Travel Day

The only way to travel!

The only way to travel!

OK, BC, show me what you got!

An Update on Samantha

[Ed. — We’re keeping GRS’s post on top through the weekend because he is special to all of us; we wish all the best for Samantha especially and for the entire family as well. Newer posts are below. –Tengrain]

My youngest daughter is still showing signs of improvement and I remain hopeful. Today she had her NG tube removed, her PEG feeding tube installed, and is recovering well from that operation. She’s tracking people more frequently with her eyes as people walk across the room. Earlier in the week, she swallowed two spoons of applesauce – first oral food since the accident. She still exhibits decerebrate posturing and is on many medications to help treat symptoms. I try to focus on the positive while understanding the whole picture.

I don’t know where we’ll land with this as recovery will still take months and years. It’s a rough road ahead with a lot of uncertainty. A family friend was kind enough to start a gofundme page yesterday for us to raise funds for covering medical expenses. Please don’t feel obligated to donate anything, but please do share on social media to help spread the word.


Heading Home


Santa Barbara and L.A. we’re both great, but I’m looking forward to being home. A few things are in the queue, and if something tempts me to post from my phone, well…

In the meanwhile, there is a cornucopia of delights awaiting you on the blog roll, everyone of them a proven winner!

Road Trip

Behind the scenes at MPS...

Behind the scenes at MPS…

I’m on the way to Los Angeles on an unscheduled trip because a relative is in palliative therapy, so this is probably the last birthday cake for her. It’s sort of sad, but also very brave and positive, too: she didn’t want the fuss of a drawn-out losing-battle fight. You know that bit about the death panels? She discussed it in cold, clear unflinching detail with her doctor and made the decision to let go with grace and dignity on her own terms and told us no rending of clothes allowed. So more of a celebration of a life well-lived than a drama, which seems like the right way to do it.

I have a few things in the queue for the next few days and I’ll try to keep up while traveling, but in the meanwhile, don’t break the internet and don’t give the bastids a break.



PS – The key to the booze cabinet is hidden. Don’t even think about it.

Saturday Open Tabs

Here are some tabs I have had open on my browser for longer reads, they are not necessarily political, just things I found sort of interesting.

  • GQ Magazine – The Chef Who Saved My Life it’s not a foodie article, it’s really an act of redemption. That was Jaques Pepin only makes it more delicious. It’s an elegiac and elegant bit of writing.
  • Web Design, The First 100 Years – after a really interesting and long preamble about the history of flight (read it for that part alone, fascinating stuff) the author gets to brass tacks: “hard constraints are the midwife to good design.” You don’t have to be a web designer or a graphic artist to enjoy this presentation-turned-into-an-article.
  • Delivering Deliverance It’s a story about the story of Deliverance, the novel and movie that even today still has impact.

We might make this a semi-regular feature. You gave some positive feedback last week, so let’s see how this goes.

Heading Home

on the road

There’s a few thing in the hopper, and if Amtrack has any Wifi I’ll try to keep up on the road.

Be good, Scissorheads, and don’t break the Internet while I’m gone!


Visiting family, with limited internet access (and a full schedule), so posting will be *very light*.

Sorry for the disruption of our regular Stupid programming.

Travel Day

I'll send a postcard!

I’ll send a postcard!

Travel day, so light posting ahead. I’ll catch-up on the flip side.

Housekeeping Note

news reporter

I’m over at Crooks and Liars this week doing the Mike’s Blog Round-Up, so if you have a post you are particularly proud of, or read a post somewhere you really like (especially if it is from a small blog that deserves more traffic), send me a tip here at the ol’ Thunderbolt Grease-slapper (Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com) or there MBRU AT crooksandliars DOT com. Please put something about MBRU in the subject line.

Scissorheads are the best sources of links in the Universe, both known and unknown. The Quantum Mechanics of snark, as it were.

“A Gentleman Never…”

“…forgets a lady’s birthday, and he absolutely never remembers her age.”

I suppose I am a momma’s boy—I think most men are—but in my defense, my mother was exceptional. She was a tomboy that taught us how to belch at will and spit watermelon seeds for distance and accuracy, and she also taught us Emily Post-style manners. When I was bullied, she taught me how to throw a punch (guard with your right, lead with your left use your shoulder), and how to apologize (don’t make excuses, make amends). She was a master strategist in our water fights (take the high ground, defend the entrances!), and didn’t blink an eye when my brother brought the garden hose into the house.

As an only child, she liked her alone time, but she liked having all of us running around making noise and being kids. She knew the house would be clean and silence would return someday, but that we should enjoy today, well, today. After all, there are water balloons to consider, and your sister is such a good target…

Happy birthday, Mom; I wish you were still with us.