News That Will Drive You To …Happy Hour

Keep on fappin'

Keep on fappin’

Hey guys, remember that mechanic in Michigan… well, of course you do! Well, it didn’t take long before someone checked with the authorities:

Anti-Gay Company Has Lapsed Michigan Mechanic’s License

Fred Woohams, spokesman for Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, says [Brian Klawiter’s] license expired in October and has not been renewed.

“Performing auto repair work as an unlicensed mechanic is a misdemeanor offense,” Woodhams tells Between The Lines by email.

The company, Dieseltec, does have a valid business license, Woodhams confirmed.

This is not the only licensing Klawiter failed to obtain from the government. MLive reports Klawiter still has not registered his business in Grandville, in violation of local ordinances.

Where Are They Now?

Get Off The Cross We Need The Wood

Jeebus in his younger, happier days.

Jeebus in his younger, happier days.

Hey guys, remember that mechanic in Michigan who said that he would not service the car of gay people because: Jeebus? What was his name, it was so long ago… Brian Klawiter?

Anyway, Klawiter is kinda surprised by all the attention he’s gotten since announcing with pride that he’s a bigot!

“Listen up folks, If you have an opposing view to mine that IS OK, what is NOT OK is threats to kill me, my family, and friends; threats to burn down my shop and my home. I will stand firm on my views and will not back down, (There also seems to be a TON of confusion about one of my comments, the bolt and nut thing was a reference to physiology, bolt penis and nut vagina. I DID NOT threaten to purposely put a vehicle together wrong to harm someone.)”

And then one of his vendors is asking Klawiter to cease and desist associating their brand with his bigotry:

Oh, yeah, and there’s this letter making the rounds, too.

So the local news interviewed Klawiter and reports to us:

Klawiter declined to comment Thursday morning at his shop. He looked frazzled, and seemed surprised his Facebook comments had received so much attention.

He claimed he has become the victim in this controversy. (Emphasis mine.)

So his plan is working? Let’s stay tuned.

“Will There Be Cake?”

Rake-Stepping for Speed And Accuracy

Time-with-RubioMarco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio helpfully tells us that he would go to a same-sex wedding. Does he see the rake in the chapel:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), the newest and youngest official Republican candidate for president, has said he believes marriage should be “traditional”—between a man and a woman.

So Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked him: If someone in his family or on his staff were gay and getting married, would he attend the wedding?

“If it’s somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would,” Rubio told Ramos in an interview on Wednesday.

“I’m not going to hurt them simply because I disagree with a choice they’ve made or because I disagree with a decision they’ve made, or whatever it may be,” he added. “Ultimately, if someone that you care for and is part of your family has decided to move in one direction or another or feels that way because of who they love, you respect that because you love them.”

A) That’s mighty big of you to attend as to not hurt their feelings (it’s all about you, Marco), and 2) Tell them that they made a choice you disagree with.

So… are you not saying that you would respect the decision of gay loved-one, but not a gay stranger?

“But again, as I said, I’m a member of the Catholic faith that teaches, for example, that divorce is wrong,” Rubio said. “But if someone gets divorced, I’m not going to stop loving them or having them a part of our lives.”

I see. So same-sex marriage is as acceptable as divorce, so when are you going to try to outlaw that, Marco?

Methinks He’s Looking For His Own $1M Pizza

We Don’t Serve Your Kind

Bless Y'all Qaeda's heart.

Bless Y’all Qaeda’s heart.

So a mechanic in Michigan tells the press that he would not service a gay person’s car.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The owner of a Grandville auto repair shop says he won’t hesitate “to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons.”

Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec on Ottawa Avenue in Grandville, posted the statement to his company’s Facebook page on Tuesday because he says the voices of those who have Christian, conservative values are often overshadowed by those who do not.

“I want to have a voice about this,” Klawiter told 24 Hour News 8 Wednesday. “I want to be heard about this… It’s challenging to decide to say I’m on the opposing side of what’s seen as the popular view.”

The post in question starts with “Enough is enough.”

…and it goes rapidly downhill from there, nuts and bolts flinging off the jalopy, literally:

“I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period,” Klawiter wrote. “If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.”

Notice how Klawiter didn’t tie it into a wedding ceremony, not even the far-fetched notion of a pizza party wedding reception, though I suppose he could say that he wouldn’t service the tin can-laden, rice-strewn, get-away car to make it more topical about how same sex marriage violates his deeply held religious beliefs.

