It’s That Time of The Month


One of the on-going pleasure of Mock, Paper, Scissors is to give our monthly shout-out to all the Scissorheads near and far. Why do we do it? Because we like you, we really like you!

Let’s be honest: everyone enjoys a little linky-love now and then, and also we understand that the more often a blog gets a link in a post, the higher up the Google rankings that blog travels. Your blog gains something called Authority (as in Cartman? Yes.), which means your blog is more likely to be “found” when someone does a search on a topic that you covered.

But mostly it’s about the luv. So, without further fuss, on to the links after the jump.

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It’s That Time Of The Month Again…


…in which we give a shout out to the MPS blogroll. Why do we do it, you ask? Because we always liked *YOU* best!

Actually, we recognize that everyone likes to be linked now and then, and because it increases your Google ranking and allegedly give you a bump in Technorati’s Authority (if anyone still uses that thing) the more often you are linked.

If you want to be included in the fun next month, all you need to do is to follow our blogroll guidelines: put MPS in your blogroll, and we will put your blog in ours (Caveat: commercial websites are NOT included).

And now, on to the links!

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Our monthly friend

It’s that time of the month again (already?) when we at Mock, Paper, Scissors salutes the fine contributors to our Blogroll.

“Why do you do that ‘Grain?,” you ask.

Because we like you! We really like you! Everyone likes to get a little link-luv now and then, and it helps to improve your Google authority rating, and allegedly it works to increase your Technorati score.

Our blogroll policy is stolen from the late, great Jon Swift: we will link to you if you link to MPS. But remember: I always liked YOU best!

It’s that time of the month again!


It’s been a while since we’ve had one…

Anyway, we know that we like being linked all over the web, and we want to give everyone in the blogroll some linky-luv. This helps improve your Technorati score (if anyone still believes in that), and allegedly it gives everyone a bump up in SEO authority. But mostly we like to do it because we don’t always get a chance to visit every blog on the blogroll every month, and we want our bloggers to know that we love them.

And as always, if you want to be added to the blogroll, drop me a comment with a link to your blog. The general rule is that if you link to MPS, we will link to you (unless your website is a commercial site selling products).

Please welcome to the blogroll…

…the triumphant return of Ribbed For Your Pleasure, which as many of you know was the website for our Poet Laureate, Mountjoy. He explains his return to blogging thusly:

Mountjoy, down, not out.
Rediscovers his mojo:
Blogging salvation!

After having gone dark for a few years, it is a pleasure to have RFYP back online. Please go say hello.

RIP, Paddy from the Political Carnival

Paddy, one of our friends and allies at The Political Carnival has left the building. Her remaining writing partner, Gottalaff is understandably upset and pondering the future of their blog.

Blogging and the internet is a funny thing. We’re all just bits and bytes and flickers of lights, and yet we sometimes connect. I’ve met a handful of Scissorheads in person and it’s always like we’ve known each other since forever. Laffy and I (and Tex who emailed in tears last night) have never met in person, and yet we think of each other as close friends. I cannot imagine what Laffy must be going through, as only a few months ago she lost her father, too.

If you are a fan of The Political Carnival and their work, please stop by to pay your respects to Paddy and give a word of encouragement to Laffy.

(The Political Carnival)

The Jon Swift Memorial Round-up is Posted…


…at Batocchio’s place, The Vagabond Scholar.

Here’s a quote from Lance Manion, explaining the tradition:

Our late and much missed comrade in blogging, journalist and writer Al Weisel, revered and admired across the bandwidth as the “reasonable conservative” blogger Modest Jon Swift, was a champion of the lesser known and little known bloggers working tirelessly in the shadows…

One of his projects was a year-end Blogger Round Up. Al/Jon asked bloggers far and wide, famous and in- and not at all, to submit a link to their favorite post of the past twelve months and then he sorted, compiled, blurbed, hyperlinked and posted them on his popular blog. His round-ups presented readers with a huge banquet table of links to work many of has had missed the first time around and brought those bloggers traffic and, more important, new readers they wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed.

It may not have been the most heroic endeavor, but it was kind and generous and a lot of us owe our continued presence in the blogging biz to Al.

Batocchio works like a demon on this round-up, but I have to think that it must be a world of fun, too. Blogs large and small submit what they feel is their best work and he compiles a list. But if I know Batocchio, he is also reading each entry as it comes in. That must be a labor of love, reading all the excellent posts.

