Don’t Try This at Home, Kids…

…ZEGS is a pro:

If he ever comes up with a way to bottle his smarmy dissembling, he’ll be richer than the rest of his fabulously rich industrialist family.

The Bottomless Mug o’ Stupid Is Served, Gov. Scott

FL. Gov Bat Boy must be proud

FL. Gov Bat Boy must be proud

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) – Gov. Rick Scott, after his mother’s death in 2013, went on TV to explain his decision to drop his strongly-held opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.
Scott said his mother’s death changed his perspective and he could no longer “in good conscience” oppose expanding health care coverage to nearly 1 million Floridians.
Scott conceded this week that was all a ruse. He now says his support for Medicaid expansion was a calculated move designed to win support from the Obama administration for the state’s proposal to hand over control of Medicaid to private insurance companies. At the time, he denied that his support was tied to a deal with the federal government.

Now that he’s succeeded in privatizing Medicaid, Scott is again railing against Medicaid expansion and is suing the federal government for allegedly forcing it on him.

I don’t know why we are all shocked that a reptile is cold blooded.

(CBS Miami)

Your Congress Working Hard For You

At your cervix, Madame!

At your cervix, Madame!

The Hill tells us…

The House on Thursday in a 252-172 vote approved legislation that would waive fees on businesses that do not offer health insurance to employees working fewer than 40 hours per week… The legislation is the GOP’s first chance to deliver an anti-ObamaCare bill to the president’s desk. It will now advance to the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised it will see a vote.

Goodbye Employer Mandate! So how many employees will now be in Medicaid or use the subsidies of the ACA? Either way, the expense just got passed to the taxpayer. Smart move, GOP!

Well, it does make it more enticing to (someday) have national healthcare.

That’s our Congress, hard at work for us.

Don’t Leave Angry…

…just leave:

The DFHs Were Right (Again)

Bill Kristol does the Grand Slam

It’s getting to be a trope, but it seems that we dirty-freaking-hippies are almost always right and after it is too late, then they admit it:

“We had the votes in ’09. We had a huge majority in the House, we had 60 votes in the Senate,” Harkin told The Hill, saying that the first Congress of President Barack Obama’s administration should have passed “single-payer right from the get go or at least put a public option (which) would have simplified a lot.”

“We had the votes to do that and we blew it,” he said. He decried that the law as it exists is “really complicated” and benefits the insurance companies, though he praised its prevention health funding.

“We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified health care, made it more efficient and made it less costly and we didn’t do it,” Harkin told The Hill. “So I look back and say we should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all.

–Retiring IA Sen. Tom Harkin, who helped oversee the drafting of the Affordable Care Act.

Want Fries With Your Stupid?

Everyone is a Teabagger

Everyone is a Teabagger

Teebagger Republican Rob Maness, who is running for Senate in LA has an interesting idea in his noggin that healthcare is a zero-sum game:

“And what happens with health care is it’s a product, a service that has to be taken from one person or group of people and given to somebody [else] to make that a fundamental right for them. And that’s not the American way, that’s the way of totalitarianism and authoritarianism and socialism.”

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Tom Cotton, whom some might mistake as a mini-me version of almost-human The Willard Mechanism tells us that people with pre-existing conditions were better off before The Affordable Care Act.

“Many people were happy with their coverage under the high-risk pool, before it was eliminated,” Cotton said. “They should have been allowed to keep that choice.”

Then he was wheeled back stage for a tune-up, chassis lube, and change of spark plugs.

The Morning Quote

First some background into the quote, which involves some agitprop paid for by the Koch Brothers:

And now some journalism courtesy of HuffPo:

“Before her plan was canceled, Boonstra was paying a $1,100 monthly premium. That’s $13,200 a year, without adding out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescription drugs. But under her new plan, the Blue Cross Premier Gold, Boonstra’s premiums are down to $571 a month, and out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100. That’s a maximum annual expense of $11,952 a year.

“According to The Detroit News, Boonstra said it “can’t be true” that her new coverage is cheaper than her old.”

“I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

And that, Scissorheads, is exactly who and what the Republican Party has become. There is no point in arguing with them, they are Teflon coated and facts are repelled.

The CBO Report

chucktodd: CBO essentially reaffirms GOP talking points on health care. Says it will cost jobs, feel as if it raises taxes and contributes to deficit

Well, not exactly, but as always Todd isn’t fact checking in his reporting, he’s just doing some he-said, she-said fact-free analysis that the GOP will use this. I’m still stunned he has a job.

What the report actually says is that Americans will not have to work as hard or as long just to maintain health care coverage, i.e., we can retire at retirement age. Also, but probably more anecdotal, people who were working copious hours to help pay for healthcare got a break. Jobs are not being eliminated.

The more subtle part of this is that if you hate your job, you don’t have to feel shackled to it just because of healthcare anymore. You can follow your dreams (or they might follow you!) and start your own business and with a healthcare subsidy you will not have that sword hanging over your head.

(Crooks and Liars, TPM, Hullabaloo)

I repeat myself:

Max Baucus surreal

I don’t mind sending Max “Single Payer” Baucus to China. It’s the return trip I object to:

President Barack Obama formally announced Friday plans to nominate Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) as ambassador to China.

“For more than two decades Max Baucus has worked to deepen the relationship between the United States and China,” Obama said in a statement Friday morning. “The economic agreements he helped forge have created millions of American jobs and added billions of dollars to our economy, and he’s perfectly suited to build on that progress in his new role.”