This is just out-and-out bigotry, raw of tooth and claw as the poet said. Michigan does not have any anti-discrimination coverage for LGBTQ people, though there are some local ordinances sprinkled here and there. The city of Grandville does not have a non-discrimination ordinance, so Klawiter can proudly ride on the low road:

Asked to consider his post from the eyes of a person who is gay, Klawiter responded:

“I think it would be made pretty clear to me that I’m not welcome there, which I would almost consider that enlightening. I would know exactly where not to go.”

As I hope would also apply to the people who don’t like bigotry.

The comments on that story are fascinating, and yes, someone started a donation site which was quickley pulled down.

The Preznintial Timber of Mike Pence

Governor Mike Pence signs Indiana's We Don't Serve Your Kind into law with the approving gaze of the various mullahs, clerics, and militia tribesmen.

Governor Mike Pence signs Indiana’s We Don’t Serve Your Kind into law with the approving gaze of the various mullahs, clerics, and militia tribesmen.

“I think the difficult time that Indiana just passed through two weeks ago is behind us.”

–Mike Pence, giving us a deep thought, well-expressed.

Hey guys, remember a couple of weeks ago there was like some big news coming out of Indiana? Something to do with their termite infested governor signing, oh, a We Don’t Serve Your Kind law, perchance? Seems to me that there was some sort of news about it, with the state loosing tens of millions of dollars of convention bookings, company expansions, and threats of sporting events leaving the state. Ring a bell to anyone?

Anyway, the AP is reporting that the Indiana Legislature just voted down adding LGBTQ non-discrimination to their civil rights laws that cover employment, housing, and jobs.

I guess that PR firm Porter Novelli will ask for another million Ameros to fix that new gaping wound in Indiana’s foot.

News That Will Drive You To Drink

Gov. Pence: wooden, but not sharp.

Gov. Pence: wooden, but not sharp.

“Indiana has hired a public relations firm to fix the damage from a religious objections law that raised the specter of discrimination against gays and others.

“The Indiana Economic Development Corp. announced Monday it was collaborating with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development in hiring Porter Novelli to strengthen Indiana’s reputation “as a welcoming place to live, visit and do business.”

The Chicago Tribune tells us that Indiana doesn’t explicitly mention their recent unpleasantness around their We Don’t Serve Your Kind law, but does tell us that, “The Associated Press says Porter Novelli was hired “to restore Indiana’s image after the recent political controversy surrounding RFRA.”

Lotsa luck with that, fellas. Sorry you now have to spend time, money, and effort to return to where you were before your idiot governor decided to lavishly ball-lick his fellow theocrats in your state.

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Get off the cross we need the wood, cont.

jeebus light switchThe anti-bullying Day of Silence is coming up again (April 17), and Y’all Qaeda already has its panties in a bunch that they there is one day that their Xristian Youts cannot punch the ‘mos for Jeebus (Fair Warning: the link goes to the Breitbart home for the developmentally challenged school of journalism):

“In an interview with Breitbart News, Rev. Bill Owens, president of CAAP, said, “What we would like to say is, instead, this will be a day of silent prayer.”

“The homosexual agenda intends to brainwash Americans into believing that homosexuality is alright, but it has become cult-like,” he said. “Let’s make it a day of silent prayer to promote Christianity and faith in general. What’s the difference”

“Those of us who have our faith should be as vocal as those promoting the LGBT agenda – and they are using the same techniques as the Civil Rights Movement,” Owens added. “In fact, they have hijacked the Civil Rights Movement – a movement they know nothing about.”

“But this is yet another nail in the coffin of ‘we the people’ if we fail to act,” he continued. “Until we the people join together on the Day of Silence and oppose it, those who support the LGBT political agenda will know they own our youth.”

Your Saturday Bottomless Mug-o-Stupid

Listed hate group Family Research Council’s Washington Watch host Craig James takes a question from a caller:

So there you have it: according to Y’all Qaeda, the Pentagon has weaponized the ‘mos.

News That Will Drive You To Drink

When Will Ted Cruz’ Balls Drop?

The high-pitched whine of Canadian-born latino and immigrant-hating southern white supremacist Senator Ted Cruz today tells Y’all Qaeda that gay people are jihadists: