Bad Ads, Cont.


Just the gentle sexism of bygone era: the wimmin’s will want to clean the pans if they can star at their reflections. or maybe like a bird, they will be baffled by the shiny object?

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)


Oh, that will win over women and the youth, who are nothing but marriage-hungry harridans.

Notice that the one thing never shown in this ad is… Florida’s own bat boy, Rick Scott. Methinks these retrograde women would flee from the showroom, screaming.

So Reince, once again I ask: How goes the rebranding?

Some Stupid For Your Coffee? The GOP Rebranding Edition

Hey guys, remember that time when the GOP decided to run some ads claiming that Y’all Qaeda are people too? Here it is just as a refresher:

Hey guess what? Republicans are also stock photos!

So Reince, once again I gotta ask: how’s that rebranding working out for you?