The Kim Davis Process Tree

Kim Davis is the center of the religious freedom battle to practice as they see fit – no matter how much hate, bigotry, lawlessness or idiocy they may show. Kim said God told her that she should not be signing any marriage certificates that would join a man and man or a woman and a woman in a union under her God.

And what was the process that Kim used to get to that decision. Let’s take a look


Charlie Pierce Is God’s Favorite Child – UPDATED

Face-palm PicardDylan Byers joining CNNMoney and CNN Politics

You don’t have to read Brother Pierce for very long before you learn of his special fondness for Mr. Byers. So the news from CNNMoney is probably delighting Charlie today or will soon.

Not to worry Scissorheads, we still have Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) to kick around.

UPDATE 1: Told ya so!

Liberty Council Gives Bad Advice to Kim Davis

Liberty kisses JusticeWe have noted that God’s Own Filing Clerk Kim Davis continues her defiance of court orders going all the way up to the Supreme Court. Her refusal to issue marriage licenses to LGBTQ people is putting her clearly in the danger zone.

Behind Davis is legal council in the person of Matt Staver, who is the founder of the virulently anti-gay Liberty Council. Liberty Council has been advising Davis to stand firm in defiance of court orders, which seems like very poor advice coming from lawyers.

Well, I’m only a son-of-a-lawyer, but even I can see that Staver is using his client to further his own political agenda, which hardly seems like he is following the ABA’s own rules of professional conduct.

Could Liberty Council could be sued for malpractice or perhaps punished by the American Bar Association under Rule 10 section 3, perchance?

I think if Davis ends up being forcefully removed from office or put in the sneezer for contempt there is a real chance that some scrutiny might come to Staver; or at least I hope so.

Why Not Rename McKinley to Mt. Mooselini?

Brisket, the naughty nun

Brisket, the naughty nun

Serial baby-maker/gorilla dancing impresario and lightweight slap-boxing champ Brisket Palin® has taken on the topic du jour for The New Confederacy: Mt. McKinley!

Mr. President, Get Out of Alaska: You Have Bigger Mountains to Climb

“He announced yesterday that he will be renaming Mt. McKinley, Denali, its “traditional Native American name.” But renaming a mountain is not going to make up for all the other ways he has let down the Alaskan people…

“…By the way, no one is buying the “Denali is what the Alaskans have called it for years” line. I’ve never called the mountain Denali .. and neither does anyone I know …”[sic – yes she really does end some paragraphs with an ellipsis.]

“And that would include all my baby daddies,” she did not say, “my siblings Trap, Spatula, Blurp, Blip and my three kids, er, both kids.”

One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Parents: let some creepy Republican check out your kid's junk.

Parents: let some creepy Republican check out your kid’s junk.

PIERRE | A proposal by a state lawmaker could require that visual inspection be used as part of a process to officially determine a person’s gender in South Dakota, including for high school athletes.

…The proposal from Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, would rely on official birth certificates and visual inspections for determining gender rather than allowing people to decide and declare their gender on their own.

He said gender is determined at conception and the transgender debate is riding the gay marriage wave.

“This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture,” Hunt said.

Well, it’s probably the only job Josh Duggar is qualified to hold, so there’s that.

(Rapid City Journal)

All The King’s Horses

We don’t need no legal immigration
We don’t need no constitution
No dark skins in the classroom
Media leave that man alone
Hey! Media! Leave that man alone!
All in all he’s just another dick on the wall.
All in all you’re just another dick on the wall. . .
sw wall3

Oh , give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
Just fence us in
Let me ride through the wild open country that I love
Just fence us in

sw wall1

. . . Up to the walls of Canada
He marched with spear in hand
Go blow them ram horns, old Scotty cried
‘Cause the battle is in my hands . . .

Scotty fit the battle of Oshkosh ho!
Kenosha ho! Eau Claire ho!
Scotty fit the battle of Oshkosh ho!
And the walls go a tumbling up . . .

sw wall 4`

The original title was Scrambled Eggs. McCartney’s original lyrics:
Scrambled Eggs
Oh you’ve got such lovely legs
Scrambled Eggs
Oh, my baby how I love your hairy legs

sw wall2

Better hope you fell on the Canadian side – health insurance exists


Peggy to Tillie

In her Thursday Wall Street Journal Column – writer, elitist (among other things) and now seer; Peggy Noonan – just knows that Donald Trump, the man who wants Mexico to pay for a wall along the border, the man who called immigrants rapists and criminals, the man who threw Jorge Ramos of Univision out of his press conference – is really the man for America’s Hispanic community.

noonanolaSomething is going on, some tectonic plates are moving in interesting ways. My friend Cesar works the deli counter at my neighborhood grocery store. He is Dominican, an immigrant, early 50s, and listens most mornings to a local Hispanic radio station, La Mega, on 97.9 FM. Their morning show is the popular “El Vacilón de la Mañana,” and after the first GOP debate, Cesar told me, they opened the lines to call-ins, asking listeners (mostly Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican) for their impressions. More than half called in to say they were for Mr. Trump. Their praise, Cesar told me a few weeks ago, dumbfounded the hosts. I later spoke to one of them, who identified himself as D.J. New Era. He backed Cesar’s story. “We were very surprised,” at the Trump support, he said. Why? “It’s a Latin-based market!”

This is the same Peggy Noonan (there is only ONE) who just knew Mitt Romney was going to win the presidency in 2012 because of all the yard signs she saw

And there’s the thing about the yard signs. In Florida a few weeks ago I saw Romney signs, not Obama ones. From Ohio I hear the same. From tony Northwest Washington, D.C., I hear the same.

And now, because of the hombre in la bodega, she just knows Donald Trump has the Hispanic vote in the bag.

Our crack reporters have captured Peggy doing her research on the Hispanic views of Trump.

Peggy unobtrusively sneaks into her favorite bodega in East Harlem – the one where she gets her Mai Tai mix

seer3and here is her favorite deli counter man – the one who sells Mai Tai mix, Advil, tabac,and condoms all while listening to La Mega
Hola Senora Noonanita. Que Pasa? Yo amo Donaldo Trump

Hola Senora Noonanita. Que pasa? Necesita ningún condones? Te amo Donaldo Trump

 Peggy te queremos

Bad Signs, Cont.

God Don't Have Twitter

Well, at least the Debbil do have Facebook I guess.

Fashion Week Continues!

Eep! What was that? I’d wear one of those knitted bank-robbing goggle-masks too if I had to do runway in that couture. Nice colors, though.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Bluegal)