It’s Not Your Dad’s Oldsmobile GOP

The Death of the Media

Trumpenstein Monster from K-N-K

Every blogger in Left Bloggistan worth his ration of rum has been saying for years that the GOP created a monster with the Southern Strategy (thanks St. Ronnie!). Sure we’ve said it in different ways, but it always comes back to chickens coming home to roost, the monster always destroys the maker, you gotta dance with them whut brung you, etc.

We’ve said for a long while that the story of our times is that the New Confederacy has gone bonkers and that our elite media refuses to acknowledge that the Republicans are one fork shy of a place setting.

Instead we get Both Sides, and each time it is more ludicrous than the previous. At some point I hope that the media moguls get a scorecard for how their stooges are doing with their predictions:

  • Halperin—F
  • Todd—F
  • Brooks—F+

Since the 2016 Goat Rodeo began in earnest we’ve been waiting for someone, anyone, everyone in the Village to stop with these Coleridge-like, smoke-induced stories about how the Republicans were going to quit their summer-fling with fascism and candidates who would make Pol Pot blush and just say it: Trump is the Republican Party, Bennie-the-Blade is the Republican Party; the support for those two candidates alone is the vast majority of the base. No one else comes close.

¡JEB! and his ilk of establishment Republicans have lost control of the monster, and the monster is coming for them.

In just the last few days Trump has called for all Muslims to be in a database and in some way be marked for identification; Carson has said every American should be tracked in a database; and pseudo-establishment candidate Marco Rubio has upped the game even from there: not only should Mosques be shut down, anyplace where Muslims gather should be, too. Boring John Kasich actually has said out loud, in public, that he wants to create an office to proselytize Christianity to the rest of the world. Make no mistake about it: that is a call for a Crusade.

You, the MSM, please tell me what the candidates on the Left have said that is the equivalent? You cannot because nothing like that exists. So don’t tell me that there is some sort of mystical, mythical middle in this Goat Rodeo. It is quite literally Republican candidates who should be eating soft food in an institution somewhere quiet vs. sane people who want nothing more than for the government to work on solutions to our many, many problems (thanks to Chimpy et al).

There is no both sides. The media and their pundits have failed us spectacularly, and somewhere Rupert Murdoch is smiling.

And Coming Soon To Your Liberal TeeVee

The Death of the Media Continues!

Drooling fuckknuckle

A bust from The Pantheon of Dunces

The Brainiacs at MSNBC have decided in all their glorious wisdom that the way to boffo ratings is to license the rights to re-broadcast rival network Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect.” Starring Mark ‘Always Wrong’ Halperin (and invisible man John Heilman).

MSNBC could just play an endless loop of Halperin calling Obama a dick on Morning Joe and be done with it.

Best quote in the article:

Trying to be more relevant by running reruns of Mark Halperin that first aired on a rival network that no one watches?

Good luck with that.

Note to prosecutors: I’d check to see if NBC has taken out life insurance on MSNBC.

Well, It Isn’t Because of Your Beauty, Bill-O

The Death of the Media

History's Greatest Reporter

History’s Greatest Reporter

History’s greatest reporter Bill O’Reilly continues his pissing match with Admiral Weener, er, George Will:

Desperate Times, Disparate Measures

The Fox Commandment, cont.

Got that? Ben Carson’s lies are accidental and meaningless, unlike Hillary Clinton’s destructive lies on benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1!

(And again, full disclaimer: the late Ambassador Chris Stevens was a friend of mine from high school.)

“Some Say,” Some Said

The Death of the Media

The cootie catcher says...

The cootie catcher says…

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) does it again and wins the morning with another of their breathless, unattributed gossip pieces. This time, their target is amateur egyptologist and noted full-West Point scholarship-ient (is too a word!) Ben Carson, of whom TBOTP says “Ben Carson may be flying high in the polls for now, but he can’t win the Republican nomination.”

Let’s check out how they’ve reached that conclusion!

  • offered one New Hampshire Republican
  • predicted a South Carolina Republican
  • said a Nevada GOP respondent
  • a South Carolina Republican said
  • a New Hampshire Republican said
  • Added another New Hampshire Republican
  • Iowa Caucus insiders said
  • 84 percent of Iowa GOP respondents concluded
  • said one GOP insider from Iowa
  • Agreed another
  • Insiders also raised questions
  • a Nevada Republican said
  • said a South Carolina Republican
  • Added a Nevada Republican
  • Among Democratic insiders, however, 94 percent predicted
  • an Iowa Democrat said
  • added a New Hampshire Democrat
  • several insiders said
  • a New Hampshire Democrat said
  • suggested a neutral Nevada insider


Well, if Katie Glueck—Politico’s resident cootie catcher— says the hot gossip is true, you know that it must be true. She did math on it and everything!

As always, there’s a difference between speaking off the record on background to add more depth to a well-reported story, but without anyone going on the record this is just middle-school hallway gossip, and not journalism.

Betteridge´s Law of Headlines is in Effect, Politico

The Death of the Media

And once again we are called to remind everyone of Betteridge´s law of headlines: if the headline asks a question, the answer is NO.

And with that reminder, we go to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) once again:

Has Obama set loose a new Willie Horton?

Well, no.

The president is releasing 6,000 federal prisoners mostly for low-level drug offenses. There is not a convicted murderer in the lot, and given how the long-ago Willie Horton incident and very racist attack ad was credited with giving Poppy Bush the preznintcy, one can only assume that Politico has an agenda by framing their story this way.

