Reading the Times: All About Jill

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All About Jill: Reading The Times (via Liberaland)

You don’t need the Enigma Machine to read between the lines of the NY Times decision to fire Jill Abramson—their first-ever female Executive Editor—and her place her with Dean Basquet—their first-ever black Executive Editor. Let’s investigate…

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The Sunday Talkies

It seems that all the Sunday Talkies were committing ritual seppuku in honor of Baby Jeebus leaving the cave to look for better housing, but This Week with a Greek Dwarf really sank about as low as you can get with infamous grifters and more infamous fetus-fondling god-botherers. Anyway, I think that they were trying for some Jeebus is Risen perspective and instead, they got this:

You know you are in for some really nutty talk when there are three religious whack jobs (including Franklin Graham, the dim son of the original Elmer Gantry) and Cokie “But the Democrats…” Roberts are on a panel. Our old pal Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy takes one pointy-toed kick to the nuts from Cokie and folds like a cheap suit.

Anytime Ralphie gets on the ropes, he turns to social science, which is always funny because his entire career is an exercise in denying that there is any social science. The Silent Majority, the Christian Coalition (from which he fled only moments before the Feds got there) to the warm embrace of Casino lobbying Jack Abramoff (and his gentle ministration fleecing native people) was all premised upon the Xristian Xrazies not being represented in surveys, legislation, and the media, you know, Social Science.

When Betteridges Law and Godwin’s Law Met, It Was Murder

The Death of the Media

Hitler News

CNN should keep looking for that plane (even after it is found). Anyway, here we go again with the Stupid: Can this KKK leader rebrand?

(CNN) — Pointy hats, white robes, crosses burning, bodies hanging from trees.

The images of the Ku Klux Klan are reminders of the nation’s ugliest moments from the Civil War through the struggle for racial equality in the 1960s.

Last Sunday, the world was confronted with another image of the Klan: 73-year-old Frazier Glenn Cross, a white supremacist and avowed anti-Semite, in the back of a police car, spitting, “Heil Hitler!”


[Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona], who lives in Missouri, insists there’s a new Klan for modern times — a Klan that’s “about educating people to our ideas and getting people to see our point of view to … help change things.”

He said he and those like him can spread that message without violence — a sort of rebranding of the Klan.

Betteridges Law of Headlines posits that if the headline poses a question, the answer is “NO.” And essentially implies that the publisher is wasting your time, which seems to be CNN’s new business plan (this week).

“We interrupt this program for an important update!”

The Death of the Media

“Some trash has been found.”

angry robot attacks

On Sunday, CNN interrupted “Reliable Sources” to report …on four objects CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield called “the most promising lead so far.” But she then proceeded to discuss with correspondent Will Ripley that the major discovery was likely trash.

“When you actually get down to the ocean and you recover the items, it might turn out to be a different story,” Ripley said. “That seems to be the case that we are now learning.”

In related news, some cigarette butts were spotted near the CNN driveway. Coincidence? Some say “No!”


Dancing with the Gregory: NBC Has A Solution

Meet David Gregory's hair

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks, Charlie!) tells us:

NBC’s “Meet The Press” finished a distant third in both total viewership and the demo this week, marking yet another devastating loss in what has been a brutal winter for the former king of Sunday morning public affairs programming.

“Meet” brought in just 2.804 million viewers for its March 23 program, far behind ABC’s “This Week” with 3.400 million and CBS’s “Face The Nation,” which topped with 3.938 million. In the demo, “Meet” had just 805,000 viewers, trailing ABC’s 1.053 million and CBS’s 1.177 million.

So what is NBC going to do? Replace The Death Rattle with Morning Squint and the Meat Puppet, as previously rumored?

HuffPo reported last week that, in the face of low ratings and mounting criticism, NBC is “doubling down” on Dancin’ Dave, betting that that the oh-so-desireable Yout-of-today will be drawn in using web-only interviews and increased digital engagement.


Yup, when people are running away from the stench of rotting corpses, what you do is offer them more ways to smell the rot in different venues.

Well, I suppose it could be worse: they could have decided to have Grandpa Walnuts co-host. Oh, wait.

Whiny (media) kid is whiny

The Death of the Media

Brainiac Nate Silver writes a column that is almost like a parody:

During FiveThirtyEight’s tenure with The New York Times, Mr. Krugman referred to FiveThirtyEight or to Nate Silver 21 times. Over all, 15 of these references were favorable, as compared to five neutral references and one unfavorable one.

But Mr. Krugman’s views of FiveThirtyEight have changed since it re-launched March 17 under the auspices of ESPN. The columnist has mentioned FiveThirtyEight four times in just nine days, all in negative contexts. (Mr. Silver has frequently criticized what he calls “pundits” and “opinion journalists,” including those who write for The Times.)

And then Silver makes a chart of all the times Krugman has said anything about him over the lifespan of 538, and rates them.

I’m not kidding.

There was a kid in my grammar school who did this and weekly presented his evidence to the teacher that the other kids did not like him. I think at that point the teacher felt sorry for us that this little dweeb would be following us for life, tallying the number of outrageous slings and arrows fate shot at him to prove to us that we did not like him. We could have stone cold told him that and saved him the trouble.

And this is the New Media for which we are supposed to be cheering?


“Some say,” some said: Journalism

The Death of the Media


The Guardian UK tells us:

There are reasons to be cheerful about the future of news media, according to the latest review of the industry in the United States by the Pew Research Centre.

It believes the news business looks a little healthier than of late, thanks in part to an influx of new investors and new jobs being offered by new digital start-ups.

But the report also notes that traditional media organisations, which continue to dominate the industry, are still shrinking at a fast rate, with declining revenue and job losses.

So Jeff Bezos is a reason to cheer? Ezra Klein hiring self-loathing gays is a breakthrough? What else is going on in the Media? In a different article, The Guardian tells us:

A US newspaper has told its reporters that their annual bonuses will depend on the number of online stories they file.
The Oregonian, the paper distributed in Portland, Oregon, has demanded that journalists post new articles three times a day, according to internal documents revealed by Willamette Week.

Reporters are also expected to increase their average number of daily posts by 25% by the middle of the year and an extra 15% during the second half of the year.

They are also being required to post the first comment under any significant article on the website,, in order to stimulate online conversations among readers.

Um, trolling? They are going to drive readership and ad revenue by trolling?

Anyway, it is good to know that the state of the US news is being reported in the UK.