What are you wearing?

We know that Scissorhead Bluegal’s father was teaching at Kent State when the massacre happened. This is in such poor taste, it is rather breath-taking.

FastCompany has a rundown on the CEO (who is a long-time member of Y’all Qaeda).

Fashion Week Continues!

Get those gams in shape, guys, because the Short Suit is back!

Business Insider tells us that:

J. Crew, Topman, Asos, and Barneys are among the retailers selling the short suit this season. They may be taking cues from fashion icon Pharrell Williams, who donned tuxedo shorts to the Academy Awards earlier this year…

Reiss recommends pairing the shorts with a plain black crew-neck T, suede driving shoes, and a pair of aviator glasses for a look that says “smart and informal.”

All I can think of is John-John in his Christoper Robin suit saluting the casket.

Fashion Week Continues!

Fry pants

Gents, I hope that if any of you buy these that 1) you never tell me and 2) you never forget to close the fly.

Burger shirt

Suggested pick up line at the bar: “Hold the mayo, baby!” Hubba-hubba!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

Fashion Week Continues!

bed head

Sometimes gents find it difficult to know if she really likes you… well, no more! Bring the bed with you ladies, and give him the hint that he really needs!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)