The Quotable Grandpa Walnuts


“This terrible tragedy [the bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan where Doctors Without Borders were treating victims on the on-going battles] would not have occurred if the Taliban had not attacked the place to start with. I find it ludicrous and insulting that people would say because of this terrible accident that somehow war crimes are committed. To call that a war crime distorts the definition of a war crime.”

Sure, that makes sense: war crimes cannot happen in war zones. Got it.

The Morning Quote

Takes one to know one.

Takes one to know one.

“What [Donald Trump] did was he fired up the crazies.”

Grandpa Walnuts, who as we know weaponized the crazies by selecting Sarah Palin to be his running mate in his doomed 2008 Goat Rodeo run.

One Lump of Stupid or Two, Grandpa Walnuts?

Poor Grandpa Walnuts, he stepped on his dick again:

Your Three Martini Stupid is Served, With a Side of…

SarahPalinShooting…Word Salad:

Hmmm, as people all over the country are reminding each other, this Hillary Scooby-Doo Tour thing sure looks familiar. We’re flattered the liberals think the idea is really keen! Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, it’s also pretty keen to thank the democrats for taking a page out of our playbook and also to share the picturesque, sincere, no-media “One Nation” RV trek of ours a few years ago. From way up North in the natural resource-rich state of Alaska down to the inspirational, loud and patriotic Rolling Thunder Rally in DC to a calm clambake on a cool New Hampshire night, it was a blast to introduce American people and places to folks who crave the reminders of what makes our nation exceptional and free! Our tour is proof we dare not go backwards and fundamentally transform America; instead we must move ahead to fundamentally restore all that is good and safe and strong in America. And we’re pretty good about doing it without letting the media get in the way. (In fact, it was great to see the media finally have to do what the rest of the middle class does every single day – WORK FOR IT. Though I don’t know why they were frustrated not being able to keep up with us, I mean, I was in our bus wrapped in the Constitution!)

McCain-celebrationAnd once again, we must thank Grandpa Walnuts for brining this moron to the nation’s stage.

McCain 2016 Campaign Slogan: “In some ways I am eager”


“I have decided to run for re-election. I’m ready. I am more than ready. In some ways, I am eager.”

Grandpa Walnuts will be 80 on election day, so for AZ, he’s a spring chicken.

(NBC News)

One Lump of Stupid or Two, Grandpa Walnuts?

Walnuts texts his old pal

Walnuts texts his old pal

Oh, dear. It seems that thin-skinned Republican senator John McCain (R-Green Room), who still thinks he won in 2008, doesn’t like having his judgement challenged for signing the seditious open letter to Iran, especially from the Krauts we defeated in World War Two?

Steinmeier’s criticism drew a rebuke from Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona. The German envoy belongs to the “Neville Chamberlain school of diplomacy,” the Washington Post cited McCain as saying. The reference is to the U.K. leader blamed for failing to challenge Nazi Germany in the 1930s and contributing to the launch of World War II.

We need a technical ruling: is this Godwin’s Law?

One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Old Man Yells At Cloud


“For months we’ve been bombing (Syrian border town) Kobane and we still haven’t driven ISIS out. Since the air campaign started… ISIS has increased their size and areas of control.

The reality is, we need more boots on the ground… we need intelligence, we need special forces, and we can’t treat Iraq and Syria as different battlegrounds because it’s the same enemy.”

Grandpa Walnuts, the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman speaking to reporters in Jerusalem.

“A bomb is a terrible thing to waste,” Walnuts did not sniff. “Oh, the humanity!”

Here’s Your Cheese Sandwich With a Side of Stupid

Grandpa Walnuts, you know having Jennifer Ruben, who’s so consistently wrong, praise you for having been “right about a lot of things” is maybe something you don’t want to boast to us about?

It Must Come As A Shock…


…that Grandpa Walnuts, the man so crooked he would need a cork screw to put on his shoes in the morning, would lie about his position on anything:

McCain may have thought he left himself an out when he said his support was dependent on the details. But then he can’t object to the most important detail–the identity of the prisoners–that was known at the time he indicated his support. McCain earns an upside-down Pinocchio, constituting a flip-flop.

The WaPo FactChecker

In Which We Give Thanks For John McCain


“In many respects, illegal aliens in our country today are receiving better health care, more benefits than our troops,” Palin said in an interview on Thursday with FOX’s “Hannity” at the Republican Leadership Conference…“And that is what government-run health care will result in,” Palin said. “It’s inefficient, it takes away choices and isn’t it ironic that those who are willing to sacrifice all, to put their lives, to allow freedom of choices … they’re the ones getting screwed by the VA.”

Thanks Grandpa Walnuts for dropping this word-salad factory turdball on the American People.