What is it with Elves?

gay-christmas elves

First we had hot sweaty gay sex elves in a video game getting the Xristian Xrazies panties in a knot (“I am the son of a whore and was bred to be an assassin. Wanna hump?”), and now we have pseudo-terrorist elves threatening to blow up malls as part of the liberal’s War on Christmas (no doubt):

Southlake Mall was evacuated Wednesday night after a man dressed as an elf allegedly told the mall Santa that he was carrying dynamite… When Caldwell, who was wearing an elf suit, reached the front of the line, ” he told Santa Claus that he had dynamite in his bag,” Morrow police Capt. James Callaway said. “He said that two times to Santa Claus.”

But the best part of the story is that the news continues to address Santa as, well, Santa:

Santa notified mall security and Morrow police quickly arrested the 5 feet tall, 108 pound Caldwell. The mall was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in to examine the packages.