The Sunday Talkies is up at Crooks and Liars

blam-blam darth

As always, Nicole Belle has the rundown, and once again her head notes to the post are required reading.

Today Nicole takes on Maddow’s recent claim that “we” were all fooled by the bad intelligence that led us into the Iraq War, etc. But especially she takes on the claim that the media was fooled.

Bravo, and well done Nicole!

The only thing I would add is to carefully look at Face the Nation’s discussion of Ukraine: there is not one single person who is not a hawk or a neocon. It is really shocking that the breadth of opinion is from A to B and back again.

A Kinder, Gentler Fox News

According to Business Week, there is a disturbance in the Force:

The Next Ailes: Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy Preps TV Rival to Fox News

Here’s the take-away: Ruddy sees an opening in the cable news market for a conservative audience that feels Fox has turned too far to the right. Well, he could look to CNN to see how well it is doing (if this is one of their months to swing rightward).

Says Ruddy:

“Our goal is to be a little more boomer-oriented [TG: yeah, the Boomers never have a voice in anything], more information-based rather than being vituperative and polarizing,” he says. Ruddy says he can make NewsmaxTV profitable entirely through advertising and selling Newsmax’s consumer products over the air. It’s the same business model that’s been sucessful [sic] for QVC, Home Shopping Network, and numerous televangelists, but no one has tried it on cable news. He’s quick to add that he doesn’t need to beat Fox News, he just needs to shave off a little of its audience — particularly those conservatives who feel Fox has drifted too far to the right. “If we take 10 to 15 percent of the Fox audience,” he says. “and they are making $1 billion a year, then we are going to be hugely profitable.”

In the greater scheme of things, I’m always glad to watch wingnuts beat each other silly, it is a win-win in my opinion. And if Ruddy hurts Fox News in the wallet, all the better.

The problem of course, is that this assumes that there is a limited amount of crazy out there to be shared by a few cable channels, and I suspect it is not a closed system. Just like building freeways, no matter how many, they will always fill up.

Another Morning Quote

Scott Brown

In a brief interview Monday in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, the former Massachusetts senator [Scott Brown] said he was still seriously weighing whether to run in New Hampshire against Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and would “probably” make a decision before the June filing deadline.

Good idea, Sparky.

(Breathlessly reported by Politico)

Dancing with the Gregory

Death of the Media

Why is this even positioned as a debate? It just legitimizes the know-nothing of climate denial.

Blackburn made assertions without presenting any evidence. Nye presented evidence. That said, Dancin’ Dave gives Blackburn more time to present her industry perspective, and then calls it quits.