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Fashion Week, Continued

Darby O’Gill and the Really Really Little People? (Seriously, was this a thing?)

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Fashion Week Continued!

I really want to know at what *they* are starring? (Also/too: JCPenny?)

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This Exists (Also, Fashion Week AND Valentine’s Day)

Gents, for that black-tie affair. Literally. Yes, it’s a tuxedo for your tool! (And if any of you do this, I want audio of your date laughing hysterically.)

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Fashion Week, Continued!

Oh, dear. They need another sheep for their mixer.

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Bad Ads, Cont.

Cut-offs and cowboy boots? Maybe the Dallas Cowgirls are hiring? (Side eye: Maybe “Action Pants” should be Chuck’s MPS nickname?) (Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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Fashion Week Continued

Before The Village People Were Famous… Special Bonus Point: Frayed Bottom. I read it as ‘Fraid Bottom, but dude doesn’t look ‘fraid of anything.

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Fashion Week Continues! Mooselini Edition

As regular readers know, I’m not a defender of Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Sarah Palin, and in fact enjoy with great gusto and relish whenever the Narcissus Borealis is in the news. The snark writes itself and we … Continue reading

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This Exists (Fashion Week Continues!)

…and you can build them yourself following the directions at Instructables!

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Fashion Week Continued!

“Heather always said you couldn’t accessorize for shit.”

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Fashion Week Continues!

Scissorhead Bluegal sends us this exciting fashion update, gents! Spring 2016 is all about the peen and the shoulders: So get those gym memberships in motion and remember to turn those frowns upside down! Because a fashionable peen is a … Continue reading

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