The Remora Of Wall Street

Brother Charlie Pierce writing in Esquire tells us today about Clinton and Warren in The Antifreeze Chronicles (“Things in Politico That Make Me Want to Drink Antifreeze”), and while he makes a good point about the horse-race nature of Politico’s writing, I think he missed out on the larger story.

Anyway, as I said, this entire piece is based on the fanciful notion that SPW’s [Senator Professor Warren] ferocious campaign against the plutocrats is putting her crossways with Clinton.

And Brother Pierce goes on to correct much of the record, which is good.

But when I go to the news accounts, wherein Hillz rallies for Martha Coakley (who is running for governor of Massachusetts), I find things I both like and hate. It is not a secret that most progressives find themselves yearning for Senator Professor Warren to run against Hillz in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, and of course the press would love to have a battle royale, or as Charlie puts it, a cat fight.

Anyway, Clinton asks the Coakley audience:

“Why, after women have contributed so much to our economy, some people still act like it’s 1955. Isn’t it amazing that we’re still debating that women deserve equal pay for equal work?”

Which is a good point, and one that belies the notion that Clinton is Remora-like, sucked onto the belly of Wall Street.

And then Clinton said what everyone is now saying is the proof that she is striking a populist note:

“Don’t let anybody tell you,” she said at the time, “that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” She was speaking at a rally in Boston with Senator Elizabeth Warren on behalf of Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate for governor in Massachusetts.

The comment was quickly criticized by Republicans who likened the remark to President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” line during the 2012 campaign.

The pushback from the right was such that Clinton felt the need to explain it days later, lest Y’all Qaeda’s 2016 Convention is a repeat of the willingly stupid You Didn’t Build That theme of 2012. That sucking sound you hear? It is the Remora attaching itself to the belly of Wall Street:

“I short-handed this point the other day, so let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple decades,” she said.

“Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America where workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out,” she said, “not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas.”

And this is where I have to put on the brakes, and pull the car over to the side of the road and tell Hillary to get out.

Jobs are not created by plutocrats sprinkling magical dust because they feel beneficent today. Jobs are made from demand from consumers who want and need things. Entrepreneurs are made when the little guy opens a bakery down the street, scraping together a loan from his parents and hopefully a bank.

When Wingnuttia talks about businesses and entrepreneurs they mean Walmart and the Koch Brothers and their ilk sprinkling magical Ayn Rand ashes on everything.

So when Hillz said that job creation is a the result of businesses and entrepreneurs (Walmart and the Kochs), she is essentially agreeing with the Wingnuts.

It’s freaking infuriating watching Clinton triangulate away from one of the most populist arguments—that the economy is built by everyone, not just the Galts of Wingnuttia’s fever dreams.

Starting next week, Clinton has two years to explain this idea (elegantly, to use her words). She need to do it without apologizing, and if Fox News comes at her (as they surely will) calling her remarks Class Warfare, she need to embrace it and not run away from it. We are in a class war, and the 1% are waging and winning it. And if Hillz cannot make the case of class warfare, and if she cannot/will not promise to do something about it, she’s not going to win liberal voters.

The System Is Working

I read with some amusement at the NRO (the most intellectually dishonest rest stop on the Information Super Highway) that our elections are rife with fraudulent voters!

This month, North Carolina officials found at least 145 illegal aliens, still in the country thanks to the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, registered to vote. Hundreds of other non-citizens may be on the rolls.

It bears repeating: North Carolina found them.

The entire intellectually dishonest article (which is of course a love sonnet to Captain Dildo) is filled with examples of how the system works. Each case that they report is one that was stopped in time by the safeguards that are in place.

The Wit and Wisdom of Senatorette Lindsey Graham

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman. Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman.
Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

“I’ve tried to help you with your tax status. I’m sorry the government’s so f—ed up. If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”

One worries about the Re-branding, but one worries more about what kind of male-only club would have Huckleberry Closetcase.

Chick Digs Scott Walker

Hey ladies of Wisconsinistan, wall-eyed git Gov.Scott Walker hasn’t forgotten you, which is why his campaign suddenly put out this ad, featuring a lady:

Walker’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, is herself a lady (whoddathunkit?), and she’s insulted that everyone is making such a big deal out of that time when Walker repealed the state’s equal pay law.


Kleefisch also wants you to know that workplace discrimination will always be illegal under a Walker administration, you know, just like abortion rights.