And they know it:

But the mass release set to be completed Monday will test the resolve of this new consensus heading into an election year. The infamous Willie Horton ad is on the minds of activists on both sides: They haven’t forgotten how the grainy, black-and-white mug shot of a bearded black man helped sink Michael Dukakis’s 1988 presidential campaign. As Massachusetts governor, “he allowed first degree murderers to have weekend passes from prison,” says a narrator, before describing how Horton kidnapped a couple and raped the woman while out on furlough.

The people released between Friday and Monday are not first degree murderers – they’re low-level drug offenders, and almost a third are immigrants just headed for a different type of pre-deportation detention — but opponents of sentencing reform are already looking for the next Horton.

This is really shameful, even for Tiger Beat on the Potomac.

Your Sunday Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, ¡JEB!

Death of the Media

¡JEB! is a son-of-a-Babs

¡JEB! is a son-of-a-Babs

Let’s listen to ¡JEB! The Smartest Bush® try to spin his “I could be doing cool things” melt-down, to chinless Chuck Todd:

CHUCK TODD: Well you know, a week ago, you seemed extraordinarily frustrated, and you’re obviously frustrated now. Frustrated with the punditry class, a little frustrated with the debate.

JEB BUSH: No, look–

CHUCK TODD: But you went off. You said, “I got plenty of cool things to do. I don’t–“

JEB BUSH: No, that was completely–

CHUCK TODD: –“need this.” What did that mean?

JEB BUSH: –taken out of context. I got a standing ovation in front of 500 people, not all of whom were my supporters. This was Tim Scott’s deal. Ask him. I mean, it was, there was a real connection there. What I was saying don’t elect me if you want to maintain the gridlock. It’s not about me. It’s not about the personalities on the stage.

And as always, Todd doesn’t push back or go deeper.

So is ¡JEB! saying HIS campaign is not about HIM? Again, his campaign seems to be performance art.

(Hat tip: Crooks and Liars, and full disclosure: I’m still blocked by Chuck Todd on Twitter, my proudest accomplishment.)

Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid is Served, Chuck Todd

The Death of the Media

The Spice Must Flow

The Spice Must Flow

Chuck Todd, the Wingnut water-carrying Villager, once again proves to us that there is no way he’s ever going to fact-check a politician, because said-pol might not come onto his show to recite talking points:

“You’re a Florida guy, I’m a Florida guy,” Scarborough said to Chuck Todd. “I think it was [CNBC host] Becky Quick who went down the list of proven things about Marco’s foreclosures and all of Marco’s economic problems. Talking about lying; Marco said ‘I’m not going to answer those lies they’ve all been discredited.’”

“I think I would have stopped him there,” co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed.

“Marco just flat-out lied to the American people, there,” he continued. “And I was stunned that the moderators didn’t stop there and go, ‘Wait a second, these are court records. What are you talking about?’”

“Todd wouldn’t go so far, saying instead that Rubio “deflected” the question. “Did he lie or not?” Scarborough pressed.

“Well, I don’t know what your definition of lying is,” Todd said. “What she said was factually correct. He tried to say ‘discredited.’ That is wrong obviously.”

“Was Becky telling the truth about his foreclosures and all of his economic problems? Or was Marco Rubio telling the truth?” Scarborough pressed.

“No, everything she said was factually correct,” Todd said.

“Okay, so Becky was telling the truth, Marco was lying,” Scarborough concluded. “And yet everybody’s going, ‘Oh, Marco was great.’ No, Marco lied about his financials.”

So got that? The CNBC moderator was factually correct, but Marco Rubio didn’t lie, he deflected.

UPDATED: Found the vid

(Full disclosure: Chuck Todd continues to block me—an obscure blogger—on Twitter, which is probably my proudest boast, ever.)

News That Will Drive You To Drink

"Oh, gross," said the fish

“Oh, gross,” said the fish

Recently, we’ve all heard that our ol’ target pal, Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver famed in song and story, is likely to run to be the next Speaker of the House. But did you know that he is not a true conservatard?

Linda Harvey writing at BarbWire, the blog-like thingie of Matt Barber, the man who only thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night tells us the breaking news:

“Is this a trick? It’s certainly not a treat. America may be handed a Speaker who will open the door for the “gay” lobby to achieve its fondest dream, even beyond marriage… And he apparently thinks people are born homosexual because he has “gay” friends.

You see, Linda Harvey discovered that ZEGS once supported ENDA… in 2007, so it is breaking news in 2015? Sure, why not? It’s BarbWire, it doesn’t have to be timely or accurate, it just has to be sensational and frighten the rubes.

And Linda Harvey specializes in that:

“The “Equality Act” seeks to revise the 1964 Civil Rights Act to add the categories of “sexual orientation,” “gender identity” and “sex,” with sex including even delusions of femininity and masculinity, not limited to actual biology… The House bill has 170 co-sponsors, with 39 in the Senate. All so far are Democrats and independents. Microsoft, Apple, Google and other corporations have pledged support for this anti-Christian, anti-American bill, so Republicans may start taking heat from Wall Street to back this unconstitutional power grab… This measure covers not just employment, but housing, public accommodations and education. Parents, that means public schools…And the Equality Act would open the door to proudly gender-bending people in our armed forces.”

And so there you have it: Paul Ryan is a ‘mo-loving RINO. BURN HIM!

BREAKING: Biden Still Not Running Despite WaPo

The Death of the Media

The WaPo is out standing in their field

The WaPo is out standing in their field

I swear to blog, it just keeps happening. According to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!):

“The Washington Post published an item Monday evening to its website with the headline “Biden to launch a presidential campaign.”

“But even the fast clickers were disappointed to reach a page on the Washington Post website titled “Editor’s Note” that read, “This file was inadvertently published.”

And, if you are interested, here is the dummy story.