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She Sounds Nice

Jeebus weeps

Jeebus weeps

Another rational Republican considers rounding ’em up:

Rhode Island state Sen. Elaine Morgan (R) said in an email Tuesday that she opposes resettling Syrian refugees because “[t]he Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone is a non Muslim.”

If the U.S. does “take these people in,” she added, “we should set up refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous [sic].”

I’m wondering how long before Screwie Louie Gohmert invokes the Return of the Terror Babies.

Your Daily Gohmert


GLENN BECK: I just got an email from Louie Gohmert. He said, last week I announced to the world if the House and Senate will treat Iran — the Iran treaty as a treaty, I will not run for my congressional seat again. It’s the only thing that I have left that our leadership wants beside my integrity. And after last week that I spent in Egypt, I feel so compelled to do absolutely everything I can to derail this president’s drastic move towards a nuclear holocaust. I won’t run again if the House voted on my attached resolution and the Senate voted on ratification.

We gotta hold Screwie Louie to this promise. Thank you Jeebus for this gift we are about to receive.

The Morning Quote

CNN Breaking News!Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s email thingie (thanks Charlie!) gives us the morning quote (emphasis mine):

– Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, who isn’t working for any candidate, said it was highly unlikely DONALD TRUMP’s candidacy would survive, but noted the media should give him a bit more respect. ‘I don’t understand why so many journalists, you know, bloggers who work for non-profitable entities, are calling this guy a clown,’ she said. ‘Maybe say he shouldn’t be your president, but he’s a successful businessman and you’re not, you 22-year-old writing this.’

Conway said this at a consultants panel at the American Association of Political Consultants meeting in Philadelphia. Hard to imagine why she isn’t working for any candidate, but not hard to imagine for whom she wants to be working.

One Lump of Stupid or Two?

“Get over it! Get over it, [Bibi Netanyahu is] going to come here and speak to a joint session of Congress.”

–Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who doesn’t seem to know the difference between a joint session of Congress and a joint meeting of Congress.

(I recommend Karoli’s article at Crooks and Liars, Chaffetz is a piece of work and she hangs him on the wall.)

The Afternoon Quote, or Today in Sedition

The Sound of Machine Guns HT Skinny-D

Litigious pundit Larry Klayman, who has for years stained his sheets dreaming of overthrowing President Obama with a popular uprising or a military coup, takes to the mighty pages of World Nut Daily again to not-so-subtly call for someone to Second Amendment The Kenyan Usurper over immigration:

In short, justice will come only from our case on behalf of Sheriff Arpaio and the similar case of 25 states in Texas. If Obama and his leftist comrades are not legally stopped in the courtroom, the American people will be forced to use other means to end government tyranny.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D for the graphic that cracks me up everytime.)

Your Daily Gohmert


“Thank God for Martin Luther King Jr. People in Egypt know about Dr. King. He wanted a peaceful demonstration and they were part of a peaceful demonstration. Unfortunately, radical Islam did not like being removed. They burned churches. They went after Christians. They went after Jews.”

Screwie Louie, whom we suppose just saw Selma and wrote his own ending?

The Morning Quote

“Week one, we had a speaker election that did not go as well as a lot of us would have liked. Week two, we got into a big fight over deporting children, something that a lot of us didn’t want to have a discussion about. Week three, we are now talking about rape and incest and reportable rapes and incest for minors. … I just can’t wait for week four.”

–Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA)

“You’re dead to me, Charlie,” removed from office by double-digits of the PA voters, Frothy Santorum did not say.

News That Will Drive You To Drink

THE OBAMA LIFESTYLE, by Joseph Farah at World Nut Daily

Imagine how bad off America would be if Barack Obama had a work ethic…

“I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning,” said Obama. “I get so much politics; I don’t, you know, want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day. SportsCenter, when I work out in the morning, gives me a pretty good sense of what’s going on. I can’t sit down and watch an entire game, except maybe the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. Or the World Series, I might be able to sit down and one day watch the whole game.”

Think about that statement.

No. 1, we already know Obama takes more vacations than any 50 families in America combined, right? And those outlandishly expensive vacations are paid for by you and me.

No. 2, we know he plays more golf than most pros. Do you think he pays for his golf outings? Of course not.

Now we know he spends most of his mornings watching ESPN!

The word Farah is searching for, but cannot use, is shiftless. I couldn’t make it past that point before I had to take a walk.

Mooselini’s Christmas Homily (Word Salad)

Star of Mooselini

Star of Mooselini

Christmas is so extremely important. And not just for Christians — of course that’s the foundation of our faith, the birth of Christ — but also for those who just want to celebrate, to have a holiday that they can unite around, and today, unfortunately, people feel that they have to be so politically correct around that holiday, Christmas, that the joy of Christmas I think is diminishing, but it’s not too late, you can get that back, and we can keep working together to get the joy back into Christmas by putting Christ back into Christmas.

Buy her War on X-Mas book? Yes, I think that’s what it meant.

The Morning Quote

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.”

Junkie Limbaugh reacting to the possibility that non-white and not Scottish actor Idris Elba (Luther, The Wire) might star as 007.

We regret to inform Junkie that there has not been a white Scotsman playing Bond since Sean Connery.

We also want again to raise the question, why not a woman, a Jane Bond? This would also just flip little Rushbo’s sexist mind, but could be really a great new twist in the series. Years ago, I remember Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) said that she wanted the part, and I thought that would have been cool.

So… who would you like to see as the next Bond?