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We might do a *modest* Blog Against Theocracy tomorrow. If you are interested, let me know, I will link to posts you put up at your own blogs, or if you do not have a blog, you can email me your thoughts and I will do a Scissorhead Round-Up on the topic; be sure to put B.A.T. in the subject line so I can find it easily.

Remember, this is not about religion bashing, it is about Democracy and how it should be kept separate from Theocracy. We are in favor of that wall that separates Church and State.

Mooselini Wants to Death Panel Paul Ryan’s Budget

A dead-eyed dick

A dead-eyed dick

“The latest Ryan (R, Wisconsin) Budget is not an April Fool’s joke,” Palin wrote in a Facebook post. “But it really IS a joke because it is STILL not seeing the problem; it STILL is not proposing reining in wasteful government overspending TODAY, instead of speculating years out that some future Congress and White House may possibly, hopefully, eh-who-knows, take responsibility for today’s budgetary selfishness and shortsightedness to do so. THIS is the definition of insanity.”

Kudos to her ghost writer for not letting The Boreal Narcissus toss her usual word salad all over the place.


Today’s Irony Alert

NYPD refuses to divulge transparency guidelines handbook

The handbook that guides the New York City Police Department’s transparency policies for records requests, ultimately informing the public as to how the department operates, is being kept private based on certain statutes that “prohibit disclosure.”

“Invoking attorney-client privilege, the records access officer ruled that a handful of statutes ‘prohibit disclosure’ of freedom of information reference materials,” Musgrave wrote, describing a February 28 letter he received from NYPD Records Access Appeal Officer Jonathan David that cemented the rejection of a records request submitted two months earlier.

I think that one would get a 9.0 even from the Russian judges.

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Green Eggs and Spam

As Right Wing Watch so snarkily says, CPAC started with One-L telling us that theirs is an intellectual movement seems only appropriate that it ended with Mooselini reading (a plagiarized version of) Green Eggs and Ham:

In fairness to the Moose, she did somewhat footnote it by thanking the Internet at the end, something Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan might consider next time they lift entire passages from uncredited sources.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Tillerson

As ExxonMobil’s CEO, it’s Rex Tillerson’s job to promote the hydraulic fracturing enabling the recent oil and gas boom, and fight regulatory oversight. The oil company is the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S., relying on the controversial drilling technology to extract it.

The exception is when Tillerson’s $5 million property value might be harmed. Tillerson has joined a lawsuit that cites fracking’s consequences in order to block the construction of a 160-foot water tower next to his and his wife’s Texas home.

I’m not a fan of fraking, but I am a fan of our old pal Eiron, the Goddess of Irony. Every now and then, she gives a plutocrat a well-placed a kick in the junk.

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Separation of Church and State, part infinity

Holiday Jesus

There is a great deal of chatter in the blog-o-sphere today about one of our favorite topics, mostly generated by this article at The WeeK written by Damon Linker. Mr. Linker attempts to answer the question of Is opposing gay marriage the moral equivalent of being a racist? He says no, but immediately gets into the weeds by bringing up contraception as mandated in the Affordable Care Act, and what this has to do with marriage equality is anyone’s guess.

As we’ve noted before: the world has a great need for editors.

Linker finally gets to his topic six (!) paragraphs in:

As for gay marriage and anti-discrimination, Chotiner appears not to recognize that his own flippant views — which are very widely held among secular liberals — pose a very real threat to the religious freedom of millions of his fellow citizens. As countless liberals have done before him, Chotiner breezily equates those believers who once appealed to Scripture in defense of racism and those who currently reject gay marriage. The first position has been socially, morally, and legally marginalized with no negative consequences for faith, Chotiner asserts, and the same will soon be true about the second. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that strictures against homosexuality are rooted far more deeply in the Judeo-Christian tradition than racism ever was. Yes, slavery is found throughout the Scriptures and comes in for criticism only, at best, by implication. But race-based slavery — and the racism that made it possible and continues to infect ideas and institutions throughout the West to this day — receives no explicit endorsement from the Bible.

I’m not a Biblical scholar, but even I know that this is not true; from the stain of Cain and Able (the basis of “dark races” being inferior) through many other places in the Old Testament, there are plenty of examples of how to acquire slaves. I also know that The New Testament—the part with Jesus in it—has no mention at all about homosexuality. None. Zip. Jesus did not have a thing to say.

The same cannot be said about the normative teaching on human sexuality contained within the Judeo-Christian scriptures — and even more so, within the interpretative and theological traditions that grow out of them. In dismissing this teaching so casually, Chotiner ends up implying that traditionalist churches and religious communities are the moral equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan.

It’s a shame that he did not have an editor here to help out here; I cannot think of any proficient editor allowing Imply in a published work.The verb To Imply is tricky as it has at its basis a fact never established. Linker is asserting that this is Chotiner’s belief, so this whole thesis for the post is Mr. Linker attacking a position that is never made. Imply is always a “tell” that there is no sound basis for the argument.

Anyway, he concludes thusly:

If that’s an accurate evaluation of their moral status, then we can expect that before long traditionalist religious views will be denied legitimacy by the courts, denigrated in the public schools, and thoroughly marginalized in our public life. (For a sober but concerned exploration of how the social and legal persecution of traditionalist belief might unfold over the coming years, see Rod Dreher’s recent cover story in The American Conservative.)

Chotiner and his fellow secular liberals may well be right that traditionalist views of sexuality are bound to evolve, with nearly everyone destined to accept and affirm the dignity of homosexual relationships. But given the commitments of these same liberals to personal freedom, shouldn’t they also insist that the evolution take place at its own pace, without being forcibly imposed by the coercive powers of the state?

Hey Theists

OK, so specious arguments about a theoretical future event aside, this is more of what we see with the fundamentalist Christians. They want you to follow their beliefs. Your refusal to do so oppresses them.

I do not care what anyone believes or would ever try to dissuade them from their beliefs, but that is not a luxury that Fundies offer anyone else.

The difference which Mr. Linker avoids mentioning is that the Fundamentalists are trying to codify their beliefs in law, in essence making a theocracy out of a democracy. And of course, the irony here is that they are trying to breach the wall separating church and state.

In which Mooselini pees in Peggy’s Mai Tai


“Great article, Peggy, but where the heck were you when I and other commonsense conservatives were sounding the warning bell in ’08? You joined the ‘cool kids’ in mocking and condescendingly criticizing — ultimately demanding that we ‘sit down and shut up.’ Better late than never, though, Peggy and your ilk, because, meanwhile back in America…”

And the back story in case you have forgotten it, is that Peggington Noonington stepped on her dick and diss’ed America’s pitbull on a live mic:

Never let it be said that Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Sarah Palin doesn’t hold a grudge well. It took her nearly 6 years to wreak her mean-girls style revenge, but there you have it.


Word Salad, Tossed Fresh Daily

Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Sarah Palin slipped and admitted that she didn’t actually read the interview of Duck F*** Dynasty and ZZ-Top tribute band look-alike Phil Robertson in GQ, you know, before posting her outrage on Facebook and other places where Mooselini goes to gripe about how Xristian Xrazies are the most put-upon people in the world.

I wouldn’t blame Von Cistern if she went home after that and drank Windex, and sobbed that gelatinous Roger Ailes must hate her.

(Christian Post)

Grifters Gotta Grift



Moose-money! “A donation from the sale of these medallions will be made to Wounded Warrior Project, helping seriously injured service members. Order today to insure a low number.”

And the set of Mooselini Money is only $279 plus change!

(Hat tip: The Charm School Drop-Out)