The 1% Kristallnacht, cont.

Sociopath is shocked:

Venture capitalist Tim Draper says he is getting “close” to collecting the necessary 800,000 signatures needed to get his “Six Californias” measure before state voters in 2014 — but he acknowledges his own internal polling shows Silicon Valley is most opposed to the idea of splitting the state into six parts.

“You’d think that Silicon Valley would benefit” greatest from the plan, said Draper, whose plan calls for the foundation of a state of Silicon Valley, which economists suggest would likely be the richest state in the nation. But “Silicon Valley is the least likely to vote for this,” Draper acknowledged Tuesday. “It’s bizarre.”

“How can it be that other rich assholes don’t support me,” Draper did not say.

Draper on Tuesday would not reveal his internal polling — other than to say generally that numbers in Silicon Valley are strongly opposed to the plan and other more conservative parts of the state, like the Central Valley, are in favor. “This is not going to happen overnight,” he said.

“Ah,” Draper did not continue, “the rubes fall for it every time.”


Grifters Gotta Grift



Moose-money! “A donation from the sale of these medallions will be made to Wounded Warrior Project, helping seriously injured service members. Order today to insure a low number.”

And the set of Mooselini Money is only $279 plus change!

(Hat tip: The Charm School Drop-Out)

The Midday Quote


“The plan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many years to reform a health-care system in America that certainly does need more help so that there’s more competition, there’s less tort reform threat, there’s less trajectory of the cost increases, and those plans have been proposed over and over again,” Palin said.

–Mooselini, trying to explain her healthcare plan alternative to Matt Lauer.


Start your Christmas Grift List, Says Palin

Star of Mooselini

Oops, did we say grift? We meant gift. Anyway, Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Mooselini has a new book out. Take it away, Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!):

Next Tuesday, the former vice presidential candidate will embark on a 15-city tour to promote her new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

Palin announced the dates and cities for the first leg of her tour on her Facebook page on Wednesday. More dates will follow after Thanksgiving, she said.

It will start after Thanksgiving?

That’s always a magical time of year for Mooselini.



rat fucking

NewsMax tells us that there is a GOP Civil War a-brewin’, Pa!

Movement-conservative icon, author, and direct-market pioneer Richard Viguerie threw down the gauntlet to establishment Republicans and the GOP leadership Tuesday, charging that conservatives “have been betrayed, abandoned by our leaders, and that includes Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, [and] Reince Priebus at the Republican National Committee.”

Viguerie and other grass-roots conservative leaders are warning that Republicans who voted to end the shutdown on terms favorable to President Barack Obama and the Democrats will face major primary opposition in 2014.

“It’s a civil war in the GOP,” Viguerie declared Saturday in The New York Times.

Asked in an exclusive Newsmax interview Tuesday whether Republicans who went along with ending the shutdown will face a political bloodbath, Viguerie replied: “Oh, absolutely. It’s a war that’s been going on for 101 years, but limited-government conservatives have not been fully engaged. But now they are engaged.”

Viguerie had no hesitation in naming who will be challenged, either.

“We need to primary every single one of these big-government Republicans,” he said, “including Lamar Alexander, Mitch McConnell, [and] Thad Cochran down in Mississippi is being challenged.

But what NewsMax notes at the very beginning— “Movement-conservative icon, author, and direct-market pioneer Richard Viguerie”—is completely forgotten by the end of their civil war article. But it is a significant omission.

Movement-conservative icon, author, and direct-market pioneer Richard Viguerie makes his living by stirring up the rubes and mouth-breathers. He profits from the stupidity of the base. He sends out fund-raising letters and keeps the base panicked about Death Panels and the flood of small checks comes rolling in. A word or two about birth certificates, and another wave rolls in. A Kenyan in the White House, we want our country back, Sharia Law, and a flood of checks comes rolling in.

From Lee Atwater in the ’80s to Karl Rove today, their home-made, Heathkit-like Monster built from Xristian Xrazies and unreformed southern racists has taken over the party of Lincoln. It’s almost comical how closely this story parallels Shelley’s Frankenstein, even to the point that the monster has killed his master. Anyone in Wingnuttia listening to Rove these days, hmmm?

In Wingnuttia, there will always be a RED ALERT cause and a person to agitate for it, no matter how specious. There will always be a Viguerie waiting to profit from the stupidity of their easy marks. It’s surprising to me (not really) that NewsMax fell for this, too, but then again:

A Grifter’s Gotta Grift

An Army of Morons

Grifters Gotta Grift


Famous Townhall typist Hugh Hewitt, a man who can get a thousand winged monkeys to peel bananas in unison, accidentally told the truth the other day (in an ever-expanding universe anything is likely to happen):

“We’re not going to win [defunding Obamacare/shutting down the government]. Please understand that. We’re not going to win this fight. But we are going to educate the American people about what a disaster it is. And we’re going to build the list. And we’re going to identify the activists.”

I thought Wingnuttia’s goal was to actually, you know, defund ObamaCare. Now Hewitt telling us the real goal is to build lists of activists?

“They know from [Turdblossom] that part of the key thing for winning in 2014 is identifying our people. We have to find our people. We are out of the data business. We are rebuilding. Reince Priebus is doing a great job. But we don’t know where they are, and they’re not connected. We gotta find them. And how do you find them? You talk about — you generate excitement — you draw attention to a great debate about ObamaCare. But you know what, the president doesn’t want to do that. He controls the stage. He has the bully pulpit. We have to manufacture occasions and events on which people will listen to our arguments.”

Emphasis was mine in both quotes.

…so Hugh Hewitt is pretty clear about one thing. The effort to defund ObamaCare is not about defunding ObamaCare.

It’s about developing lists of donors and activists from true believers that Wingnuttia is willing to fleece, you know, for the cause. They are banging on the bars of the Monkey House, not for a battle that they can win, but to identify more winged monkeys for future battles.

(Mediaite has the audio)