Best Wishes To Kevin Drum

Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum has been diagnosed with cancer. We send our best wishes (and prayers, such as they are) to Mr. Drum and we hope for a speedy recovery.


I’ve been working on a Value Voter Summit cut-out-and-keep table for the past two days, only to learn that my hosted WordPress install doesn’t support tables anymore.

Is it too early to start drinking?

Why Seattle Rules

MPS is purrrr-fect.

MPS is purrrr-fect.

For the day, City Hall is renamed Kitty Hall. The Mayor has proclaimed it.

Anyway, it is to promote adopting kitties, and they have them in abundance at Kitty Hall today. This is NOT a drill!

Kitties, legal dope, $15/hr minimum wage. Suckit, red america.

One Flew Over The Bachmann’s Nest

Flying Elephant

UPDATE: Welcome Crooks and Liars

It has been the long-standing thesis of this blog for almost a decade now that one of our two major political parties is, well, nuts. (I could use the clinical term, Bonkers, but no need to be fancy now.) Today we present yet another symptom to put into the Republicans’ chart that we hope will be useful when it comes time to have them committed to Bedlam.


Tiger Beat on the Potomac has a post up regarding how Canadian-born latino and immigrant-hating southern white supremacist Senator Ted Cruz thinks that there ought to be an investigation into the recent thumping that his fellow neo-confederate Chris McDaniel suffered in his loss to the old-school southern white supremacist and admitted beastiality enthusiast Thad Cochran in the recent and very entertaining race in Mississippi:

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Your Monthly Visitor

It’s that time of the month again, where the Mock, Paper, Scissors posse gives a shout-out to all of our pals in the blogroll!

Why do we do it, you ask? Simple, we LIKE YOU! We’re told that the number of times you get linked, it improves your Google “authority” and does something with their search algorithm, and presumably it does something similar with Technorati. But most importantly, we do it because everyone likes a little linky-luv now and again.

So how to get on the blogroll? It’s simple: include MPS in your blogroll (and let us know) and we will include you in ours. We do not include commercial, for profit organizations in our blogroll, but other than that, we’re easy!

The links are after the jump (to keep things manageable):

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News from our Trolls

Terminator in Flames

Our posts in the category of Guns! Guns! Guns! gets aggregated to something called The Gun Wire, and they come here from time to time to engage. I usually delete the comments and move on, but I thought this one was interesting:

CNN countered Everytown for gun safety stat of 74 mass shootings in the past 18 months. Their research for that found only 15 of the cases were mass shooting with the remaining 59 being questionable at best.

They want to quibble about the definition of mass shootings, as if it doesn’t count unless X number of people have been blown away.

Raw Story has the CNN article of which our troll advises us.

UPDATE: When you want to call me a reactionary gun grabber and tell me that the body count numbers are exaggerated, and your next post is entitled, Six Ways to Maximize the Yugo M92 PAP AK47 Pistol, I’m just not going to accept your comment.