What’s Got 1M Moms (minus 999,900) Upset Today?

Professional sex scolds and stealth boycotting machine One Million Moms is shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED at the commercials that Radio Shack is running on the electronic teevee machine:

Get it? It was an awkward misunderstanding!

That would be bad enough, but the next ad goes just too far for the blue-stocking set:

Get it? It was an awkward misunderstanding!

Now one could argue that one would need to have a dirty mind in order to see the humor in these ads, and I suppose it follows that one could argue that the 100 or so moms in this organization besides having dirty minds have no sense of humor. But I digress!

Why would Radio Shack deliberately turn off consumers with sex-laden advertisements? Radio Shack needs to hear from 1MM concerning these sleazy commercials. There is no reason to use indecent ads especially when they feature children in them.

Please send an email letter urging Radio Shack to pull both the “Laundry” and “The Talk” commercials immediately. Otherwise, many customers will be left with no choice but to avoid making any purchases from Radio Shack stores.

I’m pretty sure that just like the JCPenny Christmas boycott, or the Starbucks boycott, Betty Crocker, and all of the other boycotts 100Moms has instigated, this one will bring Radio Shack to their knees, shutter the stores, and drive the Tandy corporation out of bidness.