Fashion Week – Bond Style

I love this info graphic. It has me stirred, but not shaken. Also/Too: I can probably guess which unfortunate clothes were from the Roger Moore ’70s Bond movies. The entire website is a treat, by the way. The treatise on men’s shirt collars is obesessive and compelling evidence that the Internet and blogging is alive and well. I also makes me think about trying some different styles. I admit it: I’d dress like Bond if I could.

(And I know, the Bond movies are adolescent, sexist, cold war agitprop… but Bond remains the high-water mark of the well-dressed man.)

Fashion Week: Brisket® Palin Approved Prom Gowns

Our sometimes pal, brawlin’ Brisket® Palin , the most famous unwed teenage mom of our time, is giving a shout-out to fellow Dancing with the Stars, um, hoofer, Sadie Robertson for her choice of prom gowns! You see, they are modest and daddy-approved. Not baby-daddy approved:

You guys know I loved what Sadie Robertson did on Dancing with the Stars last season. She was true to her values and her faith the whole season, especially in these two dances. She also got attention for choosing modest and age appropriate costumes, that were still adorable and beautiful!

I guess she had some practice in working with wardrobe, since last year she partnered with Sherri Hill to bring out the “Sadie Robertson Live Original” line of prom dresses at the NY Fashion Week. Well, the news just hit… she’s doing more “daddy-approved” dresses this year!

I guess Sadie had nothing in Gorilla for Brisket that one could wear to a good beating, but maybe next year?