I Love A Parade

Just whip 'em out an measure 'em, boys.

Just whip ‘em out an measure ‘em, boys.

An open carry demonstration in Richmond, Virginia, fizzled on the 4th of July after only two gun rights activists showed up to celebrate the 2nd Amendment, according to CBS6… Scott Royle, one of the two men who showed up for both demonstrations, was disappointed that people would stay away.

“The people who are choosing to stay away, because of that, are the people we are trying to reach the most, because they are the ones that need the education of the firearms,” Royle said.

Sorry about your penis, son. Jeebus, some people.

“Papers, Please”

Just whip 'em out an measure 'em, boys.

Just whip ‘em out an measure ‘em, boys.

Has it come to this? Why yes, it has:

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress summed the incident up for the newspaper.

“Essentially, it involved one customer with a gun on his hip when a second customer entered with a gun on his hip,” Childress said.

According to the Daily Times, the first man, Ronald Williams, approached the second man in the store and demanded to see his identification and firearms license. Williams also pulled his gun from his holster, without pointing it at the second man. The second man responded by saying that he was not obligated to show any permits or identification — then he paid for his purchase, left the store, and called the police.

Police responded to the call around 3 p.m. Tuesday, and Williams was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct for pulling his gun in the store.

And here’s your post-lunch cookie

(The Oath Keepers are primarily made up of current and former law enforcement officers who promise not to enforce laws they deem to be unconstitutional – and they urge others to do the same.)

“What the state of New York has done, used left wing publications, organizations to identify the targets that they want to eliminate and put pressure on so that we stop doing what we’re doing,” Wallace said. “How can you be in favor of the Constitution, how can you take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and be a patriot, and be somehow put on a terrorist list made up and manufactured by basically communist organizations?”

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Somewhere, Wayne LaPierre is Smiling

gun owner

The man accused of shooting two law enforcement members in California, including a Bureau of Land Management ranger, has had at least one previous run-in with law enforcement and has described himself as the target of a massive government conspiracy.

…because nothing is as good for gun sales as poking the Crazies with a stick, and now one of your Crazies decided to shoot at the Feds and Police.

The ammosexuals are ALL yours, GOP. You’ve gotta problem to solve. Get on it.

The Good Guy With A Gun


So we have another good-guys-with-guns story for you:

WEEK reported that 33-year-old Lori A. Moore and her boyfriend, 36-year-old Lance E. Griffel, were at The Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria on Saturday, when 40-year-old Jason A. Moore walked in and shot them both in the head at pointblank range… According to the New York Daily News, an off-duty FBI officer shot and killed Jason Moore.

So, the final killing toll is three people, with about 100 witnesses.

Of course off-duty FBI officer didn’t know the background story of a crime of passion, and probably thought he was stopping an admittedly bad situation. Will he be charged with a crime? Afterall, about 100 witnesses saw him kill someone. Did he do the right thing?

“Have Pity, I’m A Widower!”

Colorado man pleads not guilty, says he ‘mercy’ killed wife after accidentally shooting her

The NRA should be proud of this one:

White said that Kenneth Lankford told them that he had gotten in an argument with his wife when the couple heard a knock at the door, and were concerned because he had had been in trouble with the law before. The couple retreated to a bedroom, where Kenneth Lankford said that Terry Lankford reached for his gun, and was accidentally shot.

“[Lankford] said Terry was making the most ‘God-awful gurgling sound,’ and he felt horrible, so he held the gun with both hands and shot her to put her out of her misery,” White recalled.

Kenneth Lankford told deputies that he then lashed out at the couple who had knocked on his door, shooting Thomas Fowler in the face. Carol Fowler died after being shot in the chest, collarbone and back of the head.

The Second Amendment, dontcha know.

Some sincere remarks on guns…

Obama's-Alien-Resurrection…from the president:

I have to say that people often ask me, you know, how’s it been being president and, you know, what are my—you know, what am I proudest of and what are my biggest disappointments? And you know, I’ve got 2 1/2 years left. My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of, you know, people who, you know, can do just unbelievable damage.

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