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Rhymes with f***er

Rhymes with f***er

Putunia and Pals weekend B-Team (said it first, Charlie!) continues to impress with hebephrenic TeeVee Dinner heir and vanity press owner Tucker Carlson commenting on Y’all Qaeda’s victory over Duke University:

“There’s nothing inclusive about Duke,” he insisted. “Notice they’re not giving equal time to, say, evangelical pro-life messages. They’re not broadcasting those over the loudspeakers on the chapel. If you got in the middle of the Duke quad and read sections of the Bible that criticized homosexuality, you’d be dragged away by school security.”

“They’re not inclusive, they’re making a political statement about how they’re on the side of Muslims!”

(Crooks and Liars)

Your Three-Martini Stupid: #FoxNewsFacts

Boy exorcist and noted volcano scholar Bobby Jindal

Boy exorcist and noted volcano scholar Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal is going to the UK to give a speech, which includes the same interesting theory that got Fox News’ Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism laughed off of the national stage recently when he said that the city of Birmingham UK was essentially a caliphate: the Muslim No-Go Zones (which don’t exist, but Y’all Qaeda insists are real):

“In the West, non-assimilationist Muslims establish enclaves and carry out as much of Sharia law as they can without regard for the laws of the democratic countries which provided them a new home,” Jindal’s text reads. “It is startling to think that any country would allow, even unofficially, for a so called ‘no-go zone.’ The idea that a free country would allow for specific areas of its country to operate in an autonomous way that is not free and is in direct opposition to its laws is hard to fathom.”

So far, no one in Y’all Qaeda has been able to present a single location of these Muslim-controlled No-Go Zones. But you know, reality has a liberal bias. This should be a story we keep an eye on with Claim Chowder in mind to see how Jindal’s Foreign Policy credentials get burnished with this hot mess.

(USA Today)

Your Media in Action

Our old pal Rev. Fishsticks and renown eccentric hater Nancy Rios are concerned that Nancy Pelosi has duly appointed Rep. André Carson of Indiana to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Carson, who has held congressional office representing Indiana since 2008, is a Muslim, so he therefor must be in league with terrorists.

The Morning Quote

Demanding that other people do things to make you feel better about them is a dick move that only Y’all Qaeda would think is acceptable.

Hmmm, let’s try our hand at this: I demand of all Xristians that until they recognize and destroy their growing theocratic cancer they must be held responsible…

Claim Chowder: Duke Edition

Well, that didn’t take long: Duke bows to pressure, cancels weekly Muslim call to prayer.

Duke University has canceled its plans to have a Muslim prayer announcement broadcast from Duke Chapel’s belltower on Friday afternoons.

The university announced its plans to facilitate a weekly call to prayer; but on Thursday, Duke officials acknowledged the decision resulted in unintended backlash. A Duke official told WNCN the school changed its mind after “serious and credible” security concerns.

Congrats, Y’all Qaeda, you got yourself a scalp.

The 3-Martini Stupid

It’s from the pride of World Nut Daily Erik Rush of course: OBAMA DEDICATED TO ISLAMIST ASCENDENCY

The short version: all Muslims are terrorists. Here’s the key graf:

Considering the character of Islam at its core, all Muslims are part of this diabolical design of supplanting Western civilization with an Islamic one, indeed, whether they believe it or not. Few may become full-blown jihadis, but rest assured that most of them advocate what the full-blown jihadis are doing – and polling data of Muslims clearly reflects this.

Previously, Rush called for the global extermination of Every. Single. Muslim. You know, the Final Solution:

Rush Boston Tweet

News That Will Drive You To Drink


Y’all Qaeda is aghast that Muslim students will be allowed to be called to prayer (once a week) from the interfaith Duke Chapel Bell Tower. You see, it’s creeping Sharia and if you have a child at Duke (presumably under the age of consent?), you should pull him/her out of school, says the author of this piece:

“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Obama

The Islamization of America continues, as it has since Obama was elected in 2008, at a frightening pace. Public amplified broadcasts of the Muslim call to prayer exists in Muslim majority countries, and is a symbol that they have taken that nation over. If I had a child attending Duke University they would pulled out so fast it would make your head spin.

Islam is not compatible with any free society, it is an religious ideology of forced, violent submission. Every nation where it is dominant is in chaos. Islam is against all American values and ideals, and has no place in a free society.

The azan is the Devil’s call to prayer, don’t answer it.

It’s not polite to not answer a call. And I always thought Y’all Qaeda was marked by good manners!

The essay continues in that rich vein of nutty islamaphobia for a while longer. The author, who remains unidentified, sounds like a reasonable, thoughtful guy, who probably has never heard the nightly bells calling the Xristian faithful to Vespers, so the thought of a once-a-week call to prayer for mooselins is just giving those people dominion over God’s own sweet baby (white) Jeebus.

He concludes with a call to action and a web form to send your protestations to Duke to “let them know how you feel about their forced indoctrination of Islam on American citizens.” Which is entirely different from Y’all Qaeda’s forced indoctrination of Xristianity on American citizens, some of whom happen to be Muslims. But that’s different, as we all know.

Here’s the press release from Duke, so you can compare and contrast:

DURHAM, NC – Members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant a weekly call-to-prayer from the Duke Chapel bell tower beginning Friday, Jan. 16.

The chant, called the “adhan,” announces the start of the group’s jummah prayer service, which takes place in the chapel basement each Friday at 1 p.m. The service is open to the public.

The chant lasts about three minutes and will be moderately amplified.

“The adhan is the call to prayer that brings Muslims back to their purpose in life, which is to worship God and serves as a reminder to serve our brothers and sisters in humanity,” said Imam Adeel Zeb, Muslim chaplain at Duke. “The collective Muslim community is truly grateful and excited about Duke’s intentionality toward religious and cultural diversity.”

“This opportunity represents a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission,” added Christy Lohr Sapp, the chapel’s associate dean for religious life. “It connects the university to national trends in religious accommodation.”

Muslim students at Duke are supported by the university through the Office of Student Affairs’ Muslim Life department, which hosts religious services, community service projects and interfaith events. The Center for Muslim Life provides on-campus social and spiritual meeting spaces for students as well as opportunities for counseling and advising.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

The Afternoon Quote

Bless the beasts and the children

Bless the beasts and the children

In an ideal world, Muslims who interpret the Koran to justify violence would convert to Catholicism, and artists who think they have an absolute right to insult people of faith would follow suit. If both did, we would have peace and civility.

–That happy fella, Bill Donohue, founder, president and (only?) member of The Catholic League not so subtly calling for a new crusade.