Saturday Open Tabs

books02-619x685-medium.jpgOur sometimes regular feature of longish reads I found interesting this week and have kept open in tabs to dip into.

  • Sports Illustrated: Yogi: What did Berra say, when did he say it and what does it all mean? It’s a Roy Blount piece from 1984, it made me smile.
  • Bloomberg Business: How Much Of Your Audience Is Fake? It seems that internet advertising has met its match: Fake Traffic?
  • Advertising Age: Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse This should be a companion piece to the link above, but Ad Age gets it exactly right: advertisers need to respect users and create ads that we don’t want to block. Problem solved. Side note: I’ve completely given up on Slate because the ads take over the browser, and at least twice this month I’ve had to reboot to regain control. Those guys can go fuck themselves, no content is worth that.
  • Boston Globe: The Shamelessness of Carly Fiorina While HP was a catastrophe, it remains a miracle she wasn’t indicted at Lucent for cooking the books. I’m glad people are starting to look at Lucent.

Housekeeping Note

blogging-addictionI’m doing the morning blog round-up on Crooks and Liars for this upcoming week (starts Monday and concludes next Sunday), and so if you have any tips on great stuff you’ve read (or written, don’t be shy), let me know.

I always prefer to promote the small(er) blogs over the big guys: Duncan and Digby (excellent as they are) don’t need a boost in page views, but little-known writers do need some help getting noticed; and frankly I find that the best writing on the web is often not A-list bloggers but from us small fry, writing with passion about things we care about.

You can send tips to me here: Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com or on the official tip line:

As always, thanks Scissorheads for all you do!

Some Fries With Your Stupid?

The Death of Blogging, Cont.


CNN Money:

“The truth is, I had to stop primarily because it was killing me,” Sullivan said Sunday night at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. “I used to joke that if blogging does kill someone, I would be the first to find out.”

…At one point during Sunday night’s conversation, Greenfield read a question from an audience member who complained of “Dish-withdrawal.” Is there another website that is comparable to Sullivan’s creation?
“I’ve been looking, and I can’t find it,” Sullivan said.

Silly Sully hasn’t found it because he only looks to his navel and at other navel gazers. The blog-o-sphere is vibrant, but the so-called A-List blogs/blogger are not. The A-list became the thing that they initially mocked: cautious and mainstream. This sort of proves that they know it, too.

Blogger Down

One of the best writers on the web, Jurassic Pork over at the indescribably delicious Welcome Back To Pottersville is in financial trouble. There was a death in the family and getting his bride to and fro for a last visit with her mom has put them in serious arrears.

If anyone can toss JP a lifesaver, it would be a good deed and a Karma booster for sure.

It’s That Time Of The Month!


In which we link to every blog on the blogroll!

Why do we do it, you ask? Because we love you, and it increases your blog’s Authority in the Google Algorithm, which in turn increases the likelihood that your blog will be found during a search. We smaller bloggers need more linky-luv than the so-called A-List bloggers to be found and read, and the best way to do that is for us to link to each other more often. Marcos, Duncan, and Heather are doing just fine, so let’s not worry about them.

Now, the Algorithm is likely to be changed soon, according to this story, but Mock, Paper, Scissors will continue to link to you because we really do like your blogs! And let’s face it, we are always thrilled whenever someone links to us, amiright? Of Course I Am!

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And now, on to the links after the jump:

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Sully Gives Up Blogging, Politico Blogger Declares Blogging Dead

Andrew Sullivan to quit blogging

Sullivan was able to keep blogging alive (and lucrative) long after the era of blogs had come to an end — at The Atlantic, at The Daily Beast, and, in recent years, through the funding of readers. It’s also true that Sullivan’s influence has waned of late. While there is still some demand for Sullivan’s outspokenness — he’s at his best when he’s arguing, aggressively — there is far less demand for unspecialized aggregation. If you scroll down from Sullivan’s latest post, there’s a reader-submitted photograph, then a pull from a Slate article about flip-flopping, then a pull from a Time article about marijuana legalization. This is vintage Sullivan, but it flies in the face of all conventional wisdom about what makes media sites work: namely, specialization and original content.

One hopes that this means Politico blogger Dylan Byers will rend his clothes and hang up his keyboard, too.

Andrew Sullivan is/was a hack, but he was a hack’s hack. A thin-skinned man with the institutional memory of a gnat; he could contradict himself weekly, and would certainly monthly; and if you look back at his record, he managed to take all sides of most positions. He was the guy so limber with the truth you wanted him on your team playing rhetorical Twister.

If declaring blogging dead is what it takes to get fraudulent public intellectuals like Sully and Byers off the innernets, then I’m all for calling it over.

Instead of putting some change in the kettle this Christmas…

…considering throwing it into the virtual hat over at Welcome Back To Pottersville.

Long-time readers know that I admire greatly the work that Jurassic Pork brings to the blog-o-sphere, and we would all be greatly diminished without his muscular writing and unsurrendering-and-take-no-prisoners approach to Wingnuttia.

Winter is a hard time for many of us and JP is once again running on fumes. Any contribution you can make to keep him on the web is money well spent. His Donate button is on the top of the right-hand column.

Many thanks,


It’s That Time Of The Month Again


We love our blogroll, and so monthly we link out to everyone on it.

Why, you ask? Because everyone likes getting some linky-luv now and then, and because it helps the owners of those blogs: Everytime a blog is linked, it increases something called Authority and it bubbles-up that blog a notch in the Google. It does NOT increase Mock, Paper, Scissors authority.

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It’s That Time of The Month


One of the on-going pleasure of Mock, Paper, Scissors is to give our monthly shout-out to all the Scissorheads near and far. Why do we do it? Because we like you, we really like you!

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But mostly it’s about the luv. So, without further fuss, on to the links after the jump.

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It’s That Time Of The Month Again…


…in which we give a shout out to the MPS blogroll. Why do we do it, you ask? Because we always liked *YOU* best!

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