My father the trial lawyer used to tell us growing up that we should never volunteer information when on the witness stand, so in a way I guess he was a fan of the sin of omission.

I bring this up because Cardinal Dolan uses dad’s second gambit (answer truthfully, but bury the truth in a lot of noise) to obscure that he actually said yes when asked if he paid off pedophile priests:

Dolan, while serving as Milwaukee archbishop in 2003, agreed to pay multiple accused pedophile priests $20,000 in exchange for their agreeing to leave the priesthood, according to documents cited by The New York Times.

Joseph Zwilling, Dolan’s New York Archdiocese spokesman, told The Post last week that there was no “payoff” to pedophile priests — only “charity.”

“The New York Times does not have a reputation for fair and accurate reporting when it comes to this issue,” Dolan said yesterday after Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown. “So, to respond to charges like that — that are groundless and scurrilous — in my book it’s useless and counterproductive.”

But what is especially nice is that these ex-Priests and pedophiles that Cardinal Dolan set loose enter the secular world with ready cash and a clean record.

(NYPost via Attaturk)