Gonif with the Wind

One-L is always rooting for The Rapture, but this is (even for her) pretty far-out there as she Xristian-Xrazie’splains to jews the error of their ways:

The Jewish community gave him their votes, their support, their financial support and as recently as last week, forty-eight Jewish donors who are big contributors to the president wrote a letter to the Democrat [sic] senators in the US Senate to tell them to not advance sanctions against Iran. This is clearly against Israel’s best interest. What has been shocking has been seeing and observing Jewish organizations who it appears have made it their priority to support the political priority and the political ambitions of the president over the best interests of Israel. They sold out Israel.

(Right Wing Watch)

The Lunchtime Quote


“Bachmann says a lot of people “aren’t ready” for a female president. “I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of guilt.” (Presumably she means because of slavery and the lengthy denial of civil rights to blacks.) “People don’t hold guilt for a woman,” she says, adding that while people vote for women for virtually every other office “I don’t think there is a pent-up desire” for a woman president.”

–Michele Bachmann in today’s Cal Thomas column. One-L should mention that she knows that America is not ready for a woman preznint because she was so soundly rejected by Winguttia in 2012 (and investigations against her grifting campaign led to her quitting Congress at the end of this term).

But she has a great career ahead of her as the ambassador to whatever planet from which she receives radio signals.

Bachmann’s last laugh?


She who laughs last while wearing a tinfoil hat, laughs best:

The Energy and Water spending bill for 2014 that’s winding its way through the House was being treated as a political football before Wednesday. But this morning, as The Hill reports, the House added insult to injury by passing a GOP amendment to the bill that blocks enforcement of new light bulb standards.

Long-time readers will remember ol’ One-L introducing the the “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act,” because, you know, FREEEEEEDOM vs. tyranny of energy efficiency.

To this day, this remains my favorite bit of nonsense from Bachmann-the-Nut. I really am going to miss her when she’s gone.

(Think Progress)