The Death of the Media

The Death of the Media

Rubio and Charlie McCarthyIn a story reporting that Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio has already raised $40M Ameros for his ride in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, The Hill breathlessly sums-up his first week on the campaign trail thusly:

“Rubio has had an active week since his big announcement. In the last few days, he called for a more aggressive stance toward Russia, noted he would attend a same-sex wedding despite his opposition to gay marriage, and mocked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s trip to Chipotle.”

This is the final graph of a very short (horse-race) story that he raised $40M American, which they leave out of the summary. Now the only real policy issue mentioned in passing is the bit about being aggressive toward Russia (never saying what he said or what it means), and the other two items are fluff and gossip.

That gives us our MPS formula for 2016 Goat Rodeo reporting: leave out the big story and any analysis of what it means ($40M), and one third of what remains is about personality and another third is bitchy gossip, and the final third might be policy.

That’s our Constitutionally free and unfettered press, hard at work, to help us make informed decisions.

Your Bottomless Mimosa of Stupid is Served

The Death of the Media

“I think Benghazi was a 3:00 a.m. phone call that she never picked up,” he said. “She didn’t — she didn’t provide the security, not just that day, for nine months. Dozens and dozens of requests for more security, all completely ignored by Hillary Clinton.” [Crooks and Liars]

–Sen. Rand Paul the Schrödinger’s Candidate, explains to us that the reason Hillary Clinton will not be preznint is because of benghazi!, Benghazi!, BENGHAZI!!1!

Of course what is amazing/maddening is that the host didn’t push back.

(Full disclosure: the late Ambassador Stevens and I knew each other in high school, and yes, this is personal.)

The Death of the (Sexist) Media, Cont.

Hussies Today

The field is crowded

The field is crowded

The NYTimes might as well call Hillary a demirep:

“Many factors played into the timing of Mrs. Clinton’s announcement. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, whom Mrs. Clinton’s advisers are watching closely as a potential opponent, staked a claim on Monday as his announcement date. Mrs. Clinton’s announcement on Sunday will certainly draw attention from Mr. Rubio’s entry into the race and could well eclipse it.”

“And while the move could invite criticism as unsportsmanlike, her campaign is betting that Democrats will applaud the show of force against a Republican. (Others involved insisted the date was selected before Mr. Rubio scheduled his event, but said that the juxtaposition was an added bonus.)”

You know, with half of Y’all Qaeda running in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, would there be an announcement date in which a real lady could politely defer to a man?

(On the bright side of course, this is yet another rake that Marco Rubio gets to step on.)

The Death of the Media, Cont.

Shorter Tucker: Don’t Call Me Misogynist Over My Brother’s ‘Email To This Chick’

“He wrote back a pretty nasty response. He accidentally hit reply all, and sent it back to her. So she, recognizing a publicity opportunity, sent it to all these websites that printed it. All of a sudden, I was a misogynist because my brother wrote some mean email to this chick.”

-Hebephrenic TeeVee Dinner heir and vanity press owner Tucker Carlson.

Tucker doesn’t mention that his brother Buckley (if anyone ever complains to me about the names of black kids again I’m going to raise this as a counter-argument) called NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesperson Amy Spitalnick (‘the chick’) a “whiny little self-righteous b*tch” who has “extreme d*ck-fright,” which is kinda pertinent to the discussion.

The Death of the Media, Part Infinity

Good lord, Andrea Tantoros wants to kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to prevent The Kenyan Usurper from trading him aarble aarble aarble…to ISIS?


Good liberal that I am, I don’t believe in the death penalty: I don’t like the idea of the Government killing us Citizens for any reason, regardless if “he deserves it.” (I cannot believe Bill-O, History’s Greatest Reporter and I agree on anything. Stunned, I am.)

Also/too: if I could not flip the switch or press the button, I don’t want someone else doing it in my name. Lock him up, throw away the key, make him watch Lifetime shows for all eternity.

News That Will Drive You To Drink

The Death of the Media

Don't be the news, Chris.

Don’t be the news, Chris.

The problem with Tweetie is almost always that he is single-mindedly focused on tactics. “Will this ad/issue/decision work,” not “is ad/issue/decision foul,” which is why most of the time he comes across as an amoral blowhard.

In this clip, Matthews seems to have his usual efficacy schtick going (the right wing attack ads aimed at Sen. Rand Paul ads will not be effective), but also he seems personally offended by them. After a moment you realize that what has offended him the most is that the segment essentially was playing some ads for free.

“I certainly wouldn’t put them on free, Tom. That’s what we should stop doing. Stop running rightwing ads for free on our network.”

Given all today’s bad news from the world of NBC, he might have a point.

The Death Of the Media, Cont.


“No senior official spoon-fed me a line about WMD.”

“I fed myself, with a steam shovel,” Miller didn’t say. “Put on about a metric shit ton, too.”

(Judith Miller tries to rehab herself in the Wall Street Journal. However, The Guardian sets her lying ass straight.)

The Death of the Media: No Teleprompter For Cruz

The Death of the Media

So the liberal media has come to this, breathlessly reporting that Canadian-born latino and immigrant-hating southern white supremacist Senator Ted Cruz did Not use a teleprompter to make his announcement speech:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made his speech announcing that he would run for the presidency without the assistance of a teleprompter, his spokesman said Monday.

…Conservatives have sometimes tried to use President Obama’s reliance on the prompter to paint him a shallow leader who is stronger on rhetoric than on substance.”

Someone, get the Enigma machine! I don’t understand the coded message!

The Death of the Media

angry robot attacks

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) breathlessly tells us that MSNBC is going to pretty much throw out everything and start over:

“The extent of that change could be vast: In the months ahead, MSNBC is likely to shake up the bulk of its programming, moving some shows and canceling others, high-level sources at NBCUniversal told POLITICO. With few exceptions — notably “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Morning Joe” — every program is at risk of being moved or cancelled, those sources said. “All In with Chris Hayes,” a ratings suck that currently occupies the 8 p.m. time slot, will almost certainly be replaced. Network execs are also considering moving some weekday shows, like “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton,” to weekends.”

I’m betting this is going to be the quote that will be used on all the conservative blogs today:

“The plan is to re-imagine what [MSNBC] is,” one high-level NBCUniversal insider with knowledge of the network’s plans said, “because the current lineup is a death wish.”

So why is this a Death of the Media post? Because like everything in Politico, it is all unattributed and off-the-record reporting, which is their preferred way of putting the razor blade in the apple.

Here’s an example: After telling us that new NBC News Group Chairman Andrew Lack is “likely to rein in MSNBC’s ever-leftward drift and focus instead on creating more news-driven programming,” later in the article Politico tells us that Lack declined to be interviewed for the article. As did MSNBC president Phil Griffin. Rachel Racusen, who is the MSNBC VP of Communication, denies the report.

So let’s summarize: Politico didn’t talk to any of the key players who would be making these decisions, MSNBC denies the allegations, and Politico advances a story with only unnamed sources.