There’s a lot of good writing there, including some from the various and sundry Scissorheads. (Clue: there’s one from MPS, too!) You should mosdef check it out.

And on the Third Day…

…he has Risen:

[When we last left TBogg, somewhere on the internet far faraway, he was taking a powder/hanging up his spurs/blowing this podunk town/and taking off for parts unknown, just like Taylor (grim-faced, bronze-chested, packing heat) in Planet Of The Apes, saddling up to see “… what’s out there”. What did TBogg find? His destiny? A madhouse? 20-piece McNugget’s for only $4.99? Let’s see what happened, ‘kay?]

Well … that was certainly boring and unpleasant.

I swear by all that is Holy [by which we mean: Shakira’s ass] that I was going to walk away from this thing that happens on the internet, if not forever, at least until October-ish of next year when the elections rolled around. On the advice of the Lovely & Talented Casey I went ahead an registered a domain name (see above), which I had been kicking around for about seven years or so, in anticipation of maybe making a comeback just like Brett Favre. But without the dick pics because, I have standards. But then things happened…

Yup. Tbogg is back and writing at Raw Story.

Too Big To Fail Blogs

There is an interesting post up at The Daily Beast (I know, but even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then) about how in this year of our Lord Kos, the so-called Netroots are flailing, failing, and wailing that extinction is imminent.

Our friend Jurassic Pork at Welcome Back To Pottersville has a great response, in which he largely concurs, and gives us a bit of history. And Jane Hamsher (yes, FDL’s Jane Hamsher) dissents with what seems like a pretty good argument, too: Google is sucking the ad revenue out of the blog-o-sphere, just the same way that Google has sucked the ad revenue out of the newspapers. Additionally Hamsher calls for an FTC ruling to break up Google, and I hope to have the ice cream concession in Hell when that happens.

So who’s right? Well, they all are.

It Takes a Villager

At one of the recent Netroot Nation gatherings, the big news was that consolidation was the only way to survive, and so Kos, FDL, and others scooped up a lot of indie bloggers, the so-called Front Pager writers. What had been a thousand-voice chorus turned into a small coterie of gated-community blogs, who more often than not, linked to one another and left all the little guys behind to wither on the vine. JP discusses this point in detail, and it is brilliant work, as usual.

There is no doubt that with great popularity there is also great expense as bandwidth charges increase with the more pageviews you have. If you run a community blog with a dozen of Front Page writers to draw in readers, the bandwidth increases exponentially. Arianna never says it as such, but I’m sure that’s why there are so few paid staff at her eponymous blog.

I’m not a economist, but even I can see that at some point blogging becomes a losing proposition (the guns and butter argument), and if your business model (ad revenue in the case of the Big Boy Blogs) takes a hit because Google changes their policy, then something has got to give.

Mom & Pop Shops

We here at the intersection of Spitballing and News did not fall into that trap. We had the chance to join one of the big blogs, but we turned it down after watching what happened to TRex at FDL. Yes, we don’t have ads, hopefully never will, and we don’t run a PayPal button. This is a labor of love.

We’ve stayed distinctly small on purpose because we didn’t want to have these problems; we also didn’t want to become the thing that we mock. Kos, Hamsher, Duncan, and the rest to some degree, more or less, have changed over time: they’ve become like the MSM; they appear as experts on cable shows, they get quoted on news programs. The problems that the A-listers are now facing are the same problems the MSM faces with ad revenue, demographic changes, new media intrusions disrupting their business model.

So what does the future hold for blogging?

The Magic 8-Ball Says…

I suspect that people will continue writing because they love to write and have something to say; blogging isn’t dying, the ad-supported business model is. We are in a time of flux, newspapers (Seattle P-I) are turning into blogs, traditional magazines (Newsweek) are going digital only. Blogging still has the same disruptive power that Gutenberg gave the world of caligraphy: anyone can be a publisher, anyone can be published; the internet gives you a distribution channel. Blogging democratized the media, and the media doesn’t like it.

I don’t know what the future holds, I only know that we are living in a world of disruption brought on by technology and 10 years of war and financial depression. The models are not fixed. Isn’t this exciting?!

UPDATE/Clarification: I am not dissing the Big Blogs, per se. I am dissing the business model…

UPDATE 2: Driftglass shows us a model.