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The Sunday Talkies

Meet David Gregory's hair

In case you were looking for it, Dancin’ with the Gregory was pre-empted… wait for it…

…for soccer.

On the bright side, NBC might actually have some viewers this morning.

Both sides…

gregory surreal

One of the really interesting reactions to the news that Dancin’ Dave is on the ropes at NBC—to the point that they hired some sort of psychologist to talk to his circle of friends—is the reaction that this is having on the left and right side of the blogosphere. It seems everyone hates Dancin’ with the Gregory, not just us Commie vituperative foul-mouth bloggers of the left. Here’s a small rundown of Wingnuttia, who of course hate everyone in the lamestream media, even when those people are their toadies and minions:

  • Ann Althouse: What is NBC going to do about the post-Russert crashing ratings of “Meet the Press”?
  • Hot Air: NBC wonders: What makes David Gregory tick?
  • NewsBusters: NBC Tried ‘Unusual’ Psychological Assessment to Figure Out David Gregory and His Flagging ‘Meet The Press’ Ratings
  • The Daily Caller: NBC wants to know what’s wrong with David Gregory
  • And bringing up the rear, Noah Rothman at Mediaite: NBC Allegedly Hired ‘Psychological’ Consultant to Evaluate David Gregory; NBC Counters


Dancing with the Gregory: NBC Has A Solution

Meet David Gregory's hair

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks, Charlie!) tells us:

NBC’s “Meet The Press” finished a distant third in both total viewership and the demo this week, marking yet another devastating loss in what has been a brutal winter for the former king of Sunday morning public affairs programming.

“Meet” brought in just 2.804 million viewers for its March 23 program, far behind ABC’s “This Week” with 3.400 million and CBS’s “Face The Nation,” which topped with 3.938 million. In the demo, “Meet” had just 805,000 viewers, trailing ABC’s 1.053 million and CBS’s 1.177 million.

So what is NBC going to do? Replace The Death Rattle with Morning Squint and the Meat Puppet, as previously rumored?

HuffPo reported last week that, in the face of low ratings and mounting criticism, NBC is “doubling down” on Dancin’ Dave, betting that that the oh-so-desireable Yout-of-today will be drawn in using web-only interviews and increased digital engagement.


Yup, when people are running away from the stench of rotting corpses, what you do is offer them more ways to smell the rot in different venues.

Well, I suppose it could be worse: they could have decided to have Grandpa Walnuts co-host. Oh, wait.

The Death of the Media for Sunday May 2, 2014

Meet David Gregory's hair

Crooks and Liars has the complete itinerary of dissemblers and pontificating poltroons who will be appearing on (as Driftglass so aptly calls it) The Mouse Circus.

Nicole Belle, one of my favorite writers at C&L has a really good essay in her headnotes before she lists who will be on which talking heads show. Her topic is the inevitability of Iceberg Lettuce Hillary Clinton as a nominee, and it is a very thoughtful piece.

I don’t feel any better about yet another political dynasty, but I think her conclusion is sound: we need to focus on getting a filibuster-proof number progressives and liberals in the House and Senate. And I would add that if Hillary is ultimately elected, we need a veto-proof number of progressives and liberals in the House and Senate.

The Death of the Media, cont.

“Meet the Press” to host climate change “debate” between GOP’s Marsha Blackburn and Bill Nye “the Science Guy”

Meet David Gregory's hair

The only thing I can think that would be worse than the Ham-on-Nye pseudo-debate earlier this month would be another pseudo-debate with David Gregory acting as some sort of moderator. But I think that every weekend, anyway.

The thing to note here is that it will be Climate Change Science (Nye) vs The Extraction Industries Goodwill Ambassador to Pollution (Blackburn); I’m only guessing of course that Blackburn gets campaign donations from Big Oil, Coal, and Gas and that NBC gets advertising revenue from them too.

Gee, I wonder how Gregory will get Both Sides into this?


Death of the Media: David Gregory’s Magic Trick

Death of the Media

I didn’t think it was possible for Glen Greenwald to appear sympathetic, but David Gregory’s just did it using his gift of general dickishness and being a complete disgrace to the profession that once was journalism.

What part of the free and unfettered press does the Cocktail Circuit’s best lapdog not understand? I’m stunned that anyone claiming to be a journalist would ever ask anything like that, let alone the nitwit who broke the law brandishing an ammo clip inside of DC, and has offered aid and comfort to known and admitted traitors Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

NBC ought to send Gregory back to the minors and have him cover water district elections or maybe write obits.

The Peacock Network Gives Us the Bird

NEW YORK (AP) — David Gregory has re-upped as host of “Meet the Press.”

NBC News shared no details, but described the new deal as “a long-term commitment.”

“What a great vote of confidence from NBC,” a pleased-looking Gregory said Thursday. He said his first four years in the moderator’s chair have passed quickly.

“In some ways, it feels like we’re just getting started,” he said. [Ed. Sweet Jeebus!]

But was Grandpa Walnuts’ contract renewed, too?

(Yahoo News)

Dancin’ Dave Dodges Bullet

David Gregory dancin’ to the Karl Rove Rap

The DA for DC decided to not press charges against David Gregory for possessing a 30-round clip in DC (which is illegal) , thus again proving that there is a Club, and you are not part of it.

The DA is also alleged to be a friend of the Gregory family, so it shows that who you know is still the rule of the land.

I’m not agitating for Dancin’ Dave to be thrown in the pokey for a decade for this (though having him off the air is tempting), but I do think this is another example that there are two sets of laws in the US. The next person arrested in DC for possession of a high-capacity clip should scream bloody hell.

(WaPo here and here)

David Gregory’s vestigial journalism

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If only Dancin’ David Gregory did this more often… but it leaves one with the impression that mowing down little children of white, affluent Manhattan-office workers is the bridge too far for Gregory. The families, in other words, were his people. Still, I’ll take what I can get. It’s a rare day I actually say something… nice about Gregory. Note this on your calendars.

Now compare and contrast Dancin’ Dave’s interview with Ross Douthat’s lede graf:

“Bloomberg, LaPierre and the Void FOR a week after the Newtown shooting, the conversation was dominated by the self-righteous certainties of the American center-left…”

Actually, Ross, it was shock and mourning. Remember? Now is not the time to talk about gun control legislation? Anyway, the rest of the column was another love note to Both Sides Do It, on one side gun nuts and on the other gun-restriction nuts. It’s a remarkable piece of tin-eared dissembling, and false equivalencies.

So once again I leave you with the reminder that this is our constitutionally-protected free and unfettered press, fellow citizens. Cherish it.