Um, Kleefisch also wants you to know that, “We want to create more opportunities for women to succeed,” just like that time when Scott Walker tried to destroy Public Sector workers, notably the Teachers and Nurses unions (which are overwhelmingly female), but left alone the mostly male police and firefighters unions.


Some Stupid For Your Coffee?


According to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) the Bush Crime Family announced that Bush brother, Not Chimpy definitely might be thinking about running:

George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, says his father is still assessing a 2016 presidential run…”The family will be behind him 100 percent if he decides to do it,” the younger Bush said.

Thanks for that breaking news, TBOTP!

Rand Paul’s Dorm Room


Picture this: it’s three AM, the pizza boxes and empty beer cans are strewn about and in the smokey mist, all the undergrads are pontificating about how they will fix the world, you know, when their generation is in charge.

They hear a noise from a far corner of the suite, the bong is put down reverently, and immigrant-dodging land-speed record holder and shag-carpet topped Sen. Aqua Buddha takes the floor. All heads turn to him, dewy co-eds bat their eyes and the bros try to focus on his words:

“Our foreign policy should consist of, “Don’t be stupid.” The Aqua Buddhist takes another bodacious hit from the bong, and adds, “man.”

OK, I saved you the time from listening to his actual speech that he gave to The Center for the National Interest, a think tank founded by Richard Nixon. I don’t know if he payed a licensing fee to Google for essentially borrowing their moronic mission statement (unobserved) “Don’t Be Evil,” but I kinda doubt that a known plagiarist would do that.

Seriously, here are some of the things he said in his brave speech:

  1. “War is necessary when America is attacked or threatened, when vital American interests are attacked and threatened, and when we have exhausted all other measures short of war.”
  2. “Congress, the people’s representative, must authorize the decision to intervene.”
  3. “Peace and security require a commitment to diplomacy and leadership.”
  4. “We are only as strong as our economy.”

As one of my writing professors once said to me, never turn down a good aphorism, and I cannot think of a single freshman at Cal that would disagree with any of Paul’s statements.

But my favorite quote has got to be:

“America shouldn’t fight wars where the best outcome is stalemate.”

Or maybe it’s this one:

“America should and will fight wars when the consequences—intended and unintended—are worth the sacrifice.”

Remember the three AM scenario at the top of this post? Yeah, I think that was when he wrote that line.

There’s Santorum On Your Radio (Ew, Gross!)


That frothy mix of lube and fecal matter Rick Santorum believes that The Youte of Today would be down with hating on the ‘mos, if the Lavender Menace hadn’t silenced the Church:

“The arguments are being won among young people. We are losing in this particular area among young people not because we’re out there and competing, it’s because they have effectively silenced the church on a lot of those issues and young people don’t even know what the opposing view is on these issues.”

(Right Wing Watch)

Today In Sedition


Canadian-born latino and immigrant-hating southern white supremacist Senator Ted Cruz suggests to noted hate radio personality Steve Deace that people of faith should just ignore laws that they don’t agree with, especially those dealing with gay americans:

The Unabridged Chris Christie

“Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist? Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?”

–He actually said that out loud.

Dinner At The Paul’s House

Rand Paul groundhog day driving

Here we go again: père et fils Paul are fighting in public:

In an interview with Fox News radio host John Gibson last week, Rand Paul argued that a ban on people traveling from west African “ought to be considered.”

“It’s not like AIDS,” he explained. “AIDS is difficult to transmit. You’re not going to go into a cocktail party and have someone cough and get AIDS. If you are in a cocktail party with someone with Ebola and they cough, you are at risk for getting Ebola.”

OK, pretty stupid for a number of reasons we’ve discussed before. But let’s hear what his dad The Gold Bug, who actually is a medical doctor (and not a Lens Grifter), has to say on the topic:

“For a government to just ban all travel, I’m not much interested in that,” the former Republican presidential candidate told Newsmax. “You’ve got to put it in perspective. What if you wanted to save 15,000 deaths from AIDS this year. Why don’t you ban certain practices that spreads AIDS? So, we’re talking about one person that’s died [of Ebola in the U.S.] and we want to close down the world travel system.”

And right about at that point Mrs. Goldbug probably started weeping and asked, “Who wants pancakes?,” as Rand runs out of the house to go to Sally’s, hot tears streaming down his peach-fuzzed cheeks.

(Raw Story)