Sully Gives Up Blogging, Politico Blogger Declares Blogging Dead

Andrew Sullivan to quit blogging

Sullivan was able to keep blogging alive (and lucrative) long after the era of blogs had come to an end — at The Atlantic, at The Daily Beast, and, in recent years, through the funding of readers. It’s also true that Sullivan’s influence has waned of late. While there is still some demand for Sullivan’s outspokenness — he’s at his best when he’s arguing, aggressively — there is far less demand for unspecialized aggregation. If you scroll down from Sullivan’s latest post, there’s a reader-submitted photograph, then a pull from a Slate article about flip-flopping, then a pull from a Time article about marijuana legalization. This is vintage Sullivan, but it flies in the face of all conventional wisdom about what makes media sites work: namely, specialization and original content.

One hopes that this means Politico blogger Dylan Byers will rend his clothes and hang up his keyboard, too.

Andrew Sullivan is/was a hack, but he was a hack’s hack. A thin-skinned man with the institutional memory of a gnat; he could contradict himself weekly, and would certainly monthly; and if you look back at his record, he managed to take all sides of most positions. He was the guy so limber with the truth you wanted him on your team playing rhetorical Twister.

If declaring blogging dead is what it takes to get fraudulent public intellectuals like Sully and Byers off the innernets, then I’m all for calling it over.

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It’s that time of the month again!


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Please welcome to the blogroll…

…the triumphant return of Ribbed For Your Pleasure, which as many of you know was the website for our Poet Laureate, Mountjoy. He explains his return to blogging thusly:

Mountjoy, down, not out.
Rediscovers his mojo:
Blogging salvation!

After having gone dark for a few years, it is a pleasure to have RFYP back online. Please go say hello.

RIP, Paddy from the Political Carnival

Paddy, one of our friends and allies at The Political Carnival has left the building. Her remaining writing partner, Gottalaff is understandably upset and pondering the future of their blog.

Blogging and the internet is a funny thing. We’re all just bits and bytes and flickers of lights, and yet we sometimes connect. I’ve met a handful of Scissorheads in person and it’s always like we’ve known each other since forever. Laffy and I (and Tex who emailed in tears last night) have never met in person, and yet we think of each other as close friends. I cannot imagine what Laffy must be going through, as only a few months ago she lost her father, too.

If you are a fan of The Political Carnival and their work, please stop by to pay your respects to Paddy and give a word of encouragement to Laffy.

(The Political Carnival)