Here’s Some Dumb to go With Your Afternoon Tea

Don't Laugh At Me

[Sen. Warren, if she ran for president] would energize the Democratic Party’s liberal base, which would then stir up other Democrats who seek to moderate or contain that group.

John Dickerson at Slate

Good lord, Dickerson’s looking to the left for an equivalent to the Teabaggers, there just isn’t one. There is no Both Sides here, fool.

The Stupid, It Buuuurns

Did you really mean to say that?

What a scoop:

Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice Jay Sekulo revealed that the former chief of staff to former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, Nikole Flax, visited the White House 35 times after talking with former head of tax exempt groups Lois Lerner about working to criminally prosecute conservative tea party groups for “lying” about political activity. At the White House, Flax met with a top Obama aid during some of those visits.

It’s called a staff meeting. They happen usually weekly, and usually in a conference room. Oh, wait! That might be the next scoop!

The Sunday Talkies Are Up At Crooks and Liars

The Death of the Media

A cure for whatever ailes me

The list of pontificating poltroons is up at C&L, and as always, we can see that the range of political opinion runs the gamut from A to B and back again.

Talking heads the right today include war criminals and think-tank Napoleons, including Satan’s Favorite Son Dick Cheney. Unless someone is going to pimp-slap Blam-blam or torture him with a garage door opener, I cannot imagine what good ABC thinks will come from having him on. There is only one Dim on the entire line-up of the Big Three shows.

That’s our free and unfettered press, fellow patriots. Enjoy!

The Enemy of My Enemy


Tiger Beat on the Potomac, as Charlie Pierce would say, makes me want to drink antifreeze today with its hit piece on teachers unions.

Long among the most powerful forces in American politics, the unions are contending with falling revenue and declining membership, damaging court cases, the defection of once-loyal Democratic allies — and a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign portraying them as greedy and selfish.

Not to mince words, but that multimillion-dollar public relations campaign portraying them as greedy and selfish is an on-going project funded by billionaires who believe they know what should happen in schools, because they are billionaires. Oh, and they also want to privatize the schools, because you know, free market will make winners out of everyone, especially the billionaires.

That some of these billionaires also run some very large corporations (the Fisher family, owners of The Gap, for instance) who have made their fortunes by cutting and running their manufacturing overseas in countries where there are no unions is merely a coincidence. And when you add into the mix that these billionaires are, how to put it delicately, rabid right wingers who see (teachers) unions as the muscle behind Democratic voter turn-out, very little in this story surprises me.

Here’s Your Cheese Sandwich With a Side of Stupid

hot nuts

“But the anti-gun nuts, they will be out in force, saying it’s all the guns”. I predict that we’ll find again that yet another person who used a gun was compromised by one or more psychological or psychiatric illnesses that could have been detected.”

Keith Ablow, Fox News’ psychic friend psychiatrist doing yet another long-distance diagnosis as an on-going shooting event in Oregon.

“Some Say,” Some said.

Ron Fournier at the National Journal writes another piece based upon the voices he hears:

In the 18 months since I began writing columns focused on the presidency, virtually every post critical of Obama has originated from conversations with Democrats. Members of Congress, consultants, pollsters, lobbyists, and executives at think tanks, these Democrats are my Obama-whispers.

There’s kind of problem here, Ron. An x-whisperer usually trains the X to do his bidding, but do continue.

They respect and admire Obama but believe that his presidency has been damaged by his shortcomings as a leader; his inattention to details of governing; his disengagement from the political process and from the public; his unwillingness to learn on the job; and his failure to surround himself with top-shelf advisers who are willing to challenge their boss as well as their own preconceived notions.

This last whisper is that he is talking to top-shelf advisors who think that they should be in charge (ie, Grandpa Walnuts who still thinks he won in 2008). What else are the voices whispering, Ron?

Few frustrated Democrats are willing to complain openly. I grant them anonymity, which creates a problem: Readers, for good reason, don’t trust anonymous quotes. One way to avoid deluging readers with unnamed Democrats is for me to digest their complaints along with other reporting to shape my columns and tweets.

Oh. So you could cite more anonymous sources who complain openly? You know, if none of them wants to whisper on record, that might be an indication that The Kenyan Usurper is not as done, finished, and kaput as you wish, Ron. Twig it through.

The real question, Ron, is how do you get wild proclamations published with no cited sources. Are you Peggy Noonan? Are there no editors at the National Journal?

The Death of the Media, Isla Vista Edition

The Death of the Media

Let’s watch wretched father of Chris Martines give his statement to the press:

Now,let’s look at how the AP reported it:

“Our son Christopher and six others are dead,” Richard Martinez told reporters gathered outside a sheriff’s station for a news conference the day after the shootings near the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the 20-year-old son was a sophomore. “You don’t think it’ll happen to your child until it does.”

Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, of Los Osos, Calif., was the last of six people killed by suspect Elliot Rodger before the gunman apparently shot and killed himself, authorities said.

Martinez choked back tears as he spoke, then grew angrier as he talked about gun laws and lobbyists.

Notice anything missing?

“The talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?” Martinez said. “When will enough people say: ‘Stop this madness! We don’t have to live like this! Too many people have died!”

He then punctuated his words as he said, “We should say to ourselves: ‘Not! One! More!’” before dissolving into tears and falling to his knees as he stepped from the podium.

He fell to his knees?

This is just irresponsible journalism. This is not what the thrust of Mr. Martinez’ statement was, he specifically called out politicians and the NRA. Someone at the AP has an agenda to edit this story is such a sloppy way, with both the sin of omission and commission.

A Call To Action

It’s time to be citizen journalists and to call BS on the AP’s reporting.

The AP website has comments, if you feel so compelled you can let the author, Frank Baker, know what you think of his reporting.

You can send the AP a tweet here (if you use Twitter):

AP’s Facebook Page is here, if you use Facebook.

Send an email to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate editor or reporter, they say.

Remember, be professional and courteous, ask for a correction.

Belated Hat Tip: Scissorheads Purplehead and M.Bouffant who both got it way before me.